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Published on December 27th, 2016 | by William Charles


Citi American Airlines 50,000 Mile Offer – No 24 Month Language

New link available here

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Citi / AAdvantage Platinum Select World Elite MasterCard is offering 50,000 miles after $3,000 in spend within the first three months.


Card Details

  • Annual fee of $95 is waived the first year
  • Does not contain 24 month language

Our Verdict

This offer does not contain the 24 month language that would exclude you from getting the bonus if you’ve had any other Citi American Airlines card within the last 24 months. In the past application pages without the 24 month language such as this have succesfully resulted in people getting the bonus even if normally they wouldn’t be eligible but YMMV.

This will reset the 24 month clock though (e.g you won’t be eligible for another bonus Citi American Airlines card within the next 24 months). This won’t last long, so if you’re interested I’d apply sooner rather than later but as always these links aren’t for everybody.

You don’t need to close any cards before applying. If you have any questions, chances are they are answered in this linked post.

Normally I wouldn’t post these publicly, but it was posted originally on /r/churning. Also I shouldn’t need to say this but I will, please do not bring attention to this offer by asking representatives if you’re eligible for the bonus or not. Just wait and hope for the bonus tracker to show up.

154 Responses to Citi American Airlines 50,000 Mile Offer – No 24 Month Language

  1. james says:

    where is the direct link? Thanks.

  2. Mo says:

    Can you apply again when you have this card currently?

  3. Maury says:

    Where is the link? The two links in Reddit both have the 24 mos language.

  4. Maury says:

    Applied and approved. I hope I get the 50k.

  5. JGR says:

    Applied. Pending. Called and was approved but no bonus. Closed both pers and biz version of Citi AA in Feb 16. So much for the 24 month language. 🙁

  6. Paul says:

    DP: Applied. Went Pending – checked status. said to call. Approved at $4700, but moved credit from other citi cards to bump up to $10,000. Let’s hope I get the bonus.

    Was still on phone so asked rep to confirm bonus. She saw if you spend $3,000 within first 3 months, you get 50,000 miles. So that’s promising.

    Currently have Biz open and closed Personal in Feb 2016.

  7. SikuMiku says:

    Approved 3 cards – myself, wife and dad. All AAdvantage cards cancelled on 10/07/2016. Will see if bonus language is on letter and website.

  8. Carlos says:

    What are the chances if you recently applied for the 40,000 and ask for the 50,000 and get it?
    I havent received the card yet its that recent

  9. ronaldo says:

    Hey guys, I have the citi biz aa card, does that disqualify from the get personal because of citis 24 month rule or can I wait and be eligible whenever? just wanna know so I can see if I should jump on this offer w/o the 24 language

  10. Alex says:

    It seems like they fixed it and added the 24 month language

  11. Matthew says:

    Anyone been approved under 1/60? I did Hilton on 11/22. TIA!

  12. Jake says:

    I opened the app link and notice that it’s for the “World Elite” version. In the past it had been for just the “World” and then upgraded to Elite. Anyone have insight whether if you currently have a World Elite personal, whether this will count as a duplicate product and be declined?

  13. Dan says:

    Applied, went to pending. Called in and agent noticed I had an existing AA Plat and mentioned I would not receive the bonus for the new card. I didn’t argue with her, I just had her push it through. Hopefully I still get the bonus and she didn’t manually remove the bonus from my account.

  14. Tom says:

    What number for recon – applied and was declined, prob due to too many new a/c’s (none with Citi)

  15. Illini Jeff says:

    Have Citi AA biz card currently. Cancelled AA personal card 6 months ago. Applied thru reddit link, had to call in to move credit lines around. Hoping for another 50K Miles.

  16. Johnny says:

    Dont bother applying people. The credit card offer is DEAD. The 24-month is there now.

  17. Abey says:

    William Charles: I Love You!
    Send me your address
    And i will send you a nice gift 🙂
    Me and my GF were both approved through this link after calling up and moving credit lines from the AA Bronze.
    We both have Two AA Bronze Cards
    One downgraded from AA Platinum and one downgraded from AA Gold.
    They even told us seperately that we will recieve 50K miles after $3K spend
    New year came early.
    I love you all.

