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Six Different Flavors of Serve and How to Remain Fee-Free

Main Serve Homepage

Link to four versions of Serve

Link to Green Serve terms

Link to Old Blue Serve terms

Link to New Blue Serve terms

Link to Serve Cashback terms – Silver Serve

Flavor One: Old BlueServe

This is the old version of Serve, which many of us have.

  • Offers fee-free reload at Walmart, Family Dollar, Rite Aid, and Dollar General, among other locations.
  • Comes with a $1 monthly fee.
  • Monthly fee is waived if you loaded $500 within the past month, including online credit/debit loads or in-store cash reloads.
  • Can be loaded with an Amex credit card up to $1000 per month.

Key Factors: These details are not changing for existing members. All changes mentioned below are for new signups only. No monthly fee for NY, TX, VT.

Flavor Two: GreenServe

Serve is rebranding and creating a new Green card product.

  • Offers fee-free reload at Walmart, Family Dollar, Rite Aid, and Dollar General, among other locations.
  • Comes with a $4.95 monthly fee
  • Can be loaded with an Amex credit card up to $1000 per month.

Key Factors: This card maintains the fee-free reloads, but adds a $4.95 monthly fee. No fee for NY, TX, VT.

Flavor Three: New BlueServe

This is the new version of the Blue Serve card.

  • Costs up to $3.95 to reload at Walmart, Family Dollar, Rite Aid, and Dollar General, among other locations. [Walmart reloads were initially not working, but they are now working fine. There is, however, a $3.74 fee. (chasingthepoints)]
  • Comes with a $1 monthly fee
  • Monthly fee is waived only with direct deposit of $500. Other load methods will not waive this fee.
  • Can be loaded with an Amex credit card up to $1000 per month.

(Note: With previous promos offered by Serve, any ACH transfer worked to satisfy the direct deposit requirement. We expect that the same to be the case with regards to this.)

Key Factors: This card maintains the $1 monthly fee, but makes it harder to get waived. (No fee for NY, TX, VT.) It also adds a fee for in-store reloads.

Flavor Four: SoftServe

Some of us still have the enhanced Serve-with-Softcard option.

  • Offers fee-free reload at Walmart, Family Dollar, Rite Aid, and Dollar General, among other locations.
  • Comes with no monthly fee at all. Starting January 6, 2016, this card will have a $4.95 monthly fee; waived with direct deposit.
  • Can be loaded with a credit card up to $1500 per month. Visa, Mastercard, Amex, or Discover.
  • Can be loaded with a debit card up to $1500 per month.

Key Factors: There is a monthly fee of $4.95 (no fee for residents of NY, TX, and VT), but it should hopefully be easy to get it waived by having a small amount of money ACH transferred to the Serve account. It has the added velocity limit of $1,500 in credit card and debit card load which is $500 more than the others. And it can be loaded with any credit card, not just Amex cards.

SoftServe is no longer available for signup, those who have it can continue using it.

Flavor Five: SilverServe

A new option is beginning to roll out which offers 1% cashback on all purchases using your Serve card. Since the card is a silver color, we’re calling it SilverServe.

  • Costs up to $3.95 to reload at Walmart, Family Dollar, Rite Aid, and Dollar General, among other locations.
  • Comes with a $5.95 monthly fee. No fee in NY, TX, VT.
  • Can be loaded with an Amex credit card up to $1000 per month.

Key Factors: This card seems to have the worst of all worlds; there’s a non-waivable monthly fee of $5.95, and it still has a fee for loading the card at Walmart and other stores. Serve is pushing the benefit of getting 1% cashback on all purchases as a strong selling point of the card, but if we assume you have a credit card which earns more than that on all purchases, this isn’t much of a benefit.

Flavor Six: One VIP Serve

The final option is an obscure card which has been around for a while called the One VIP card. This card has the exact details as the regular Serve card, including the ability to be loaded online with an Amex credit card. The card also offers some entertainment benefits that most of us probably won’t be interested in.

