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Published on June 1st, 2015 | by William Charles


Chase Tightening The Clamps On Applicants With Lots Of Recent Inquiries?

Recently a few readers have let me know that they’ve been denied for Chase credit cards, calling reconsideration didn’t help at all and when they received their denial letters the official reason given was “too many recent inquiries/applications for credit”. This Flyertalk thread is also littered with people reporting the same thing.

Interesting Lumpylump76 from asked people to post their recent experiences with Chase and there was nothing out of the ordinary. Generally people are more likely to comment when things go wrong (e.g they are denied for a card) than when things go right (they are approved). I personally think that the only real thing that has changed with Chase is that they are using too many new inquiries as a reason for denial, often credit card issuers will use something generic such as that rather than giving a super specific reason (e.g too little spend on existing cards) as this would allow people like use to better understand their approval process for our own purposes.

If you’ve applied for a Chase card within the past two or three weeks, let me know in the comments whether you were approved or denied and how many credit card applications you’ve had in the past two years (preferably only counting the inquiries that show on the credit report that Chase pulled for your application).

PhysixFan also has some good information and data points on this (note: foreign language blog in Chinese)


97 Responses to Chase Tightening The Clamps On Applicants With Lots Of Recent Inquiries?

  1. bey says:

    I applied and was told that i had too many creditcard opened in the past 2 years

    • john says:

      called recon and they said no

      • a says:

        i applied and was told I am on (authorized user) too many cards opened in last 2 years…no reconsideration…i talked to supervisor who told me the same! should i get off my sons and husbands cards? i was looking at chase sapphire

    • greg says:

      I applied with 600 score got denied called the recon number explained my case and got approved with 5k

    • Osman says:

      My application was denied and the reason was too many accounts open in short time
      I didn’t call reconsider and they are still sending me preapprove offers but I made my mind not apply with chase ever since there are other banks that want me

    • scott says:

      same reason for me…too many newly opened accounts

    • skipdl says:

      I was just told the same and I have great payment history on all of my cards why should that matter as long you credit is good I don’t have any nice words about chase

  2. Dan says:

    Spouse applied for an Ink Plus and a Southwest business card last week. Ink approved. Sothwest denied, too many inquiries. She has VERY few inquiries though. Have yet to call recon

  3. z says:

    Recently applied for Sapphire and United MileagePlus Explorer last week. Was approved for Sapphire, but denied for the other. They told me “too many inquiries”. Called the reconsideration line two times and no go.

  4. Hoko says:

    FYI that FT link doesn’t work

  5. Jake says:

    I applied for a Chase United personal card on May 17. At that time I had 9 inquiries with EX and 7 with EQ, and I had opened 4 new accounts in the past 6 months. After calling Chase recon they wanted an explanation of why I had “so much recent credit-seeking activity” – I explained that I was traveling a lot for work and had recently opened some hotel and airline cards in order to get perks such as priority boarding. They were happy with that explanation and approved me for the United card after verifying some more information (employment status, income, etc.) and shuffling around my credit lines. I’ve talked to Chase recon lots of times over the years and this was the most complicated call I’ve ever had with them for a personal card (business cards are always complicated in my experience), but it still wasn’t too bad.

  6. Hunter says:

    Applied Chase Disney no annual fee on 04/30/15, and Chase Ink Cash 05/05/15. Both approved.

  7. Jennifer says:

    Same thing happened to me last week. I applied for the Freedom card and was denied. I have 3 credit cards with Chase (I’ve had two for under a year and one for several years). My credit score is 829. Chase denied me based on too many inquires/opened credit cards in the last 2 years. I’ve opened 6 cards in the last two years (4 in the last year). Calling reconsideration line didn’t help.

  8. Mike says:

    Was just going to comment on the Chase Freedom post about this! I applied this morning and received pending. Called recon and was told too many cards in last two years and there is no ability to reconsider. This was FOUR cards total (two about a year old now, and two in October) and my Transunion (which was pulled) had only 3 inquiries total. This seems a bit out of the ordinary to me…

  9. Mordechai says:

    Had a weird experience recently as well.

