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Published on June 1st, 2018 | by William Charles


Chase United MileagePlus Explorer Changes Are Now Live – Plus Targeted 60,000 Mile Bonus Available For Some

In mid April Chase announced they would be implementing changes on the personal version of the United MileagePlus Explorer card. Those changes are now live and are as follows:

  • Card will earn 2 United miles per $1 spent on hotel stays and restaurant purchases (this is in addition to the 2 cardholders already receive on United purchases)
  • 25% off in flight purchases when using your card (including WiFi and food/beverages)
  • Addition of $100 Global Entry/TSA PreCheck credit
  • Removal of 10,000 miles after $25,000 in spend
  • Removal of return protection/price protection benefit (purchase protection remains)
  • Annual fee stays the same at $95
  • Other standard benefits remain the same:
    • 2 miles per $1 spend with United Airlines
    • 1 mile per $1 spend on all other purchases
    • Last seat availability
    • Miles don’t expire
    • Free checked bag when you pay with card (for 2 people)
    • Priority boarding
    • 2 Club passes per year
    • No FX fees

The removal of the 10,000 miles after $25,000 in spend is significant as some people spend $25,000 to receive a PQD waiver. To make matters worse this is being removed mid year and cardholders are only being compensated with 4,000 miles if you’ve spent $10,000-$24,999 up until this date. To me that is completely unfair and I’d be filing complaints directly with Chase if this affected me, when you put spend on a card to receive an anniversary benefit it’s reasonable to expect that benefit to be offered.

In other news some people have also been able to get a bonus of 60,00 miles after $3,000 in spend in the first three months, plus 5,000 miles for adding an authorized user. This card is subjected to the Chase 5/24 rule  and we have seen higher bonuses of up to 75,000 miles so it might make sense to wait for something better to come along (hat tip to Running with Miles for pointing this offer out).

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Our 1 year AF is coming up in the next couple months, will the Global Entry Credit take effect today? We’d like to get one of our kids (19) GE if so.

Hey Doc, I’m now eligible for 60k offer after checking again today. I was not in May, Looks like they sent out another wave. I’ll wait for a 70k offer with waived AF this time.

40k & $100 SC. no thanks

lol I just signed up for this offer last month. What’s wrong with it?

It’s not that there something wrong with it rather than comparing the current offer to what was available previously. I will say everyone’s situation and 5/24 standing is different so to each his own. I was going to apply for SO. She hates United because of a cancelled flight fiasco while on a layover. The only way I convinced her to consider going for it was “wouldn’t you love to stick it to United and get a bunch of free flights and credits to then cancel the card after 1 year.” She said yes but hopefully we can make it a little more painful. But i doubt that they will care at all. Lol. projectx Max

projectx Max I went ahead and did the 40k. Got an email a day or 2 after the application about the 60k offer. Chase seems like they will match the offer after 3k spend vs 2k for 40k. Just wanted to follow up in case you may have received same 60k email.

Thanks for the heads up… No new offer for me though. Congrats to you!

Only if you’re targeted. Going through this link shows 40k + $100 SC for me, as did simply going direct to the United site. Have to disagree with JuicyJosh here. I took it… it puts me at 5/24 and I’ll be better off hitting other deals rather than sitting around hoping for a better offer to come around that may never materialize.

Saw a headline for this via one of the Captivate Elevators in my office.

Is this news supposed to encourage existing cardholders not to cancel/product change?

My complaints via SecureMessage on the $25k/10k thing when they were announced got nowhere.

“We apologize that we were unable meet your expectations. Our decision is firm in order to remain fair and consistent with all members with the same request.

Chase is fully committed to keeping you as a satisfied customer and we will continue to work hard every day to maintain your confidence and trust. We hope you continue to consider Chase for your financial needs in the future. ”

When my AF hits in August I will call to complain.

If they had some way to convert me to the business version that (for now) keeps the $25k/10k, I’d be happy. I may toss up an app for the business version even though it is subject to 5/24 and plead my case. Probably later in the year to time the AF better than mid-year.

With these changes, the Explorer becomes similar to the Sapphire Preferred — provided a person lives in a United hub and always flies United. Both cards will earn 2x points/miles for hotels and dining, and both will earn 2x for airfare, provided that the airline is United in the case of Explorer. The only two additional earnings opportunities on Sapphire Preferred are (a) airfare on all airlines earns 2x, and (b) rail, taxis, subways, and cruises earn 2x. And, of course, the Explorer has certain United perks not available on the Sapphire.

Is this a new card or just the updated version of the old UA Explorer card? I just applied for this old card 2 months ago. Can I apply for this new card? If no, can I match the targeted offer? Can anyone explain more about this to me? Thanks!

There is also a similar targeted offer with 50K + $100 statement credit (also has first-year fee waived and 5K for AU), direct link is:

newbie here… i got targeted for the 60K offer and have never had a chase card before (and i’m definitely under 5/24) does this mean I am pre-qualified … or what?

Nope. You’ll still get a credit pull. Getting a mailer just means you’re targeted.

TSA Pre-check costs $75 for 5 years. Is this a $25 MM?

use the app. when logged in 60K bonus shows up with $0 intro annual fee

The deal is still there offer ends now 8/15/18 and has no annual fee the first year.
Direct link:

Is there a no annual fee version to downgrade this card?

Thank you. I gave Chase a call and said that I can’t change my card until I’ve had the card for a full year. Will change when that happens.

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