  • Offers fee-free reload at Walmart, Family Dollar, Rite Aid, and Dollar General, among other locations.
  • Comes with a $1 monthly fee.
  • Monthly fee is waived if you loaded $500 within the past month, including online credit/debit loads or in-store cash reloads.
  • Can be loaded with an Amex credit card up to $1000 per month.

Key Factors: This card has all the details of the Old Blue Serve mentioned above, including fee-free reloads, the low $1 monthly fee, and the ability to waive the monthly fee with any $500 load to the card. The One VIP site makes it sound like the $1 monthly fee is only waived with $500 in direct deposit, not with any other add-money method; elsewhere there are indications on the Amex site that the fee can be waived with any $500 of add-money transactions. We’ve confirmed that in practice any $500 load has been working to waive the monthly fee. (No fee for NY, TX, VT.)

Which card to get?

For someone who already has a Serve card, the best strategy is to just hold onto it since it has the $1 waivable monthly fee and it doesn’t have any reload fees. Certainly someone with SoftServe is lucky to be able to continue loading $1500 per month from any credit card.

For new cards, here’s the best option…

  • OneVIP Serve – For many people, this will be the best option. It does have a $1 monthly fee, but the fee is waivable with $500 loaded per month.
  • Bluebird – If you plan on loading only at Walmart and you don’t plan on doing online credit card loads (for example, if you are managing a card in someone else’s name and you don’t have any credit cards in their name), choose Bluebird instead of Serve. This card has no monthly fee and has free reloads at Walmart.
  • GreenServe – If you live in NY, TX, or VT, get GreenServe or OneVIP Serve. People in these states don’t have a monthly fee and would do better taking Serve over Bluebird for the added ability to load at Family Dollar and to do online credit card loads.

(Updated 12/09/15)

126 Responses to Six Different Flavors of Serve and How to Remain Fee-Free

  1. Michael B says:

    IMHO, the new Blue Serve and Green Serve should be referred to as just “BlueServe” and “GreenServe”, saving the “-Bird” nomenclature for the cards which are specific to a certain retailer (so far Walmart and Target). It seems a little less confusing than bringing birds into the equation for standard Serve products.

  2. Dave says:

    Thanks for the well-done info round-up.

    Newb question here: What is the benefit of using the $1K load on Serve with an Amex? From what I’ve read there’s no MR points and it doesn’t count for minimum spend… is there something I don’t know?

    • Bryan says:

      Cash back on third party Amex cards. Ex. 2% on Fidelity Amex = free $20/month!

    • Will S says:

      Dave, where exactly have you been reading, “d it doesn’t count for minimum spend” (referring to loading Serve w/ Amex cards) By chance was that pointsw/acrew? Everywhere I’ve consulted on this says that such loads will count towards minimum spend.

      Any confirmations out there? Happens I’m in midst of second month of a new Amex bz card, and meeting spend in part with such Serve loads. So who is right? Are such loads no longer count towards min. spend… ?

      • HORACE says:

        I’m a newbie to this whole thing as well, and although I don’t think I will ever MS, I have read many of the reports on same.

        With respect to this question of whether using AMEX issued cards to meet minimum spend threshold requirements for elite status and the like, the jury is out — I believe I read someone stating that it did count and another mentioning that he did not believe it counted — but that was based on AMEX disqualifying points earning when loading SERVE.

        The only way I think we will get a definitive answer is if someone crosses that points threshold with a mix of spending — and unfortunately, those thresholds are quite high.

        I, for one, would not put a great deal of spend on the card in loading to SERVE with the expectation that it will succeed. I would, however, see if it “tops off” my spend threshold and therefore helps me cross same and then look to your affinity account whether or not it actually succeeded for the purpose you intended.

        As for me, as I will have a $1,00.00 limit, I intend to devote it entirely by loading my new FIA AMEX cash back card to my Serve ONE VIP account — that is, if I truly will not be charged any monthly fee for holding the account!