  18. Abey says:

    Wanna add that the representive told me, you need a minimum of $8.5K credit line for this card and thats why they have to move around credit. Also i got approved for the Citi business card two months ago and still got approved for this one so it doesnt intefere one with the other.

    • Rob W says:

      I was just approved after calling in. I was offered a 10.5K credit line but I actually asked for a line of just 5K. After putting me on hold for a minute she said that was just fine. She also mentioned the 50K AA mile bonus for $3K spend, without me even asking about it.

    • Sikachu says:

      Counter-DP. My credit is fair. I was auto-approved for $7k CL. My first “World” card (and first ever card with Citi) was pending then later approved with $1k CL.

  19. Abey says:

    Im still dancing up and down the office like a little kid.
    Just imagine if someone tells you
    You won two free round trips to Hawaii!
    Yes since we both got approved for this
    And combined with the Barclay Wyndham 45K points
    That gives us two round trips to Hawaii
    With 6 free nights at Ramada Wyndham.
    Im so glad we bailed out the banks in 2008
    They have been so super nice to us… 🙂 🙂

  20. Matt says:

    Denied. Called recon and was told several times that they cannot recon my application and I need to wait until I receive the written rejection letter. 🙁

  21. Seems people seeing the 24-month language are using the link at the top of the Reddit thread, which is the comparison one with the 24-month language. Or they are making a weak attempt at misdirecting people.

  22. E says:

    I think it’s over because I applied with the above link and i got an Error Code, I did it again and got “A system error has caused a delay in processing your application.” Hopefully it’s just a delay.

  23. Charles says:

    Direct link above is working as of 0730 CST. Just applied. No 24 month language mentioned anywhere. App went to pending. Called in and they asked if I wanted the $1500 CL or move credit. I moved from an old Dividend account for $7500 CL. Rep didn’t mention the bonus or eligibility at all. Hope this works as I closed my old account back in March. Took lots of screen shots for CFPB. Thanks DOC you rock!

  24. David L says:

    Immediately denied. Have both personal and business version of this card and score of 745

  25. Shawno14 says:

    DP: applied for Wife, instant approval $13,500 CL.
    She has $15,000 parked in Citi savings waiting for the $400 acct bonus

    She currently has Citi AAdvantage Bronze (downgraded from AA Executive), 2 years old, no activity past 18 months
    3 very recent Citi card closures, all closed automatically by Citi due to inactivity
    1) Citi Dividend – closed by Citi 10/23/16 due to inactivity
    2) Citi AAdvantage Bronze (downgraded from AA Executive) – closed by Citi 12/11/16
    3) Citi AAdvantage Bronze (downgraded from AA Executive) – closed by Citi 12/19/16

  26. Corridor says:

    Do you know how far you have to space out Citi applications? It used to be 8 days but I thought I read it’s been changed to 60 days?

  27. Ed says:

    Got a pending notice, called, was told my CITI credit was maxed out and moved funds from another card to get approved. I did NOT mention the signup bonus per your recommendation. Plan to use the online bonus spend tracker (if it even appears). A question: my understanding is that the spend tracker will not appear until after the first statement. Should I minimize spending until I am sure I’m eligible for the 50K? And if the welcome letter mentions the bonus could I still NOT receive it? Thanks.

  28. Ethan says:

    Automatic approval! Thanks Doc! I didn’t see the 50k bonus language on the approval page. Is that standard?

  29. Abey says:

    Im still amazed how easy of a 50K AA miles this is
    And even the Annual fee is waived the first year.
    Last time i got 50K AA miles i did the Citi Gold checking account and had to go into a branch to apply and make online payments and so on.
    Before that i did the SPG 30K and then swiped 10K and transferred 40K SPG points to 50K AA
    And thats how we traveled to Sydney and Melbourne.
    (its only 37.5K AA miles and you fly Qantas)
    So this is as sweet and easy as it can be 🙂

  30. Charlie says:

    Applied through the link and received a pending status with a request to call in for more information. After being approved the Citi rep spelled out the benefits including the 50K bonus with the 3K spend. Thanks for the link

  31. Mike says:

    First checked bag free? 10% miles back on redemptions? Group 1 boarding? 25% savings on inflight purchases? No foreign transaction fees? 2X miles AA purchases?