    Applied last Tuesday for Sapphire, was pending and when I called denied for too many credit cards opened in the past year–about 14. They never said calendar year, so 2015 (it would only be 8 then). In any event, I knew I would have to call back several times to get approved, but the day was ending, so I applied for the United Mileage Plus and was pending. I had no time to call, but 3 days later I was approved, full visa signature. So, I did not reach my credit limit with Chase–right?

    I called about the Sapphire and they then said too many cards open in the past TWO years (not one like previously) and that even if i closed cards they couldn’t open for me. It wasn’t about my exposure, but about how many accounts i had opened in general.

  10. Douglas says:

    Approved for Ink plus and CSP on 2/23. Had stayed away from apps for 6 months and had 4 within the last year at the time.

  11. Go10014 says:

    Approved for the United card 2 weeks ago with 16 inquiries on my EX (including: Freedom in November, Sapphire in February). 1 year of credit history.

  12. Bill says:

    Recently applied for Chase United 50k. Had this card two years ago, and also opened the Chase BA Visa quite recently and the Hyatt card in September or so. Had about 67k in credit from Chase at the time.

    Did not receive instant approval. Called recon, verified information, but after being put on hold was told a specialist of some sort would need to review. Called recon again a day or so later and got the same thing, though he noted it was recommended for approval, but the issue of credit limit required upward review. Finally, I saw I was approved when the account showed up online a few days later with a (surprisingly high) credit limit.

    Despite the approval, I get the feeling I have hit my limit with Chase approvals for awhile. My total limit across Chase now is 85k, and I have seen talk on FT that Chase considers this a ceiling. I have a JPM private bank account, which may be why Chase gave me credit beyond what seemed to be their feeling.

  13. Mason says:

    my wife applied for a Sapphire Preferred card a couple of weeks ago and was denied for the reason stated in your post. She did not call recon, but it sounds like that would not have helped. I’m not able to look up how many inquiries she has over the last 2 years, but it’s got to be over a dozen.

  14. physixfan says:

    It seems ONLY Freedom and CSP are affected by the Chase new policy. Many of the new applications are denied by Chase recently. This new policy seems not take effect to co-branding cards like UA or IHG etc.

  15. HoKo says:

    @physixfan That’s interesting, how do you know this? Just from reading through the FT thread? I was planning on applying for the UA card before the promo bonus ends tomorrow so this is very relevant for me

  16. PedroNY says:

    From my (recent) experience, the best way to go about it is 1 personal and 1 business card. Or 2 personal card at a time, no more frequently than 4 apps per quarter. I can never get two business cards at a time, I can never get 3 card at a time, and just from experience, I haven’t been successful with more than 4 cards per 90 days, so I try not to push more than 2 per quarter. So limit yourself to 8 Chase cards per year. There are at 16 of them out there, so that gives you a nice 16 cards every two years churn schedule.



    • HoKo says:

      But it sounds like Will is saying that chase is clamping down on people with too many inquiries regardless of whether those inquiries are coming from other Chase apps or different CC issuers

  17. Chaser123 says:

    I applied for UA Chase card. I immediatly received notofiatcion that my application needed further review. I called yesterday (1 week later) and was told its still under review. Chase did a pull from Experian. Experian has 5 inquiries in the past 24 months (Including chase pull and Citi pull done on the same day, so only 3 pulls prior to that). My last chase application was one year ago for the ink.

    • HoKo says:

      So did you try to get them to push the application through over the phone or you’re going to let it work through the system on its own?

  18. Lantean says:

    applied for United card today… got pending. not going to call recon, but will report the outcome later.

  19. Rob says:

    Applied for Ink Cash two weeks ago, got pending. Recon line approved promptly with minimal questions. Already have 1 or 2 of most everything else from Chase.

