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Published on December 27th, 2016 | by William Charles


Citi American Airlines 50,000 Mile Offer – No 24 Month Language

New link available here

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Citi / AAdvantage Platinum Select World Elite MasterCard is offering 50,000 miles after $3,000 in spend within the first three months.


Card Details

  • Annual fee of $95 is waived the first year
  • Does not contain 24 month language

Our Verdict

This offer does not contain the 24 month language that would exclude you from getting the bonus if you’ve had any other Citi American Airlines card within the last 24 months. In the past application pages without the 24 month language such as this have succesfully resulted in people getting the bonus even if normally they wouldn’t be eligible but YMMV.

This will reset the 24 month clock though (e.g you won’t be eligible for another bonus Citi American Airlines card within the next 24 months). This won’t last long, so if you’re interested I’d apply sooner rather than later but as always these links aren’t for everybody.

You don’t need to close any cards before applying. If you have any questions, chances are they are answered in this linked post.

Normally I wouldn’t post these publicly, but it was posted originally on /r/churning. Also I shouldn’t need to say this but I will, please do not bring attention to this offer by asking representatives if you’re eligible for the bonus or not. Just wait and hope for the bonus tracker to show up.

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where is the direct link? Thanks.

Can you apply again when you have this card currently?

You should be able to as long as your last one got the WE upgrade

What’s WE upgrade?

WE loophole is closed, but that is irrelevant for this application which doesn’t mention 24 months open/closed at all.

Where is the link? The two links in Reddit both have the 24 mos language.

Click on the topic. It’ll take you there.

Thank you.

The link is at the top of Reddit thread. Just click on the sentence describing the offer and it will take you to the app.

Thank you.

It is at the very top of the Reddit page (a 3rd link)

Thank you.

I best wait 2 days since last app. If this doesnt work I got Barclay AA.

Got the 75k amex personal plat offer then . Not the holy grail of 100k, but I had to jump on it. Bonus 75k posted right away (after 5k spend) and no account freeze. Only the 5k spend need post yet 🙂

Applied and approved. I hope I get the 50k.

Applied. Pending. Called and was approved but no bonus. Closed both pers and biz version of Citi AA in Feb 16. So much for the 24 month language. 🙁

Never trust the Citi phone reps. Verify yourself online (look for the bonus spend tracker)

Phone reps don’t know your eligibility for bonus. Wait for the approval letter.

DP: Applied. Went Pending – checked status. said to call. Approved at $4700, but moved credit from other citi cards to bump up to $10,000. Let’s hope I get the bonus.

Was still on phone so asked rep to confirm bonus. She saw if you spend $3,000 within first 3 months, you get 50,000 miles. So that’s promising.

Currently have Biz open and closed Personal in Feb 2016.

Approved 3 cards – myself, wife and dad. All AAdvantage cards cancelled on 10/07/2016. Will see if bonus language is on letter and website.

What are the chances if you recently applied for the 40,000 and ask for the 50,000 and get it?
I havent received the card yet its that recent

You should be able to get matched to 60k if you message them through the citi website. They have done this for awhile.

Thank you T.
Will that be from the online credit card page that I use to make payments etc?

Within 2 hours had the mileage difference, go Citi.
Thanks again.

Hey guys, I have the citi biz aa card, does that disqualify from the get personal because of citis 24 month rule or can I wait and be eligible whenever? just wanna know so I can see if I should jump on this offer w/o the 24 language

You can wait. The Citi Biz is not included in the 24-month language for the Citi Personal AA Plat.

It seems like they fixed it and added the 24 month language

I don’t see the 24 month language- where do you see it?

Anyone been approved under 1/60? I did Hilton on 11/22. TIA!

@ Mathew

I was approved for the Citi Hilton on 11/25/16. I got approved this AM for this Citi AA 50K offer. Mine was not instant approval. I received a call from Citi after application went pending. Moved some credit and was approved.

Thanks James! I was approved too despite a Hilton approval 11/22. Yay!

the real questions gonna be if you get the bonus!

I opened the app link and notice that it’s for the “World Elite” version. In the past it had been for just the “World” and then upgraded to Elite. Anyone have insight whether if you currently have a World Elite personal, whether this will count as a duplicate product and be declined?

My wife has multiple World Elite versions and was auto-approved via this link. Now we wait to see if the welcome letter mentions the bonus. That’s the real question.

Thanks for the DP! Definitely report back with what you see.

Applied, went to pending. Called in and agent noticed I had an existing AA Plat and mentioned I would not receive the bonus for the new card. I didn’t argue with her, I just had her push it through. Hopefully I still get the bonus and she didn’t manually remove the bonus from my account.

That rep is saying what they think, not what the IT will do. Trust the approval letter, don’t rely on phone reps.

Have Citi AA biz card currently. Cancelled AA personal card 6 months ago. Applied thru reddit link, had to call in to move credit lines around. Hoping for another 50K Miles.

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