Posted by William Charles on April 24, 2018
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Published on April 24th, 2018 | by William Charles


Delta Flash Sale: Round Trip To Zurich For 38,000 Miles + $59

The Offer

  • Delta is offering round trip flights to Zurich, Switzerland for 38,000 miles + taxes and fees ($59). It looks like if you want that pricing you need to book in mid June. They also have more dates available pricing in at 48,000 miles starting in August until February 2019. Note these are from JFK, not sure if other airports are similarly discounted

Our Verdict

Standard pricing is 56,000 miles so the 38,000 rate is a significant discount and even the 48,000 rate is 8,000 miles off so not terrible. I always say any excuse to use Delta miles is a good one. The sales don’t include peak summer periods in Europe, but I think the shoulder seasons are better to visit in any case.

Hat tip to Miles To Memories

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Anyway to use Chase UR points to get in on this?

You might be able to transfer from Chase to Air France and get the fare that way. Air France is Delta’s alliance partner.

Not a bad deal. I see it pretty wide open from JFK for 48K in late summer. But in this age of cheapo transatlantic fares (if you’re flexible), it’s not a super deal either. It’s risky to say this, but even Skypesos may be worth more than this!

Availability isn’t quite as good, but they’re now selling these flights in the $400s. If you can find it, that is probably a better deal — and is a much better deal if you have credit card points to spend.

showing 58k from SFO for those same dates

I got the $59. Who is bringing the miles?

Ask your local AmEx CSR.

If only they have the same to Paris.
Planning to propose in September under the Eiffel tower 🤫

It’s not hard to get to Paris from Zurich. Inter-Europe flights are very cheap.

The train ride from Zurich to Paris is delightful.

Just realized they have flights to Zurich with a layover in Paris which are cheaper than nonstop to Paris.

How romantic as long as there is not a huge crowd. Congrats in advance!

Congrats! Just want to suggest doing the proposal at Trocadero since you’d be able to see the whole Tower in the pics. Either way it’ll be awesome!

Would it be better to transfer SPG to Delta before August 1, 2018?
Can you do a write up?
Thank you.

Please don’t 🙏

Lol, a true ddf’er.

David Sheffield

What search are you using?

Pay attention to the fuel charges. I see like 20k + $90 from US to Mexico with stops. Not much better than $330 non-stop round trip to Mexico.

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