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Published on December 18th, 2017 | by William Charles


Citi Forward Cardholders To Be Product Changed To Citi ThankYou Preferred (Comes With $50 Spending Bonus)

December 18th, 2017 update: Cardholders are receiving e-mails/mail outs informing them that they will also receive a $50 bonus once you activate the new card and spend $500 through April 30th, 2018. Hat tip to reader @ArtKGreen

Update: Looks like the $50/$500 bonus is targeted as not all cardholders are receiving it (e.g some are receiving the packet with the other details but no mention of the bonus)

November 1st, 2017: Reddit user MsTuffsy waas told that Citi Foward cardholders will be converted to Citi ThankYou Preferred on January 3, 2018. The Forward card hasn’t been available for new applications for some time, it used to offer 5% categories (restaurants, movies, music and books purchases) but these were removed on June 4th, 2016. The card still gives you 100 ThankYou points every month if you pay your bill on time, so there will be some value lost there.

The product conversion shouldn’t reset the 24 month clock for Citi ThankYou point sign up bonuses, as long as this product change does not result in a new account number.

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I just hope I can PC it again to something more useful once this transition happens.

Same–hoping maybe I can PC to a Double Cash. It’s kind of absurd that you can’t PC the Forward anyway.

I’m not sure if account numbers will remain the same.

The Citi Forward is/was a Visa card, and the Citi Preferred is generally a M/C. They might take this opportunity to switch everyone over.

Would that mean that this product change would count as a new card towards Chase’s 5/24?

So once Hilton leaves Citi, what do they really have left? American Airlines Card and its own Thank you Cards? That’s rather disappointing.

Sad! This once glorious card gave 5x TYP at restaurants and in unlimited quantities. When redeemed for AA airfare that was a whopping 8% back.

That died, but at least the 1200 TYP a year made it worth holding onto. But now noooo, we can’t have any nice things.

Yeah, I feel your pain. Have two forwards that used to get to get so much action (eat out a lot) and now they just do one amazon reload a month. I’m also bummed because I was hoping to get the thankyou preferred bonus eventually. Maybe theyll offer the bonus with the forced product change (I know probably not)?

I assume the account number will change. The Forward was a VIsa while Preferred are now only MC.

Why haven’t they done product change to Citi professional card?

THis is a bummer. My Forward card is one of my oldest, and if it converts to Preferred with a new number, will that show that it’s the same account? Or will my AAOA take a hit?

Product Conversions from one brand to another usually retain the history. In fact, there may be an entry for the “old” account that has a final status as “transferred”, and the “new” account usually retains the original date that the account was opened. The number can be changed. Some lenders will even change the number and not even report the old number. Synchrony and FNBO are two that I’ve noticed like to report “card lost or stolen” but others will often just report with the new number going forward.
Within Citi, and even with the Hilton change from Citi to Amex, the “new” entry should retain the old account opening date, status, payment history, etc.

The issue for some folks is when an issuer upgrades the card, as Synchrony and Comenity have been known to do – they will close out the old card and create a new entry with the new date.

Just last night I had to verify information on my credit report. I wasn’t sure which name to answer, but the two former servicers weren’t an option, and my current servicer was listed as being opened on the date I actually purchased the house.

There are two other concerns with this change:

1) Will it count as a new card for 5/24?

2) Will it reset the TYP card clock?

Seems like your answer here says that even if it is a new card number, it shouldn’t count as a new card for 5/24. Do you agree? And what about #2, any idea there?

Synchrony sucks. I’ve applied for Cathay card. First card sent to me was lost since I’m moved at the time I apply for the card. Call CS and she sent me a new one. Paid annual fee and 2nd account is totally clean. The thing here is they do two bad things:
1. They report both cards.
2. The first one being reported with $95 balance (that’s the annual fee) and after 4 months the account being marked as late. Took me 3 calls and 2 months already but issue not solved yet. On EX the 1st account still open but on EQ and TU they report the 1st one as closed.

I’ve been getting mailers on this for month trying to get me to convert. Of course I haven’t, partly because I already have a TYP card. So I wonder if I’ll now have two or they’ll just close it down.

What are the best options for product conversions: Costco, AT&T, and DC?

I got a mailer from Citi today confirming the PC, effective January 4, 2018. The loss of the ability to earn 100 bonus points each month for paying on time will certainly be felt (it was one of the only reasons I still used the card: spend $1 on the card each month, get 100% cash back). Too bad it’s one of my oldest cards — originally an mtvU then a Citi Forward and soon to be a middling ThankYou Preferred. I hope to be able to PC this to something more useful down the road.

Bad news… Mailer I received says “Your new Citi ThankYou preferred card will have a new account number”

Does this 100% mean if I we don’t preemptively cancel it’ll reset the 24 month clock? Seems nuts that a forced PC would do that but Citi gonna Citi…

I’m hesitant to cancel because it’s my oldest card by 2 years so it would really tank my active AAoA

I got the same mailer as Kevin today with the same information. My first instinct is to cancel so as to not reset my window, however my 24 month window recently was reset, and a product change to citi dividend would be useful.

My question is…I already have product changed two cards to dividend…any known data points on whether a 3rd card could be converted to Dividend?

I just called Citi to convert this and they stated I could not until the conversion to the TY Preferred is complete. Anyone else hear this?

Citi product conversions take 2-3 months. At this point, the only way to avoid resetting the 24-month clock on the Pref-Premier-Prestige family would be by closing your Forward.

We’ve already done the product change for different brand, from Costco AMEX to Costco Citi, account number was also changed. Never mind, it won’t be considered as a new account, at least, the opening date remains the same, which means the clock will not be reset.

I called citi customer service yesterday. The representative told me that

1) This will not count as a new account opening, he seemed to understand that I was getting at the 5/24 rule

2) I cannot PC the card to something else until the conversion to thank you preferred is complete.

3) The conversion WILL reset the 24 month clock on thank you point card sign up bonuses.

and lastly, the kicker,

4) Preemptively closing the forward card will ALSO reset the 24 month clock on thank you point sign-up bonuses. He explained that even though the Forward is doesn’t have “Thank you” in the name, you can still use the card to gain thank you points, therefore closing the card will reset the 24 month clock that triggers when you open OR close a thank you point-getting card. You might get a couple months earlier on the reset if you close now I guess vs the automatic conversion in January

As you can imagine, I was pretty pissed. I politely explained that was total BS, but he went on about how great the preferred is, and how I’ll be eligible 24 months after the conversion.

I’m not sure if this is actually how it will shake out, would love to hear some other experiences regarding this with citi representatives.

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