Posted by William Charles on July 12, 2017

Published on July 12th, 2017 | by William Charles


Citi Easy Deals: $100 Amazon Giftcard For $90 (AT&T Access, Simplicity & Diamond Preferred Only)

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Citi Easy Deals is offering a $100 Amazon giftcard for $90

The Fine Print

  • There are three tiers and you need enhanced status to see this deal:
    • Base tier: No requirements
    • Enhanced tier: Spend $100 in purchases on your eligible card in one calendar year. Gives you access to savings on gift cards and magazine
    • Plus tier: Spend $100 in purchases on your eligible card in one calendar year. Gives you access to access to savings on merchandise, travel, and Daily Deals
  • Eligible cards:
    • Citi AT&T Access Card
    • Citi Simplicity
    • Citi Diamond Preferred

Our Verdict

I imagine a lot of readers are Amazon’d out at this point but still might be useful to some. I’ll also add this deal to our complete guide to saving money on Amazon.

Hat tip to DDG

15 Responses to Citi Easy Deals: $100 Amazon Giftcard For $90 (AT&T Access, Simplicity & Diamond Preferred Only)

  1. Chuck says:

    I have ATT Access More and can’t access Easy Deals. Maybe it’s only for the no-fee Access card?

  2. V says:

    Doc may need to fix this.. Citi confirmed ATT access is not eligible for easy deals

  3. Amol says:

    I also have Access More and can’t access … perhaps for the no-fee AT&T Access (not More) card only?

  4. Thanks, sorry guys looks like just regular access card works.

  5. PD says:

    Dang–converted my Diamond Preferred to Costco a few months ago. This would’ve been the first really useful use for all my points that accumulated for years. Alas!

  6. Larry says:

    Finally some decent use out my Simplicity card that I shouldn’t have gotten in the first place. (thought I could convert it to something better later)

    Besides the Amazon at 10% off, I saw Target and Home Depot $100 GCs for 10% off, limit 1 each. There’s others I could have Staples or CVS at 10% off. The Staples at least allowed me to put 4 x $50 in my cart, not sure if there was a limit at checkout. At least we can pay with a different Visa/MC, so I used my Citi DC card.

    Better than a sharp stick in the eye….

  7. Gary says:

    Thanks for the heads-up on this!

    I’ve never used ‘Easy Deals’, and when I tried to log in with my Citi credentials it gave me an error. However I was able to login to the portal using my name, email, last four of my Citi Diamond Preferred acct number, and ZIP code… and the Amazon offer was there.

    I agree that Amazon over-load is a ‘thing’ (I’m feeling it a bit myself) however for me an Amazon GC balance is nearly as good as cash, so this is still welcomed.

  8. PSJc1eAmawCjwfbdf says:

    I have the regular (no AF) access and can’t access (ha! no pun intended) the deal

  9. Fork says:

    I’ve been making use of this for a few months. It’s sick. Amazon, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, and a few more good ones for 10% off, $500 per rolling 30 days per store. But wait, there’s more! You can use any VISA/MC so use a high CB card — making it closer to 12.5% off for me. Pretty great.

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