        • Will S says:

          Data point that I can personally verify: close family member within the past month crossed her $5,000 minimum spend for an AMEX business card to get the MR 75k … (and the award has already been posted)

          To the question here, $1,000 of that 5k spend came in form of loading SERVE.

          In short, it counted. (suggesting those places that claim it will not count — were merely guessing)

  3. Jackalope says:

    Chuck –

    Flavor One: Old Blue Serve waives the $1 monthly fee with either one of the following:

    1. “Receive any amount via Direct Deposit” Capital One 360 p2p payments work. or

    2. “Add $500 from cash, bank account, debit card, or credit card.”

    Quoted sections are direct quotes from the Amex Serve website. Your section of fee waived with $1,000 loaded is correct, but is not the minimum needed.

  4. Jeremiah says:

    Also, those of us who live in NY, TX, or VT will continue to not need to worry about ever being charged a monthly fee for any flavor of Serve.

  5. Bryan says:

    You can still go to Family Dollar and buy Old Blue Serve. It’s actually activation fee free through 8/23. You will get grandfathered in. Confirmed on Serve’s Legal page that temporary cards beginning in 3751-71 activate under the old plan/terms. Confirmed this afternoon by helping a family member get setup who didn’t want it for MS but for the Amex Offers. Card purchased & activated online today and it was on old plan. Better hurry – I bet all these will be pulled from the shelves soon and replaced with new blue & green ones! Surely they would have to abide by the terms printed on the box and can’t bait & switch you to New Blue without risk of a lawsuit… So look for these to be pulled pretty quickly!

    • MilesCollector says:

      Thanks Bryan. Can you share the link where it says the old serve cards starting with 3751-71 are grandfathered? I am trying to help my 2 family members get this card and want to make sure.

      • HORACE says:

        Reader FEZEN supplied the link in another post concerning this issue and Chuck ought to have given him some credit for same — I hope that that it was just an oversight.

        However, as to Family Dollar not charging for these cards, I don’t know if this is a standard practice or whether it is regional or store localized, as it appears that purchasing these cards for a small fee is what is intended.

        However, signing up for the VIP One card online should obviate the need to go out and get the temporary card as is seems to function like the Old Blue Serve without any fees if you load $500 onto it in a month — from I believe any source, but especially with 3rd party AMEX cards that can earn some perks — namely the 2% Cash Back Fidelity AMEX issued by Bank of America or the US Bank Flex Perks Travel awards AMEX.

        Other posts in connection with other matters mentioned that neither using either card to load the Serve card incurred a Cash Advance fee — however, asking for some re-confirmation of same that loading Serve with the Fidelity AMEX or US Bank AMEX (apparently unlike the US Bank Flex Perks Travel Rewards Visa) incurs no Cash Advance fees as it apparently is coded as a Purchase.

        Many thanks!

        • Chuck Sithe says:

          Oh, sorry! I was researching so many links that I have no idea how I found what.

          • HORACE says:

            No problem. You will also see from William’s post on the subject that I came to the same conclusion as you!!!

            Great minds…..

          • HORACE says:

            Also, Chuck, I do think that you and William owe a hat tip to Harlan as I think he was the first blogger to post about these changes.


            I noticed the above on the Boarding Area site — which by the way, you guys and the guy who writes Milevalue ought to be on.

            If there is an issue with space, they can always remove the useless and ridiculous!!!

          • If you read our original post you’ll see that we did give him a HT. This is a follow up post to that, we’re not going to HT for every subsequent post relating to Green Serve.

          • HORACE says:

            William, you and Chuck and Parkerthon and others do a great job here.

            However, that does not mean that you may make some mistakes or oversights from time to time.

            Your mentioning that you did give a Hat tip to Harlan in reply to my mentioning same is a bit unbecoming, for as you well know, when I posted the oversight here, there was no mention of a hat tip in that original post — to reader Octavio, let alone Harlan from Out and Out.

            Moreover, it was reader Fezen, who posted in the comments section in that post with a link to the legal undertakings of the AMEX Serve that established that the original Blue Serve, as well as Radio One VIP Serve card would continue to be fee free so long as they were funded up to $500/month (from whatever the source).

