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Published on August 21st, 2017 | by William Charles


[Expired] Chase Southwest Business Premier 60,000 Point Bonus

Update 05/18/18: Bonus is no longer being offered. Click here for the best current credit card bonuses.

Update: Personal bonuses no longer working, only business bonus is. Link here

Update: Premier & Plus were not working before, but now all three are working again. Hat tip to ClydeDaGlide on /r/churning

Chase Southwest Personal Plus

Direct link to offer

  • Sign up bonus of 60,000 points after $2,000 in spend within the first three months
  • Annual fee of $69 is not waived first year
  • Anniversary bonus of 3,000 points

Chase Southwest Personal Premier

Direct link to offer

  • Sign up bonus of 60,000 points after $2,000 in spend within the first three months
  • Annual fee of $99 is not waived first year
  • Anniversary bonus of 6,000 points

Chase Southwest Business Premier

Direct link to offer

  • Sign up bonus of 60,000 points after $3,000 in spend within the first three months
  • Annual fee of $99 is not waived first year
  • Anniversary bonus of 6,000 points

Our Verdict

First of all, all of these cards are subject to the Chase 5/24 rule so most readers will not be eligible for these cards. Southwest points are worth 1¢ towards gift cards and 1.39¢+ towards Southwest flights. The reason that these offers are so appealing though is that 110,000 Southwest points earns you a Southwest companion pass, meaning you can take a companion on any Southwest flight for free (you just pay security fees) that you’re also flying. If you applied for two of these cards (and were approved and meet the minimum spend) then you’d receive the companion pass for the rest of this calendar year and then next calendar year as well.

Normally the sign up bonuses on these cards are 50,000 points. We have seen an offer for 60,000 points on the business card before and targeted bonuses for 60,000 or 50,000 + $100. If you’re under 5/24 then these offers are a super easy way to get the companion pass and I doubt we will see a better bonus than this anytime soon. If you can get good value from Southwest points and will actually take advantage of the companion pass then this is a no brainer.

Even when the bonus was 50,000 points we listed these as one of the best offers, the extra 60,000 points (making it much easier to get that companion pass) makes this deal even better value. Before asking any questions, make sure you read our post on things everybody should know about Chase credit cards. For example, if you recently applied (within the last 90 days) Chase will usually match you to a higher public bonus. Fingers crossed they increase the referral links to 60,000 points as well!

Hat tip to caaalvin93 on /r/churning

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Applying for both at 4/24? One can dream to get both cards….right….?

I’m in the same boat…did you give it a shot?

Apply for the business card first. Have to be under 5/24 to get it, but it doesn’t add to your x/24 count. After approval, apply for one of the personal accounts, which will take you to 5/24.

Well said 👍

1. get as many 5/24 biz cards as you can. here maybe prioritize sw biz.
2. apply for 2 5/24 personal cards at 4/24

apply for bus card. wait a month to be at 0/30. then hit up 2

I just applied yesterday in different browsers and was instantly approved for both personal SW.

DP of interest, was set to fall below 5/24 on June 25 but applied yesterday the 23 and was approved. It appears 5/24 was calculated at the beginning of the month as opposed to July 1st.

applying for both cards on the same day, did that count as one credit enquiry or two in your credit report?

I was at 4/24 and did the 2 pers cards in separate browsers and incognito at the same time. One went straight through, the other to recon. Got it approved.

applying for both cards on the same day, did that count as one credit enquiry or two in your credit report?

Chase will match if you’ve gotten the card in the not to distant past. I applied for the SW RR+ card amonth and half ago with the 50k bonus. I SM’d Chase yesterday asking for a match and got the extra 10k added to my account.

If we are under 5/24, should we space out the applications for the two personal cards by a few weeks or do them both the same day?

I was under 5/24 & I applied for both cards yesterday, approved immediately.

Might as well do them on the same day to combine the hard pull

I just SM’d Chase to see if they would match. I got the Plus card on May 1 at 50,000 and I’m trying to get that CP.

If you’ve met the minimum spend already you should have no problem getting matched. If not, they will probably say ask back again once you’ve met the spend requirements.

I already met the spend and got the 50,000. Was approved on May 1 and got the points on May 25.

Chase just responded and said they would match the 10,000.

Yes…. “Easy Companion Pass”…. if you are still somehow under 5/24 and don’t already have at least one Chase business card already, then it is most certainly easy… how many of your readers fall into this bucket? Perhaps 5%, at most? Very easy…

That’s why you need to have a plan. I’ve been planning on getting my next Companion Pass since I got the last one two years ago. I got most of the cc applications while my wife got none in the last 24 months just for the purpose of getting the Pass.

Can not agree more… need to have a plan. Keeping my spouse within 3/24 on personal cards until December of this year specifically because of the Companion Pass… Try getting as many business cards as you can before applying for personal card #4.

Good luck.

That’s exactly how I roll. I’ve had the CP for 4 years. 1st time I did it w/ personal & business. 2nd time w/ Marriott package which is no longer valid. In January 2018, when my CP expires, Wife will apply for 2 cards and she will be 3/24. We pick & choose our cards very carefully. In 2020, it will be my turn again.

