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[PA only] Citadel Credit Union 3% Balance Transfer Bonus (Up To $300) With No Fees

Deal is back

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Receive a bonus of 3% when you make a balance transfer to your Citadel credit card, there are also no balance transfer fees and this offer is open to new & existing customers. None of their cards have any sign up bonus and aren’t really interesting from a spend perspective (best is probably 1.5% cash back on all purchases).

citadel credit union

The Fine Print

  • We will credit your primary Citadel savings account with 3% of the amount of balances transferred from a non-Citadel credit card, up to a maximum credit of $300 within any 12-month period.
  • Credit will be made within 60 days from date of the transfer.
  • Account must be active and in good standing at the time the funds are deposited.
  • Minimum transfer amount is $500.
  • Offer valid for new and existing Citadel MasterCard credit card customers.
  • Offer may be withdrawn at any time.

Our Verdict

This is basically a $300 sign up bonus with a $10,000 spend requirement (although that spend can be made on any other card and you’d earn your normal rewards). Pretty good offer if you ask me, obviously if you get an incredibly low credit limit this offer will be annoying. As always, you should make sure you’re not paying interest on your credit card balances if you’re in this hobby so you’d want to complete the balance transfer and pay it off immediately.

I’m not sure if their credit cards are limited to PA only or not (other states are available in the drop down menu) Must live, work, stud or worship in PA to be eligible, I’m also not sure what credit bureau they pull.  They pull TransUnion according to a contact at Citadel. Citadel also have a $250 checking bonus, but that is PA only, after completing the sign up for this account you’ll sometimes be pre-approved for this card, if this happens then it’s only a soft credit pull (no hard pull is done), this is called the bank cart trick and is similar to the shopping cart trick. Share your experiences in the comments below. I love that this is available to existing customers as well.

Big thanks to reader Doug for pointing this one out.

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Credit cards are for Citadel’s members only according to rep at branch. However you don’t have to live in PA to qualify for membership. You can work within their service area to qualify for example.
I live in MD – 20 minutes across PA border to a branch, drove over and got the checking bonus earlier this year. To qualify for membership I gave them my MD addy and the name of some company within their service are (they never verify).
Cool offer, but note that interest start accruing right away.


I didn’t see the credit card offer when applying and joining for the checking account.


Is there a balance transfer fee? Can’t find it in the schedule


When doing all-in-one BT, need at least $10k CL, although $10.5k or $11k would be better as a buffer.

Not too many DPs for this card.

Could you do multiple BTs that add up to $10k and still qualify for the offer? Workaround for smaller CLs under $10k.


Wife and I both set up accounts several years ago, each got $200 VISA gift cards. Each of us has received $750 so far in credit card transfer bonuses so far (initial limit was $150) and I have paid a total of about $15 in daily interest charges total (for the few days between payment debit and payoff date). So in total so far we have received the equivalent of $1,900 cash for having the accounts and cards and simply moving money around. The transactions can be separate over many months with the 12-month total limited to $300 credit. Seems to be an actual 12-month period and not the calendar year.


Link is dead.


It’s back again I believe? At least that’s what the rep told me. Might give it a try.


Just got this offer in mail today just in time for BT from my Amex Business Plus card which expires in a couple of months time.
Seems like a great offer but I don’t want to add another inquiry on my credit report.
I am thinking of doing an indirect BT to my WF Propel which offers 0% APR for 15 months. Indirect BT means paying my rent using Propel as well as GC purchases and paying off Amex Business Plus card with those funds.
But for $300 this might be worth doing.
What do the experts think?

Matt K
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