    • Adam says:

      nice! I’m kinda in the same situation. app’d for Ink Cash before promo expired about 10 days ago. app went pending. havent called recon yet cause of how horrible the biz recon calls usually are.

      do you have a real biz and applied via EIN? when did you call recon, immediately or after waiting a while to see if it would process thru the system on its own?

  20. Gaurav says:

    Referred a friend and his wife, both denied chase freedom. Too many credit inquiries in last 24 months, he called reconsideration line but it was not entertained and he was told a letter explaining the rejection is already issued.

  21. Dave says:

    My wife got a further review message on Friday 5/29 for the CSP; called recon and denied outright. Reason given was too many accounts opened in the last two years; asked to move credit line from her BA card but the CSR wouldn’t budge. She has had only 3 (THREE!) accounts opened in the last two years. She has had the BA card since 12/14, which has had regular spend on it. The spend on it has decreased a bit since we met minimum spend on it, but still several hundred in regular spending per month on it– we were trying to keep a good relationship with Chase specifically for this application!

    So this morning I applied for the CSP myself and also got the further review message; I have opened 6 accounts in the last two years (4 within the last 6 months; none in the last 91 days). I didn’t bother calling recon due to my wife’s experience. Interestingly, though, I then immediately submitted an application for the UA card (like, within 5 seconds) in a separate incognito window and got instant approval for that one! Like physixfan above, I assumed this meant that CSP, Freedom, etc., were being affected and not the co-brands, so I’m curious to see others’ experience with the co-brands.

    • Adam says:

      I app’d for the Biz UAMP Exp card as well as the BA Visa, both denied. even tho the reason was too many inq’s recently, the rude recon agent did mention this tidbit: we wanna see how you use your existing Chase CCs for a bit longer to open any more accts.

      so I have a lotta room for more credit, even tho I dont need it and offered to move some around from other CCs. but no dice on the co-brands. this was about 2.5mo ago tho, not sure if any given new policy had already been implemented then.

      • Ben says:

        I too, just applied for the UA MP Business version, and I too was denied because of too many recent inquiries. It wasn’t just Chase cards, she was going through the long list of ALL my cards (I recently opened 2 new cards with Barclay’s, and unfortunately in my state Chase pulls from TransUnion so those pulls were right there) in the past TWO YEARS, which I thought was quite far back. In addition to that- and here was the big surprise- she was quoting AUTHORIZED USERS cards as accounts, and it seemed to count against me! Has anyone else experienced this? That would mean it would be better to NOT give SSNs when adding AU cards, I was always worked under the assumption that it HELPED your credit to have AU cards report the SSN… Anyone have any thoughts on this?
        Either way, it looks like the Chase clamping down issue DOES apply to co-brands, AND business cards unfortunately 🙁

        • Radster says:

          Same experience here with my denied Southwest Business card application in January. Reconsideration agent rattled off long list of CCs I’d opened in last 2 years, incl. from other providers. I was really surprised by that.

  22. RL says:

    Applied for Ink Cash and was denied due to new business and too many new credit cards. Called recon twice and no dice. Even tried closing Ink Bold to open new Ink Cash and no dice.

  23. DavidJ says:

    I applied for freedom today, got pending message, talked to CSR (0625) and she denied my case because I have more than 5 accounts opened in the past two years. I asked for a recon and even asked to talk to their senior manager, all in no avail.

    I can confirm that it is their newly policy that they will not approve any applicant with more than 5 (inclusive) new accounts in the past two years. It is hard-coded in their system and even managers cannot overrule it. I asked one senior supervisor and he said it was not that he did want to approve me, rather, he really couldn’t get my application through the system.

    So, it is true, Chase did tighten their criteria. If you have many new accounts in two years, you will almost certainly be denied. Not sure about co-branded cards, but for freedom, CSP and slate, nobody can get around this new rule.