            Consequently your pointing out at this late date that you did give him a hat tip is a bit disingenuous as that acknowledgement was not there when I wrote my commentary.

            Furthermore, since you are acknowledging hat tips in that original piece, you should also acknowledge Fezen — like you did Ottavio — as his contributions are also key to this change.

            Finally, posting an acknowledgement in this thread — which is getting far more traffic than that one, would be appreciated.

            As I have said, you guys do invaluable work for all of us who read your blog, however, oversights do occur — there is no need to cover up same by pointing out an afer the fact addition that you had made to the original post just so it seems that you gave credit to where credit was originally due.

            And, by the way, I have no connection to Harlan and Out and Out — I have been reading his and other new blogs since I have discovered this aspect of the game. Since, his blog is in the Boarding Area and yours is not, your blog, as with the Boarding Area link, have pride of place in my Favorites section.

            As I have stated before, I wonder how long it will be for them to realize that your blog likewise deserves representation on that aggregator — however, pointing out a recent edit to cover up an oversight is not the way to proceed, IMHO.

          • The hat tip to Out & Out and Harlan was always in the originally post, I can take a screenshot of the editing history if you like – not sure how you missed it. This post links to our original coverage of the Green Serve, I don’t think it’s also necessary to then link to Out & Out and thank Octavio again. For example if I find a new credit card, I expect other bloggers to link to me if they post about the news of that card. If they then do subsequent posts on that card (e.g increased sign up bonus) I wouldn’t expect them to link to me, that would be entirely too much.

            I can’t comment on the FEZEN thing because Chuck wrote this post, but it wouldn’t be the first time one of us missed something.

          • Bryan says:

            I can confirm that the hat tip was in the original post because I read it as soon as they Tweeted it out. Sorry Horace, but you missed that.

        • Bryan says:

          Family Dollar promotion for fee free until 8/23 is advertised on signage in store. May be regional, no way of knowing?

          • HORACE says:

            Thanks for the heads up!

          • HORACE says:

            Fair enough, then my sincere apologies for not providing credit where it was due.

            I still maintain that without Fezen’s discovery of the Legal undertakings, we would not know that Old Blue Serve was being grandfathered and that the One Vip card was to be, as well, with respect to credit card loading — at least I hope it is! I received my notice yesterday that they are shipping it out.

            On another note, DOC, I have this question — is there any rule that requires an issuer to grandfather existing user as opposed to just withdrawing a benefit?

            I’ve seen US Bank/Club Carlson withdraw the 2nd night free vs. AMEX here supposedly grandfathering the Old Blue Serve– must an issuer do the latter under some circumstances and why do they do it when they have the former as an alternative?

    • Vince says:

      While the old Blue Serve shows:

      American Express Serve®
      For customers who registered online before 8/5/15 with cards starting in 3727 41 e
      For customers who purchased a Temporary Card starting in 3751 71 e
      For all customers with One VIP™ Card from American Express Serve®

      Clicking the View Agreement button for the Old Blue Serve ends up showing (along with all the other terms):

      American Express Serve Consumer User Agreement
      • For Users who registered online before 8/5/15 with Cards starting with # 3751 71; or
      • For Users who purchased a Temporary Card starting with # 3727 41; or
      • For Users who enrolled in American Express Serve through a Corporate Participant for the purpose of receiving payments from the Corporate Participant

      Which has a different set of temporary card numbers 3727 – 41 (can register now), versus 3751 – 71 (which must have registered online before 8/5/15).

      Although clicking the View Agreement button for the New Blue Serve ends up showing (along with all the other terms):

      American Express Serve Consumer User Agreement
      For customers who register online on or after 8/5/15 with Cards starting with #3777 72

      So temporary cards starting with 3751 – 71 may be the Old Blue Serve, but temporary cards starting with 3727 – 41 probably have a better chance of being Old Blue Serve.