    • Ed says:

      Good point. Aren’t these standard features? Because if they are there might be other details of this offer not mentioned in the link above. And the 24 month rule could very well be one of them.

  32. Daniel says:

    I applied on December 27th and immediately went to pending. They pulled my TU file, which is good for me as it has the least inquiries (11 in the past 24 months) and a credit score of 786. Citi tried calling me yesterday, but I declined to answer since I recently cancelled this card on December 19th (didn’t really want to explain why I suddenly needed the card again after only a few days). Just received an email in my inbox that I’ve been approved! Fingers crossed I get the bonus again!

  33. Ed says:

    If I just applied for and received the AA Barclay Aviator card, will this stop me from getting the bonus miles if I apply for and get approved for this card?

  34. J says:

    I was approved for this card even though I currently have one open. Any tips for ensuring I get there the bonus?

  35. benj says:

    opened this card on 8/26/16. Got bonus. Closed on 12/28/16 (2 days ago). just applied again and approved.

  36. Maury says:

    Got the letter in the mail that confirms bonus. I currently have the Bronze version open.

  37. Preacher says:

    Wife just got the letter in the mail confirming the 3K spend/50K bonus. Looks like this works!

  38. ElJefe says:

    OK, so I got all excited about another 50k with AA, and without thinking it through, I applied for the card. I already have both the AA and AA business card and the application went pending. Obviously I’m willing to move credit around to get the require 8.5K to 10k credit on the card. My problem is not having any ideas on how I’m going to justify the new application without them just laughing me out the door. Other than the truth which is I’m a points collector and regular flier. Any sane ideas?

    • A lot of people say they want to separate expenses (e.g one card is for household expenses and the other is for personal expenses).

      • ElJefe says:

        I got the standard call us back, which I promptly ignored since I haven’t used either AA card much so the separating expenses was a decent idea, but anyone with a brain should call me on not using either card. They caught me short today by calling from an unlisted (at least as far as my android app that can determine a public number and show me who’s calling). I decided to bite the bullet and just see what they wanted since I knew from here that I needed to shift credit around anyhow. They never asked anything other than the credit shifting part. I’m the proud owner of a new AA card. We’ll see if the bonus hits. As always, thanks for the heads up.

  39. Ben says:

    Does Citi combine hard pulls in a day? Is they do is there anything else applying for?

    • sdsearch says:

      Citi is likely to DENY you if you apply for the 2 cards on the same day.

      The standard suggestion for avoiding “to soon since the last application” denials with Citi is to wait at least 8 days between your first application and your second one, and at least 65 days between your first application and your third one (the so-called “8/65” rule).

  40. Dima says:

    Another data point: my mailer confirms $3k/50k bonus offer. I might try to see if I can get a 60k match…

  41. Josh says:

    DP: Applied today and was instantly approved with an $8.5k credit limit. This will be my third AA Platinum, one I cancelled a year ago, and the other is still open. Fingers crossed all goes smoothly with the bonus. Should I cancel my other open AA Platinum?

  42. Ethan says:

    Has anyone gone for a second card?

  43. TooNashty says:

    Just got my letter stating 50,000 will try for another tomorrow.

  44. Josh says:

    DP: I was instantly approved on 01/02, and I just received my mailer without any mention of 50k bonus, and I do not have the bonus tracker on the account. Looks like I took an L on this one.

  45. Jake says:

    DP: Approved after recon on 1/8/17. Still have a AA Platinum open from exactly a year ago. Will update here once it comes in the mail.

  46. Nick says:

    It would be appreciated if those who pass the $3000 spending quickly let us know if they are seeing the bonus on the following statement. Beyond that, some of you have applied for a second card as well. Kindly let us know if you received the bonus, and if so, only on the first card or both. Thanks.