    • Adam says:

      whoa, 5 new accounts anywhere or just with Chase? lol most of us here open 5 new accts or more every quarter (spread out across banks ofc) … screw waiting around for Chase and not churning for 24mo :/

    • DJ says:

      I have gotten approximately 12 new card accounts this year, and was just approved for 3 Chase cards (2 biz + 1 personal) in the last month, so apparently this isn’t a hard rule.

    • Traci Giuliano says:

      I had a similar experience to David’s. I got rejected for a CSP, and after being rejected by a recon agent, talked to a supervisor at length (he was nice, but said that this was a new internal policy and they they couldn’t budge, even though I have excellent credit and he doesn’t personally think I’m a risk). The magic number is that you can’t have more than 5 inquiries for ANY credit card in the past 2 years (I got the impression that it is 2 years backward from the date you’re applying). I asked the supervisor’s supervisor to call me back, and he said she would (although I’m not optimistic). I’m so bummed; I wish I had gotten the CSP earlier 🙁

  24. Jonathan says:

    Spouse applied for a UA & a Southwest card today. UA approved, Sothwest under reviewed , will call reconsideration line tomorrow to figure out the reason.

    • Jonathan says:

      Ok. The result is in. Called the reconsideration line, the specialist asked my wife’s income, monthly mortgage and her employment history and told her to wait for a few minutes. I though she was going to get the SW card. Unfortunately, the specialist came back and told my wife that her SW application has been denied and will receive a denial letter in 7-10 days. The denial reason is she should not apply two cards at the same day. Told her to re-apply again after 2 months.

      The main reason for my wife to apply two cards at the same days is to avoid additional hard pull. I will rather let my wife apply another card instead of apply SW card again two months later,

      • Jonathan says:

        After Chase rejected my wife’s SW card a week ago and she received the UA Explorer card yesterday, she entered into her chase online account, there was a invitation to invite her to apply 50K SW card. If Chase want to invite her to apply SW card, why reject her a week ago?

  25. Dai Wong says:

    Hi I am new to this site and found this a very helpful blog so started following and also wanted to input.

    I, recently applied for the Chase UA 50k promo but got denied with letter stating too many requests. I had a Chase UA card in the past and have an active Ink and Freedom accounts. This is the first time I receive a denied letter only few days after application and now I am worried that whether I should call the reconsideration line. My experience with the reconsideration line for personal card has been pleasant as they usually just approve the card after answering some questions and transferring some credits but based on above this doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

    I also submitted another business card application but hasn’t yet received a denied letter. Wonder if they are being considered separately and don’t know if it will end up with the same results. Hope there will be good news.

    Here are my data points, any comment or suggestion on what I should do next? Thanks very much 🙂

  26. Md says:

    My wife applied for hyatt card. It said pending so we called and were told denied due to too many inquiries. Had about 8 inquiries in past year. Rep also mentioned amex cards that we had added as authorized user. We got the letters and I wanted to call but am reluctant. Too bad because I really want the hyatt card.

  27. nab says:

    just applied today for southwest premier (50k) and united (55k +$50) and was instantly approved for both.

    in the last 12-13 months i signed up for for freedom, southwest plus, and british airways

  28. bob says:

    Applied for Chase Freedom 10 days ago ,had to call the recon number approved for $1500 . Two minutes earlier applied for CLI Chase Amazon approved $3500 increase Credit analyst asked why I needed the extra credit I told him that the Freedom card has the best cashback rewards he laughed and told me I was approved 14 inquiries in 2015 was just approved for Blue Cash Amex after being denied 3 times this year

  29. Alfred says:

    Applied for SW Business and Chase Ink Cash for both me and wife. Instantly approved in may.

  30. Vikas says:

    Applied for IHG in May1st week and SW Premier yesterday…both instant approvals..already have SW plus from earlier this year….15 inquiries on EX last 2 years and 7 open chase accounts..

  31. Md says:

    Perhaps instant approvals aren’t harder but recons are?