      Since the American Express Serve Consumer User Agreement are the legal terms, I would look for temporary cards starting with 3727 – 41, not 3751 – 71, just to be on the safe side.

      • Bryan says:

        3727-41 is the permanent card you receive, not a temporary card sold.

        • Vince says:

          Thanks, I didn’t know that.

          So if I get a (Old Blue Serve) temporary card starting 3751 – 71, I should/will receive a permanent (Old Blue Serve) card starting 3727 – 41?

          • Vince says:

            Or would the permanent card arrive with the same number as the temporary card?

          • Bryan says:

            Yes. At least that’s how it has worked for us.

            I believe the message they are communicating in the legal terms is this:

            1. There are two methods available to get a card — A. register online or B. buy a temporary card in store. You’ll get the card you signed up for. They will honor the terms printed on the temp card box you buy.

            A. If you registered online before 8/5 you agreed to old terms and will get old card starting with 3727-41. If you registered online after that, you agreed to new terms and will get a card starting with 3727-42.

            This is how retail POS systems will know what reload fee (if any) to charge — different product, different card prefix.

            B. Old Blue Serve box in store with old terms, card # in box will start with 3757-51. When you register it online (even today) they send you a permanent card with 3727-41. New blue card boxes released (presumably) very soon will have the new terms printed, and cards will have 3777-72 card prefix. When you register it online they send you a permanent card with 3727-42.

  6. Mark Z says:

    It seems they do not accept ITIN…

  7. Chao says:

    So, if I go to family dollar buy a temp serve and activate it next week, is it still count as a old serve with fee free load at FD? I have a target redbird currently, so I need some time to cancel my redbird and activate serve.

  8. Vince says:

    Where is the pop-up that shows the One VIP card having a monthly fee of $0 if you:

    Add $500 or more to your account?

    All I see on the page for the monthly fee is:

    – or –
    $0 when you Direct Deposit $500+§

  9. Indy says:

    can the old soft serve version load both $1,500 from a credit card AND $1,500 from a debit card in the same month?

    • Eric says:

      Most likely since the regular Serve can load $1K from debit AND $1K from credit in the same month.

    • Barb says:

      Yes, I can confirm this since I’ve loaded my Serve cards $5K from in-store, $1.5K from online DC and another $1.5K online CC.

  10. Adam says:

    For SoftServe loads at CVS and 7-11, that’s cash-only right?

  11. David says:

    Was MMS really the first to report this? (??!!!!)

    • Michael B says:

      Seems to me that the first MSer to reference it was in the Serve thread on FT at 10:13 last night.

      • HORACE says:

        Harlan was up with it some time between 10 and 11 pm last night, I believe as that is when I first noticed it and starred investigating.

        I’m not sure MMS was up with it until some time this morning but I could be incorrect.

        In any event, DOC rightly recognized the importance of this change as there are 2 entries on this very subject, this very comprehensive one, and the earlier one.

        Now, can anyone confirm for me that loading the US Bank Flex Perks Travel Rewards AMEX to a Serve account does not incur any Cash Advance fees? Same for the FIA Fidelity AMEX 2% cash back card?

        Many Thanks!

        • Eric says:

          The FIA does not as that is what I use. For US Bank request a $0 cash limit so you don’t have to worry.

          • HORACE says:

            Many thanks, Eric. That’s what I have read but in these changin’ times, sometimes one likes to hear it yet again!

  12. Dukie02 says:

    Didn’t SoftServe stop all cc loads from all cards but AmEx earlier this year?

    • Jackalope says:

      Nope. SoftServe will take all kinds. I’ve been using my discover with the double cash back promo (2% total)

  13. Max says:

    Can the One VIP card be registered for amex offers like serve and bluebird
    Also on serve site if you try to singup it says 3.95 fee varies by retailer (could it be they are only referring to reload it packs) and not for walmart, cvs etc

  14. Christopher says:

    If my wife and myself have our own Serve cards, will it allow me to fund $1000 on her Serve from my Amex Fidelity card (to bring my monthly total to $2000 in credit card funding after I load $1000 from the same Amex Fidelity Card to my account)? Does the name on the credit card have to match the one on the Serve account that is being funded?