  47. henry says:

    I applied but didn’t get approve immediately. For those who called, what number did you use? Thanks.

    • henry says:

      nevermind, I got an email with phone number to call.

      • Kyle says:

        Same here. I called and they needed to move credit around. Then the guy said because I have existing card, I wasn’t eligible for 50k on new card and do I wasn’t too proceed? I said no and did not open the new account.

      • Kyle says:

        I got the same. I called this morning and they need to move credit around. I have an existing platinum card and the guy asked if I applied because of the bonus and that I was not eligible. I just said to not open it then.

  48. DB says:

    Used Direct Link with no 24 no language…
    Got Auto Denied. Called and then was approved.
    Rep on phone said “since I already had this same card within 24 months I am not elgible for the bonus” I told her it didnt say that on my applicaiton. She said “sorry thats the rule”.

    We’ll see if the bonus tracker appears on my account.

    Not. Good.

    • Eric says:


      Why oh why did you even comment that to the CSR? It doesn’t matter what they think of why you are applying for the card. The T&Cs do not state you are not eligible for the bonus and certainly that CSR has no control of whether you get the bonus or not.

      Besides that CSR is not going to keep track of your CC through out the life of your card just to ensure you are denied the miles bonus after you hang up the phone so why worry? You could have just made up any excuse as to why you still want the card such as “I fly AA very often and I like to use the card for the free checked back or the 2x AA earning ability or the 10% redemption bonus”. *Sigh* such amateurs when talking to CSRs.

  49. a$]~[u says:

    Just got declined, haven’t applied for a card since July due to an upcoming car purchase. Strange, will wait for letter and call recon 🙁

  50. Sam says:

    Can I use the same link twice 8 days apart?

  51. David says:

    I’ve had this card before. Does anyone know if my wife gets it that the miles can be put in my FF account?

  52. Abey says:

    Lots of data points on reddit and flyer talk
    People already got bonuses on the 1st and 2nd cards.
    Some of them sent secure messages to Citi from their account and were able to get matched to 60K.
    This is amazing!
    100K to 120K AA points for literily nothing.
    Not even an annual fee.
    (With just 140K AA points you can book two round trips to Tokyo!
    With 150K points you can book two round trips to Australia!!)
    This is winning the lottery without even paying the initial lottery purchase 😂
    Thanks Doctor of credit. Just incredible. 😘

  53. Rich says:

    Link is still working. Applied and was approved on the after application call.

  54. Don says:

    Is there a link for CitiBusiness® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® World MasterCard without 24 month language?

  55. Mark says:

    Applied online and received an email asking me to call in to finish processing the application.

    The CSR seemed fairly new as she had to place me on hold several times to finish processing the application while asking for help from her supervisor–something to do with credit lines. They asked if I could move $8500 from my current gold AA card to the new one. In the end they just went ahead and gave me a $7500 line without moving any credit.

    But the interesting part is that when she read me the disclosures she specifically stated I would receive 50k AA miles after 3k spend. I asked her to repeat the last sentence and, also, if the mailer would confirm the the offer. She said it would.

    I did mention the offer at all and she did not bring up the fact that I had already had this card or that I currently have a gold AA card.

    • Mark says:

      correction to above: I did NOT mention the offer.

      • Kyle says:

        Man, I guess I just got unlucky. I had same thing, asked to call in. I got some older guy that did I needed to move credit around. No biggie. But then he asked why I applied and if I knew I wouldn’t get bonus because I have 1 year old platinum. I played dumb but he kept bringing it up and asked if I still wanted to open. I just backed out and didn’t open the new card. I think someone on reddit had same thing but did open it and got letter with bonus details in mail. Guess I should have gone thru with it.

        In the meantime, I lowered limits on all my cards and am waiting to apply again on Friday. Thanks for the data point.

  56. jason says:

    Approved after going to a landing page asking me to call to finish the application. I spoke with the credit analyst to move some of my credit around, and I was approved.

    Next step is sending a secure message asking to match the 60K offer.