  32. jc says:

    Guess I lucked out have close to 40 INQ on ex and 15 new acts was approved for slate in mid may

  33. KSD says:

    I was denied for Sapphire for same reason. Have opened 2 Chase, 2 Barclay, 1 Citi, 1 Capital One in last year. Called reconsideration line twice with no luck.

  34. Sam says:

    My wife and I were both approved today for the Chase UA Explorer card, despite more than a dozen card apps each in the last two years.

  35. Mike says:

    Can confirm. 5 new accounts and up over two years (not inquiries, new cards total across the board) is a red flag for Chase for Freedom and according to the rep “other cards with higher value promotions going forward.” Rep says they’re trying to cut down opening and closing of accounts. All of mine (5) were open and paid in full. This would have been first card with Chase. Did not matter that I had banking account either. Despite only 3 inquiries on the report, and asking for just a $500 limit, I was declined, and their system prevents any reconsideration. 765 TU

  36. dp says:

    Decisions seem to take longer. Was approved yesterday for SW after waiting a month for 7-10 day letter. Just had to verify my identity.

    Other Chase cards -Amazon Visa opened 07/2013; Chase Sapphire Preferred opened 11/2014; IHG opened 12/2014. In my opinion, amount spent per month (per card) matters. Haven’t used Amazon Visa since 5% offered on the store card, but spend $2,000/mo on Sapphire and $1,500/mo on IHG. All charges paid in full daily, even while pending. INQ – 11 EXP; 1 TU; 4 EQ [22 new accounts w/ 2 car loans since 11/2014]

  37. Sandra says:

    Something definitely has to be up. I had my dh apply for the Freedom card 2 days ago. He has a FICO score of 874. The only 2 cards he has applied for (and received) in the past year is a Chase Sapphire and a Fifth Third (targetted offer). He did receive an offer in January from Chase for $300 to open a checking account which he did as a joint account with me. I, on the other hand, have been playing the sign up bonus game for the past year. I have 8 inquiries showing on my credit and have opened the Sapphire (last summer), Southwest (beginning of this year), and recently an IHG. I also have a Freedom I got at least several years ago. He is an authorized user on all but the IHG. I also have excellent credit, but not as high as his. When he applied for the Freedom he got a message saying his application required further review. When he called the reconsideration line this morning they said his application was denied for too many recent inquiries. He has a Slate with Chase that he has had for years with a 26,000 credit limit that he offered to have some moved to open a Freedom, but he was told no. I’m really shocked that with only 2 new cards in the past year (and maybe 1 the year before that – a Costco Amex) and such an excellent score he would be denied. I figured they just didn’t want to give us any more credit line, but offering to move it around did no good. Very strange. Being an authorized user on any of my accounts doesn,t count as an inquiry against him, right? I did find it a little odd when he opened his Sapphire that they only gave him a limit of $5000 and when I got mine (before him) they gave me at least twice that. I am a homemaker and so use his income to apply so I wonder somehow if they are limiting him because of how much credit they have given me, but even so then you would expect them to open the Freedom account for him when he offered to move some of his line from the Slate.

    • jp says:

      Sandra, the Fico scores only go to 850.

      • Sandra says:

        This was the number on the score given on the Citibank site. I guess different places must give different scores. He got his denial letter from Chase a few days ago and the reason listed is “too many credit cards opened in the last 2 years.” He has a Slate card through Chase that is now offering his Fico score and I looked at it and it is 840 out of 850. It shows 3 inquiries in the last 2 years. The average age of his accounts is over 9 years. It is done through Experian. I’m not sure who does the one through Citibank. I find it strange, though, that the denial letter from Chase references Trans Union. It should have been easy for him to get the Freedom card. I have only been going after sign up bonuses for about a year and have not closed any of the new accounts I have opened. I don’t even do MS. I’m just wondering that Chase didn’t see me as the authorized user and somehow looked for a reason to deny him. Thinking back, the accounts I can think of that have been opened by him in the past 2 years are an Amex either June or July of 2013 when he joined Costco, a store credit card in Dec of 2013 to take advantage of s special holiday promotion, a Chase Sapphire Preferred towards the end of 2014, and one other card in January. Maybe I am forgetting something else, but my point would be I wouldn’t think his sign ups are excessive or alarming. They must either be insanely tight about giving out this card and/or they somehow looked further because he went through my referral link and put me down as an authorized user.