  15. Sherry says:

    What flavors of Visa or MC gift cards can be loaded to Serve? any? Vanilla? Metabank?

  16. Eric says:


    Do you have a link(s) to the site by “Harlan and Out and Out”?

    • HORACE says:

      Here’s the “Hat Tip” link from the original:

      It’s not that I am a prolific reader of Harlan’s blog — in actuality, the DOC blog is one that I actually always check!! — it is just that Harlan’s was the first that I had noticed mention this — and that is because his in on the Boading Area aggregator site, where DOC definitely deserves to belong!!

      (Moreover, it can take the place of Elliot.Org — which should really be called Nitwit.Org for his coming to the “defense” of so many idiots so often — Do’nt get me wrong, there definitely is a need for an Ombudsman who can come to your defense when things go wrong, but that site coddles people who are the cause for their own troubles, or who ask outrageous compensation for the the most minuscule of incidents!)

      Furthermore, I would also like to point out that DOC blog did an excellent job of listing all those 3rd party AMEX cards recently, but do you know who mentioned a number of those in his Blog post FIRST??

      Yup, it was again Harlan who on his blog did a short piece of 3rd Party AMEX cards!

      Moreover, Harlan actually posted to the DOC blog and thanked DOC for their good work!

      As I have said above, I have no problem with anything the DOC has done — they do an admirable job in my opinion and just be listed in the Boarding Area of blogs which get the most traffic, bar none, it is just that I believe they ought to be forthcoming with thanks to those who help contribute to their great work in one way or another, that’s all.

      • If you read the third party american express credit card list, you’ll see I clearly linked to Harlan (I actually wrote that post before he published his, but I hadn’t published it + he had one card that I had missed). Same with the Green Serve post, we also linked to Harlan’s post. When it comes to giving other bloggers credit, I think we are as ethically minded as it gets.

  17. jt27mp says:

    Greenserve: Will one be able to load Visa Gift Cards of Master Card Gift cards onto Greenserve, the same way one loads onto the blue serve card? With the $2,500 per day limit and the $5K limit per month?

  18. Lauren says:

    I do not live anywhere near a FD but lots of CVS. Can blueserve be loaded at CVS? With reloadit?

  19. MilesCollector says:

    After reading all the posts, yesterday I went to local CVS and bought the temporary card starting with 3751 71 and put $10 minimum amount on it. The temporary box did say $0 fees for cash reloads and didn’t mention any fees. The online registration went smooth. However, when I login and click on Help, it says the cash reload fees vary by retailer. So, not sure once I get the card whether I’ll be subject to a fee or it will still be fee free?

    Can anyone confirm if the Help section is generic and AmEX will honor the terms based on the temporary card I purchased?

    • Bryan says:

      According to the Serve Legal page, they will honor the old terms for temporary cards starting in 3751-71. I just helped a family member set one up two days ago, and it registered under the old terms. One would assume they legally have to honor the terms printed on the box/card you purchase. The Help section of the site is generic, and can be accessed without ever logging in to your account.

  20. Mark Z says:

    Fearing that the “old” temporary cards will disappear and that terms of One VIP might somehow be altered, I too, rushed to CVS and got a temporary card starting with 3751 71 and put $10 minimum amount on it. However, I didn’t have the luck of going through the registration, because I only have the ITIN number and will likely to get my SSN in early October.

    If I reload $500 to the temporary card in the following two months with cash, will I be able to withdraw the fund via ATM? I’m wondering whether the ATM feature is only available to the real card… Or should I wait while doing nothing and let go the sum of 2 or 3 dollars of monthly fee till I get my SSN?

    • HORACE says:

      I understand your concern about alteration of terms re One VIP, but by the same token, they could also alter the terms of Blue Serve or the Temporary card to Blue Serve.

