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Published on December 10th, 2018 | by William Charles


Costco: $100 iTunes Giftcard For $84.49 Or $25 For $21.49 + 5%

Deal is back, hat tip to MtM. $100 gift card is slightly more expensive at $84.49 this time instead of $79.49

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Costco is currently selling iTunes gift cards at a discount:
    • $100 iTunes gift cards for $84.49
    • $25 iTunes gift cards for $21.49

The Fine Print

  • Limit of two per denomination
  • Valid 12/9/18 through 12/15/18

Our Verdict

I suspect these will sell out quickly. Keep in mind both the Chase Freedom & Discover it are offering 5% back this quarter at wholesale clubs as well.

Hat tip to DDG

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iTunes codes are also 20% off in Swagbucks in denominations as small as $5.
What is the price in store? I found a 4 pack of $25 codes in store was cheaper than buying 4 $25 codes separately online in the last sale.

Should be same price in store. Once in a while Costco runs a store-only deal, but this is the lowest I’ve ever seen it. With the extra 5% from Discover, this ends up being 24% off. Thanks DoC!

Saw that — for redemption of Swagbucks…. (but not via mgcp) — up to $50 for 4000. Curious though — is this the same thing as an Itunes “gift card” — or a very restricted “code” that we can’t re-sell ?

It’s an itunes giftcard. Swagbucks is back to full price now though.

Thanks for linking to DDG but you forgot to link to deal 🙂

email from Costco for those who purchased before price drop
Recently, our buyers were able to negotiate additional savings for this item. This item is now offered at $79.49. As a result, we will be issuing you a credit in the amount of $5 per item. The credit will be issued to the credit card used for this order, and you will receive a confirmation email once the credit has been processed.

Keep in mind that Chase Freedom does *not* code as a warehouse. Discover should work though, IME.

Really? I had no idea. That’s good to know, thanks!

I have gotten the 5% warehouse bonus on multiple orders with my Freedom card this quarter

F me! i caught this after I ordered. argh!

Is this recent? This used to work a couple years ago when they had wholesale clubs 3 quarters in a row.

It should work, there was a bug earlier that is not coding as 5% category. You can always send a quick sm and chase will fix it for you

Mike A…. Appreciate the input, and presume you have a reason for so saying. (please do tell) Yet I just double-checked my chase freedom category bonus “fine print,” and right under the heading for the current quarter, under examples, we see COSTCO listed in ALL CAPS as the first example of a qualifying “Wholesale Clubs.”

“Wholesale Clubs

Moreover, in the next column over, we see an apparent inclusion of:

“Purchases made through the checkout on the wholesale club merchants’ website (EX.,,”

So upon what basis are you indicating that “Chase Freedom does *not* code as a warehouse?” If that was your experience recently, or if you read of it somewhere, did you (or others) try appealing, given the apparent explicit terms to the contrary?

ps: Upon 3rd reading, I do see a few exclusions in extra fine print, along the lines of transactions via Chase Pay, or for Gas and Fuel, or “specialty services such as travel, insurance, cell phone and home improvement.” Nothing about on-line purchases for gc’s being excluded that I can see…?

Here is the link stating that is included

hmm Costco just cancelled my order, is this common? no reason was given.

They are pretty aggressive at canceling duplicate orders.


escalate to tier 2. the same happened to me, and the rep said its been happening all day. i demanded escalation AND compensation for the 28 min they wasted of my time on the phone.

Was just in a warehouse and they had this offer plenty of stock also they do accept Freedom Card for the 5% 🙂

thanks for the input, Chante…. Curious what denominations you saw? $100, $25 or 4×25 versions? And were there limits per member in store too?

They’re 4 x $25 physical cards in store. I didn’t notice a limit marked on the sign.

4 x $25 for $79.49 through 11/19 Limit 2 it shows in store.

Purchased the 4 x 25 in store today for the $79.49; limit 2; ends today (11/19); plenty of stock at the store I went to.

Ordered 2×100 and 2x$25, the limit, and the order was cancelled without reason an hour later. I tried to re-order the exact same items with the same promotions, and the final price was now magically $30 higher.

uh huh… customer service tried every excuse in the book to explain why my order was cancelled, but refused to re-instate it.

If its a mistake, do the correct thing and honor the price and pull the promo, but to blatantly cancel orders and raise the price is false advertising and illegal.

You tried to use the $25 off $250 coupon? That will trigger a cancellation. Happened to me last year.

This year, I got cancelled because I forgot that I bought 4 $25 cards earlier and crossed the limit with this order. It’s not clear when the limit comes into play. I thought I had bought them long enough ago but apparently not.

no coupon, just using what was advertised as their promo prices on this was the very first time i’ve ever bought iTunes from Costco because I just found out I had an account after all.

the tier1 CSR claimed that it never even charged my card because my “bank information is wrong”. later, i get an email from Discover telling me i had a transaction above my notification limit post, so it definitely DID go through, and they retroactively cancelled it.

I can understand more with stuff like Bitmo, Swych, etc. cancelling orders since they’re free, but I pay for a costco membership and I expect better tan false advertising and lies from them for simply buying what they’re actively advertising .


Last year over at SD, a lot of people either dusted off an old Costco online account or created a new one for the iTunes deal and most were cancelled right away. Costco’s LP department is quick to pull the trigger at the littlest thing.

So combined with the old Costco account and Discover probably held its approval temporarily probably caused the cancellation. Costco reps don’t know and they shouldn’t guess. I went round and round with them a year or so ago with a cancellation and it took an email directly from LP to get the right answer (which was a slight variation of my shipping address). Personally, I hate the hair trigger but I get why it’s there to prevent fraud.

I did get them to allow me to purchase the cards after the sale ended that time and they credited me the discount after the fact.

EDIT: I should add that I had to wait for the “limit reached” error to clear. Because when you get cancelled, the system doesn’t know and won’t give you the discount.

yeah, its probably going to be a fight to get them to honor it. maybe not worth it, i dunno. i like getting GCs electronically, but i seem to have bad luck with cancellations. maybe physical GCs in store are the way to go.

Only the $25 cards are available online, now.

$100 for $84.49, not $79.49.

Besides Apple music, movies, and apps, what do people spend iTunes giftcards on?

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