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Published on June 1st, 2015 | by William Charles


Chase Tightening The Clamps On Applicants With Lots Of Recent Inquiries?

Recently a few readers have let me know that they’ve been denied for Chase credit cards, calling reconsideration didn’t help at all and when they received their denial letters the official reason given was “too many recent inquiries/applications for credit”. This Flyertalk thread is also littered with people reporting the same thing.

Interesting Lumpylump76 from asked people to post their recent experiences with Chase and there was nothing out of the ordinary. Generally people are more likely to comment when things go wrong (e.g they are denied for a card) than when things go right (they are approved). I personally think that the only real thing that has changed with Chase is that they are using too many new inquiries as a reason for denial, often credit card issuers will use something generic such as that rather than giving a super specific reason (e.g too little spend on existing cards) as this would allow people like use to better understand their approval process for our own purposes.

If you’ve applied for a Chase card within the past two or three weeks, let me know in the comments whether you were approved or denied and how many credit card applications you’ve had in the past two years (preferably only counting the inquiries that show on the credit report that Chase pulled for your application).

PhysixFan also has some good information and data points on this (note: foreign language blog in Chinese)


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I applied and was told that i had too many creditcard opened in the past 2 years

called recon and they said no

i applied and was told I am on (authorized user) too many cards opened in last 2 years…no reconsideration…i talked to supervisor who told me the same! should i get off my sons and husbands cards? i was looking at chase sapphire

I applied with 600 score got denied called the recon number explained my case and got approved with 5k

My application was denied and the reason was too many accounts open in short time
I didn’t call reconsider and they are still sending me preapprove offers but I made my mind not apply with chase ever since there are other banks that want me

same reason for me…too many newly opened accounts

I was just told the same and I have great payment history on all of my cards why should that matter as long you credit is good I don’t have any nice words about chase

Spouse applied for an Ink Plus and a Southwest business card last week. Ink approved. Sothwest denied, too many inquiries. She has VERY few inquiries though. Have yet to call recon

Recently applied for Sapphire and United MileagePlus Explorer last week. Was approved for Sapphire, but denied for the other. They told me “too many inquiries”. Called the reconsideration line two times and no go.

FYI that FT link doesn’t work

I applied for a Chase United personal card on May 17. At that time I had 9 inquiries with EX and 7 with EQ, and I had opened 4 new accounts in the past 6 months. After calling Chase recon they wanted an explanation of why I had “so much recent credit-seeking activity” – I explained that I was traveling a lot for work and had recently opened some hotel and airline cards in order to get perks such as priority boarding. They were happy with that explanation and approved me for the United card after verifying some more information (employment status, income, etc.) and shuffling around my credit lines. I’ve talked to Chase recon lots of times over the years and this was the most complicated call I’ve ever had with them for a personal card (business cards are always complicated in my experience), but it still wasn’t too bad.

I have seen you on many sites saying word for word what you just said. I smell a chase Employee.

Applied Chase Disney no annual fee on 04/30/15, and Chase Ink Cash 05/05/15. Both approved.

BTW, I have 7 inquires in 2015 when I applied the two cards, maybe about another 10 inquires from previous years.

This Hunter’s had worse luck than that Hunter. Denied for the Ink Plus after six openings (and they can only see five) this year. Any tips?

Do you have a link for the Disney no annual fee card?

Same thing happened to me last week. I applied for the Freedom card and was denied. I have 3 credit cards with Chase (I’ve had two for under a year and one for several years). My credit score is 829. Chase denied me based on too many inquires/opened credit cards in the last 2 years. I’ve opened 6 cards in the last two years (4 in the last year). Calling reconsideration line didn’t help.

Was just going to comment on the Chase Freedom post about this! I applied this morning and received pending. Called recon and was told too many cards in last two years and there is no ability to reconsider. This was FOUR cards total (two about a year old now, and two in October) and my Transunion (which was pulled) had only 3 inquiries total. This seems a bit out of the ordinary to me…

Adding to this. This is my first card with Chase.

Had a weird experience recently as well.

Applied last Tuesday for Sapphire, was pending and when I called denied for too many credit cards opened in the past year–about 14. They never said calendar year, so 2015 (it would only be 8 then). In any event, I knew I would have to call back several times to get approved, but the day was ending, so I applied for the United Mileage Plus and was pending. I had no time to call, but 3 days later I was approved, full visa signature. So, I did not reach my credit limit with Chase–right?

I called about the Sapphire and they then said too many cards open in the past TWO years (not one like previously) and that even if i closed cards they couldn’t open for me. It wasn’t about my exposure, but about how many accounts i had opened in general.

same as they told me!

Approved for Ink plus and CSP on 2/23. Had stayed away from apps for 6 months and had 4 within the last year at the time.

Approved for the United card 2 weeks ago with 16 inquiries on my EX (including: Freedom in November, Sapphire in February). 1 year of credit history.

Recently applied for Chase United 50k. Had this card two years ago, and also opened the Chase BA Visa quite recently and the Hyatt card in September or so. Had about 67k in credit from Chase at the time.

Did not receive instant approval. Called recon, verified information, but after being put on hold was told a specialist of some sort would need to review. Called recon again a day or so later and got the same thing, though he noted it was recommended for approval, but the issue of credit limit required upward review. Finally, I saw I was approved when the account showed up online a few days later with a (surprisingly high) credit limit.

Despite the approval, I get the feeling I have hit my limit with Chase approvals for awhile. My total limit across Chase now is 85k, and I have seen talk on FT that Chase considers this a ceiling. I have a JPM private bank account, which may be why Chase gave me credit beyond what seemed to be their feeling.

my wife applied for a Sapphire Preferred card a couple of weeks ago and was denied for the reason stated in your post. She did not call recon, but it sounds like that would not have helped. I’m not able to look up how many inquiries she has over the last 2 years, but it’s got to be over a dozen.

It seems ONLY Freedom and CSP are affected by the Chase new policy. Many of the new applications are denied by Chase recently. This new policy seems not take effect to co-branding cards like UA or IHG etc.

Denied for the SW personal card for too many inquiries even though I have >800 credit score

@physixfan That’s interesting, how do you know this? Just from reading through the FT thread? I was planning on applying for the UA card before the promo bonus ends tomorrow so this is very relevant for me

Yeah, I also don’t know the real situation, just summarized many recent data points… Both from FT and a Chinese credit card forum.

Gotcha, thanks

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