      What I have done is copy and paste the applicable terms and e-mailed them to myself so that they have a date stamp in connection with my application process. Of course, it may not help, but it is a bit of security.

      In addition, reading the material associated with these cards, their thrust is to market these to those who may not have bank accounts — sadly, that target audience is African-Americans — and that is why AMEX partnered with Radio One. I feel comfortable that if they were to alter the terms of the card, they would be angering not just little old me by doing so, but an entire segment of the populace that has gotten the short end of the stick for to far long.

      Off soapbox.

  21. Bryan says:

    Unfortunately, you can’t reload the temporary card and it doesn’t have ATM access. I am looking at my old temporary card and those terms are printed on it.

  22. Glenn says:

    Alright, I’ll ask the obvious question… Can you pretent that you live in NY, TX or VT if you in fact do not wrt applying for a Serve card? I assume the quick answer is NO, but I don’t know if anybody has tried it…

  23. Charles Langer says:

    For the new Blue Serve it bears to mention also that it offers 1% cash back on purchases.

  24. mike says:

    has anyone had any issues with loading their old serve blue card at family dollar with a vanilla card, I would spend 10k a month loading up two accounts, I went 4 days ago to two different family dollars and they were both denied.

  25. HORACE says:


    Just received my SERVE ONE VIP card in the mail and it is quite a handsome card to boot!

    More to the point, the reverse side of the transmittal/credentialing materials on which the card was affixed specifically state the following:

    “And remember — you pay no Monthly Fee any time you receive a Direct Deposit of load at least $500 during your monthly statement period.**”

    The asterisks just state that receiving money from another Serve Account holder does not qualify towards the $500 required to waive the monthly fees.

    Therefore, having signed up for the card after the news broke about the new fees associated with the new Blue Serve and the Green Serve, I can safely take comfort in the fact that my welcoming materials still show that the monthly fee will be waived so long as I load $500 onto the card, from whatever the source!

    • HORACE says:

      And, it’s official.

      Just received the following e-mail from AMEX Serve:

      “Dear Horace,

      Thank you for using American Express Serve. To show our appreciation, we have waived your monthly Account fee. More details are below:

      Monthly Account fee: $1.00

      Reason for waiver: You have loaded over $500 in the past 30 days

      If you have any questions, please call American Express Serve Customer Service at 1-800-954-0559 (24/7).

      The American Express Serve Team”

      For those contemplating a potentially no-fee new Serve account the Radio ONE VIP Serve card is the to go with in that endeavor.

  26. HORACE says:

    Sorry, the “of” was actually “or” in the offering documents.

  27. Atricus says:

    Just went by CVS and they have the silver card with 1% and a monthly fee of $5.95

  28. Daniel says:

    Since I live in TX monthly fees will be waived – what is the best card for me to get?

  29. MilesCollector says:

    I got my permance serve card in the mail on Sat starting with 372741 and I did a test load of $1K with a simon mall VGC and it loaded without any additional fees. I will be buying two more temporary cards this week before my local CVS runs out of them and replace them with the new ones. Just wanted to share.

    • naveen medisetti says:

      Did you buy the Simon mall VGC with your credit card and loaded the VGC into a Serve card.
      Also Is it 2 x 500 $ cards or a single 1000 $ card. What is the fee for buying the cards?

    • Rob says:

      Can someone give a hint what you should be looking for in order to find the “old terms”, please?

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  31. susa says:

    I got serve card from Family Dollar. I also bought 200$ Visa Prepaid Gift Card. I registered that to gotowallet but still i cannot load that as a debit card from amex serve website.
    Is there any way i can load the prepaid GC into serve?

  32. Rob says:

    The temporary Serve card numbers that are being referenced are visible on the outside of the package, or is it the old terms that we care about?

  33. larry says:

    Can someone confirm if online cc load with amex counts toward min spend??

  34. Jason says:

    Is there an age limit on these? I would like to sign up my kids :).