  38. HoKo says:

    Data point: Applied for UA card yesterday using 50/5/$50 offer. Not sure who they pulled yet but it’s usually EQ or EX. Currently have 7 inquiries on EQ and 14 on EX in the past 2 years. App went into pending review, I called into credit analyst department and had a rep confirm my identity with a few questions then approve the app in less than 60 seconds with no questions or issues. Issued me an 8K CL.

  39. devilboy says:

    Something is definitely up with CHASE. Applied for a freedom card towards the end of May and was denied for “too many credit cards opened in the last two years”. I have never been denied by Chase before and have an 800ish FICO.

  40. Bobbie says:

    I had the same experience with Chase today. Applied for the Freedom card but received denial stating too many credit cards opened in last 2 years. Called reconsideration line and was denied again. I have a long credit history in general and one with Chase back to 2003. My FICO is over 800 and nothing derogatory on my report. I’ve opened 5 accounts since 12/14 and have another 1 where I am AU. I offered to have credit limit reduced on my SW card so approving the Freedom wouldn’t change my total credit limit. Still no go. She indicated Chase is not looking at FICO only recent history years and I changed the ” balance” by opening new accounts. Doesn’t make sense to me. I’ll try one more call but I am not optimistic.

  41. Dani says:

    Applied for a Hyatt Visa, and got denied for too many credit inquiries the past year (I’ve only applied for four cards the past year!).

  42. Paul says:

    Applied for UA card on 6/2, auto approved with 7 new accts opened in last 4 mo, including two chase accts- 1 personal, 1 business.

  43. oldskoul says:

    I applied for Chase Freedom, after the %5 cash back categories.

    Rejection reason:
    Too many credit cards opened in the last 2 years.

    TU 803 EQ778

    No lates, no balances anywhere.

    • oldskoul says:

      So i called the loan department for re examination and he came back and said NO
      No No No No No No. I ask when i could re apply, he said when ever you want.

      Real nice.

      • oldskoul says:

        I had 4 new credit cards in the last 2 years, just promo cards and things mostly trying to update wallet to rewards, cash back etc.

  44. Jonathan says:

    Can you guys clarify if the rejection happens AT 5 credit cards per the last two years, or MORE THAN 5 credit cards opened per the last two years? The difference for me could be 8 months >.<

    My story: Applied for a FREEDOM with 750 score and was rejected, same reason. Had 7 open in the past 2 years. Need to get an Ink card ASAP…can someone also confirm that business cards are under the same scrutiny now?

  45. Kendra says:

    Applied for the chase slate online after seeing my offers for both the freedom and slate. Chose slate because of the free monthly credit fico score. Instantly approved for a 3200 cl. I applied for a blue cash amex in April and was instantly approved for a cl of 5500. I have to other cc one bfa wich was opened May 2013 and a wells Fargo which was opened in August 2014. So I had 3 cc before applying for this one and one was already two years old at the time. I also had 5 percent utlization when I applied for the card. Credit reports shows only 2 cc inquires.

  46. FackFiut says:

    When Chase says: “Too many credit cards opened…” do not take it at face value. What they really mean is: “We know you want to churn, you bastards!”

    For me I’ve had two Freedom applications denied over the past couple of months. There will not be a third. FICO score is around 840.

  47. Eugene says:

    I applied for the Ink card, and was denied due to ” too many requests for credit or opened accounts with us”..this is different from the too many inquiries…I have a Freedom that was opened in 2011, and a Sapphire that was opened about May. Being that this was a business card, I thought it would have been different. Any suggestions? Has anyone else been given this reason?