  57. bob says:

    WHERE IS THE 60K LINK offer/proof TO BE MATCHED? Kindly share

    • Rahul says:

      No proof needed. Just SM them saying “I’d like to be matched to the 60k offer please”. They are aware of this offer and automatically just do it for it. I just did it without any proof asked for or needed.

  58. brian says:

    So I probably closed my AA credit card about 7 months ago. Just applied, approved and received the card. Should I call to confirm I will get 50k? I thought I would see it under my rewards detail online. Please help.

  59. Rahul says:

    2nd AA card in a month. Went pending, called in to move CL around, approved. Also SM’d to get the 60k offer, got a response in less than 6hrs confirming additional 10k has been added to the offer. Also called in to reduce cash advance line to $0 and first agent said minimum allowed is $750. I asked for the manager and was polite but persistent. Finally after talking to 3 peers, mgr found a workaround to drop my cash access line to $0. Now I can fund a new bank account and hope it will count as purchase and not cash advance.

  60. Jim says:

    Should the card show up in my existing Citi account soon after activation? I activated and used it for the first time about an hour ago and it’s not there

  61. Joey P says:

    Applied yesterday and card went to pending. When I called in they grilled me asking where I got the link from and if I applied from the Citi website. I said I did. They told me it was an invalid link and they would have to investigate. I called back and the 2nd rep told me they had to do an internal investigation on this app. This all feels very strange considering I’ve been approved for virtually every Chase and Amex card without any issues… Not sure what to do now

    • Eric says:

      Why would the rep even ask you about where you got the link from? I thought the call would be about how to get approved for the card. In no way should the conversation turn into how you applied for the card. It sounds very rogue for the Citi CSR to even ask about this.

      • Joey P says:

        I have called back again today and they said they are having issues processing applications and they would contact me back soon. The whole thing sounds fishy.

  62. Ed says:

    I have a AA World Elite MasterCard which I opened in 2012.
    Is this correct, that even though I have an existing card I can:
    Just SM them saying “I’d like to be matched to the 60k offer please”.

  63. Lover of Life says:

    Hey Everyone,

    I applied for this card last month, go approved, still open and about to meet the minimum spend. Can I apply for a second one with my current one that I opened last month still open?


  64. Jack says:

    I just clicked on the link today and it errored out. Looks like Citi shut it down. Was still there last night around ~5PM when I checked.

  65. Jazz says:

    Link is dead!

  66. Bo says:

    The offer is dead.

  67. Andrew says:

    I applied for my second on 1/17 and got a pending email with an application ID. When I check my status online, I just see:

    “A system error has caused a delay in processing your application. Please try again later.”

    I don’t think they ever pulled my credit for this second application, as none of my credit notifying services alerted me of a pull. Anyone else in the same boat? I might give them a call tomorrow to see if the app actually went through? If the app didn’t go through, I’m tempted to try with the new link – hopefully this failed app won’t count towards my 8/65?

    • Joey P says:

      I am in the same boat. My application has been pending also since the 16th and the only reasoning I am giving is that I applied with a bad link. I have called on an almost daily basis with no resolution. They did not do a hard pull as I checked and asked them. What I am wondering is, and they couldn’t answer, is if I cancel the app if I would be approved if I applied on a working link…

  68. Kevin Le says:

    Have one open from June still active
    Applied for one December 23rd – Went Pending than Approved 1.5k
    Applied for second cone January 2nd – Pending Than Approved 6.5k limit

    Alll 3 card still active, my second card did not show bonus tracker but still got the point after statement,
    when is the next time i can apply for my 4th card? assuming the link is still viable?

  69. Mal says:

    Is this offer still available?

  70. Austin says:

    Data Point: Approved for my 3rd of these bad boys since December (after waiting 65 days from 1st app) and have gotten all 3 matched to the 60000 offer via secure message.

    • EFD says:

      nice. i was late to this one. but i once got 10x of the Citi Exec AA card back when they were offering 100k + 200 statement credit deal circa early 2014.

  71. Jessica says:

    How does one find these no 24 month links? I am 47k points short of booking a trip for my mom and would love to sign up just once more time…

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