  35. s says:

    I tried loading serve in walmart with simon gc but it was not taking the last 4 digits as the first digit 0 was not working so it did not load and i cancelled the tranaction. then went to family dollar. after 5 minutes of wait the cashier informed me that manager is saying that serve can be loaded only with cash. Is family dollar also now no option? did anyone faced issue while loading gc with first digit as 0?

  36. Excellent blog right here! Also youir website lots up fast!
    What web host are you the usage of? Can I get your affiliate link to your host?
    I desire my website loaded up as quickly as yours lol

  37. SteveO says:

    Fyi.. I clicked “see our fee chart” on the one vip..

    It specifically states 2 ways to avoid fees. “If you do any of the following”, not both of the following..

    One is “Add $500 or more to your account” doesn’t specify via direct deposit.

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  39. Aks says:


  40. Wilson says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing this with aall folks you really know what you’re spesaking about!
    Bookmarked. Please also discuss with myy website =).
    We may have a link change arrangement among us

  41. Marcia says:

    +1 on the no fee reload at WalMart. Bought the Serve card from Vons on 8/31 when I read that they were going to start charging for reloads. Found a very very dusty card on the rack with the old terms and numbers listed in this post. When I called cs a couple of weeks ago to ask if there was a fee because I saw it online in the terms she said yes. But I loaded 2 $500 SM vgc at Wally’s on 10/14 and when I loaded it the cs rep said thank you for your no fee load. I checked online just to confirm no additional fees charged and NADA!

  42. community says:

    I used to be recommended this blog bby way of my cousin. I’m nno longer positive whether this post is written by means of him
    as nobody else recognise such special about my trouble. You’re incredible!
    Thank you!

  43. s says:

    I tried to load VGC to serve today @ wally and got error tender not accepted. I was able to load before in that store. Does that mean that it is updated to not accept vgc load?

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  46. Chuck says:

    Doing a $1 ACH push from Santander has been working for me to keep One VIP Serve with no monthly fee.

  47. Gene says:

    @Chuck Sithe
    i accidentally ordered the blue serve… $3.74 load fee.
    is it simply to change it to the serve VIP? close blue, open VIP same day, same email?

  48. Lucy says:

    DP: My BB shut down in the 2nd round of shutdowns; applied for a OneVIP today and was declined.

  49. Katie says:

    My BB was also shut down in first wave……..i just tried applying for ONEVIP Serve and was declined. Says system cannot approve me.

    Any reason why and how i can get it approved? Call serve customer service and they were useless on phone.

  50. Heather says:

    I tried to apply for ONE VIP SERVE card but system says it cannot approve me.

    Is this card not available anymore?

    If available still, HOW DO I GET IT?

    If not, what is next best bet to get a card that does not charge MF and free debit card loads at WM?

    Please help

    • Chuck says:

      Is the issue just the online application? Try getting it in a store. Maybe Walmart or CVS have them.

      • Heather says:

        Yes online for One VIP Serve. Local WM only has silver card with monthly fee. Can try CVS and see. I should look for only ONE VIP SERVE Card to get from Store right? Is there a purchase fee?

        • Mimi says:

          1VIP Serve is available exclusively online. Either you get approved or not. You can always try if you get denied if you have no past history of getting banned in the the series of purges which started in Jan 2016.

  51. Rhea says:

    anyone having any issues loading VGC from GCM to serve at WM? Yesterday i tried twice but did not load with cashier at WM counter…………

    • Mimi says:

      In a few times I had issues (not just with GCM/GCC VGCs), I realize it’s *cashier error but I didn’t want to tell them they’re doing it wrong; I leave and go to a different cashier and/or just try another day.

      *most often, if I’m doing split transaction and they enter wrong amount, a small piece of paper comes out of register with error 51. If I see the cashier is friendly, I ask nicely if they input the correct amount since I know balance on my DC; if cashier refuses to cooperate, I just say thank you and leave. When I go to another cashier who knows how to do it, it always works.

  52. JT27MP says:

    Is there a “calendar” of when Serve has there wave of shutdowns.

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