Someone sounds a little bitter. Do you expect him to only post things for people who fall over 5/24? Get your significant other, or a family member, into the game if you don’t qualify.

I didn’t say anything of the nature, I just wouldn’t expect him to call something “easy” when it doesn’t actually apply to probably 90 to 95% of his general audience reading this blog.

For me It’s not “Easy” is Imposible. I really hate this Chase 5/24 rule. Either way, Will thanks for the Info.

Tom, could you please clarify why did you say “don’t already have at least one Chase business card”?

I do have at this point 3 business cards as a Sole Proprietor (Southwest RR, Ink Plus and Ink Preferred), and in addition 1 more Ink Preferred under another business where I am still listed as an owner/officer (not to mention several personal cards). Getting different business cards (different products) never seemed to be a problem for me… you just need to come up with a good reason why you need it and suggest to reallocate the Credit Limits (if it comes to that)

The obvious reason for SW RR business card is that you do have some business trips to the destinations where SW flies (have specific destinations in mind if you are asked) and it is obvious that you would like to have SW card to purchase those tickets as it gives you more points on those spending… If you are asked why not to use your personal SW RR card the answer is that you want to keep your business and personal related expenses separately…. Obviously YMMV but worked well for me all the time.

Good Luck

Not disagreeing with anything you said, and those seem to be sound strategies, but for most people there is often difficulty in getting approved with Chase for a second business card, especially if they have a “business”. Definitely not impossible, but a lot more effort involved. Do you have a business or a “business”?

For SP accounts I have a “business”, for the account under a real corporation it is more like a business. Not saying it is a piece of cake, and each and every business card application for me required a call to reconsideration line, but so far it has been relatively quick and simple calls explaining what my “business” is doing, why I need that new card followed very often by my own proposition to move CL around. Trying to not have too much CL open and exclude additional risk consideration from a recon person and the bank in general…

Hope this helps.
Good luck

This is something I would expect to be offered about August or September. Nailed my CP in early 2017 for the obvious benefit time range.

Any DP’s on applying for both personal cards together when 4/24?


Family member will be in this same boat, but probably worth the risk.

I’m 4/24 according to my Transunion report (technically its 5/24 but Amex Plat has not posted yet :), I’m 0/30, approved for the Chase Ink Preferred last month, so this was my final slot. Approved for the 1st card with a super high 32k CL which I do not need, I used Chrome Incognito for that one, waited 1 hour used a different browser incognito as well and got the 30 day message. Called to get my 1st card expedited, called recon answered simple verification questions regarding income, job, etc. They said they didn’t want to extend me more credit but I could reallocate from my other cards which I gladly did and was approved for 5k CL. Thanks Doc & good luck everyone!

If you are 4/24 why not apply for the business card first, then wait 30+ days and apply for the personal. Good chance that business cards will not count towards your 5/24 rule.

Another option (need to check if that would work) ask in branch Business Relationship Manager if SW RR business card could be processed on a paper application via the special lending department (who does not apply 5/24 rule) similarly to Ink Preferred card. I will ask my BRM when I see him and provide the data point here.


I will be doing the same but i ll have to wait till the end of this month to be 4/24

I was 4/24 today. Applied for Personal earlier in the day and the application was not instantly approved. Called the recon line to be told that my application was denied for 5/24, but subsequently approved after the agent resubmitted the application noting that I was only an AU on one of the recent accounts. The I had myself removed as an AU on the recent account and applied for Premier. Application was not instantly approved and was denied after calling the recon for exceeding 5/24 – the agent noted the other recent approval. I may try recon again, but not looking promising.

UPDATE: Called the recon line again the next day. The rep said my second application had been denied for too many new accounts, and noted that I called about this matter the day before. I said that I wanted to inquire about whether my AU accounts were taken into consideration. He said they were and asked whether I had any financial responsibility for them. I told him no, and he proceeded to process my application. I pressed the woman when I called recon the day before, and she made no offer to consider the distinction, so, as others have reported, YMMV with different reps. BTW, it looks like my two applications on the same day resulted in two hard pulls.

Do you get a companion pass if you redeem a flight from points? Or is it strictly from cash purchases?

Looks like William is back from vacation 🙂

Anyway, does anyone think a devaluation is around the corner since they have made it so easy to get the CP?

Even if there is a devaluation to 1¢ per point, the CP is where there is value. Even if the points were worth nothing, but still earned the CP, it is still worth the BOGO benefit, isn’t it? (Assuming you have use for 2 SW tickets).

Anybody know when this offer expires? I applied for CIP on May 4, got approved over the weekend I think May 6 or 7, and I heard that to get safely back to 0/30 I should wait until the 1st of the month AFTER 30 days have passed, which would mean I should probably wait until July 1? Maybe I’m being a little overly cautious, but I’d like to make sure before I apply for both personal cards and get auto denied on 1.

Do the referal links generally update to the better offers?

A possible sign that they’re hurting for new signups because of 5/24?

I like the way you think. I hope your right, but we couldn’t possibly get that lucky. Could we?

Is it true that if you’re at 4/24, you can apply for both?

If you have no use for the companion pass, is it still worth it at 4/24? If it helps, already have CSR, CSP, MPE.

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