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  50. Chelsea says:

    I applied for the Southwest Plus card on 10/27 and was approved. I then took my chances and applied for a Chase Sapphire Preferred card and was given a pending further review notice. I called in on 11/2 and was told I had opened too many cards in the last 2 years. She told me 11 cards, lol. There was no budging her on this when I asked if there’s anything I can do and explained by I wanted the CSP. Nope, didn’t work at all. I even tried asking if Chase treats only the Chase- branded card apps like this or also their co-branded like Ritz Carlton and Marriott. She said she couldn’t tell me and that I’d just have to try applying.
    So not very helpful at all!

  51. Eugene says:

    Has anyone applied for the southwest business and personal cards at the same time? I want to get the companion pass, but only getting approved for only one, won’t benefit me.

  52. Kurt says:

    I applied for a Southwest Personal premier and business in the same day. A week ago I received a fraud verification letter for the personal and was approved when I called but still haven’t heard anything about the business card. It’s been 31 days now and the status line just changed from saying 7-10 days for both cards to You have no recent apps. Should I risk calling or maybe wait a month or so and try applying for another personal? I don’t have much credit history and my 2 other cards were opened within the last 4 months. Any advice? Thanks

    TU 680 EQ 728
    CSP $8000 Freedom $5000 SW $3000

  53. Nicole says:

    I received an invitation from Chase to apply for the Slate and the Freedom. I applied for the Slate on February 1, 2016 and was approved for $4800. I then decided, “What the heck” and applied for the Freedom on February 3, 2016 and was approved for $4500. Not sure yet if they ran my credit again when I applied for the Freedom card, but after the Slate, I had 5 inquiries on my credit. Hope this helps!

  54. Karl says:

    Approved for AMEX and Citibank Visa, denied for Chase Freedom. My credit score is approx. 800.
    Their loss, lmao.

  55. Aryeh says:

    Did a 3BM for Amex Plat (100K offer), Chase IHG (60k plus $50), and Chase Hyatt… Was instantly approved for the Amex Plat but got a 7-10 day message for both Chase cards and a 30day message in email.
    Not sure whether to wait or HUCA

  56. emla says:


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  58. Marco says:

    I recently applied for a Chase Freedom card and was denied because of “too many recent inquiries.” This was a little irritating since Chase had sent me a “pre-qualified” offer. Moreover, my FICO score is 792 and my income is in the mid six figures. When I called, a representative told me not to take the rejection “personally.” I then told her not to take it personally that I was now canceling my Chase Sapphire and would take my business elsewhere. That card had a 30k limit. Chase needs guys like me. I don’t need Chase. I instead opened a new account with Amex to help with my wife’s business and was given a 25k starting CL. Great decision Chase!

  59. Dale says:

    I applied for a Chase Slate Card last year and was denied. I applied for a Chase Freedom Unlimited Card May 12,2016 and did not get an instant approval. I called the 1-800-625-7866 to inquire and found out that I was denied and was told that I have received 6 credit cards in last two years. And that the Chase Freedom Unlimited Card was a premier card. My credit score is around 788 to as much as 800. I simply told the gentleman at Chase that they did not want my business and it was “Your Choice, Your Chase” today on the phone. I believe that they see that they are not making enough money from me. I have always tried to very strategic with my finances.

  60. Zaldy says:

    I applied for the chase sapphire on the 18th of September and got approved, two days later I applied for the chase freedom and got denied. I called the lending department and asked why I got denied and his response was too many credit cards opened with chase. I only just applied for the chase sapphire card and that is the only credit card I have with chase, so I decided to call 5 minutes later and spoke with another rep. And only this time I asked the rep to reconsider my application for the freedom unlimited and sure enough I answered a few questions he had for me and within 5 minutes he got me approved. I only have a total of 5 credit cards if that helps any.

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