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Published on October 1st, 2018 | by William Charles


Discover Deals To End October 31st, 2018

Discover has sent out e-mails to cardholders informing them that on October 31st, 2018 the Discover Deals program will e-mail. E-mail reads as follows:

We’ve decided to retire Discover Deals as we focus on simpler and more meaningful ways to earn rewards. Any pending rewards will be added to your account as usual.

Thank you for your loyalty. Keep an eye out for exiting things to come and don’t forget, you’re always earning rewards on every purchase with your Discover card.

For those not familiar, Discover Deals is Discover’s version of a shopping portal.

Hat tip to readers Jamaicantraveller & Andrew M


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Wow, Discover is really going downhill. Tbh I’ve barely used their portal, but what have they added to their card for all the perks they removed?

Discover Deals wasn’t just about the cashback portal. They had various offers/promo codes that had also gone down hill for the worse over the years.

They (still) have a 40% off retail price at Men’s Warehouse, which brought a $600 suit I needed to purchase down to $360.

One of my favorite benefits was using points for Alamo/Enterprise/other rental agency gift cards. Redeem $20 in cash back for a $40 gift certificate, which could usually be applied in tandem with another code.

Weekend or 2 day rentals were almost always free with exception of tax heavy travel cities like San Fran and Chicago that charge you $60/day in taxes just to rent the car.

I’ve never been able to use these certificates with National and a free weekend day coupon, it was always one or the other.

No point in using the card anymore except for the 5% categories. I only really used this for Walmart 5% CB.

I just got a completely different email. $25 off a Sam’s Club membership lol.

Not related to this at all, but anyone seen or tried Chipotle’s new loyalty program? Earn 10 points per dollar spent in store, 15 per dollar online. Free Chips & Guac after your first purchase of $5+. Only available in like 3 cities (Kansas city, Phoenix, and Columbus) but from my experience you can tell the app your zip code is in one of those cities and you’ll be able to join. Not sure if you’ll be able to get the rewards if you’re not in those cities though.

1250 points = free entree

Wow I guess I will miss them. Especially 5% off on apple products (effectively 10%off during first year)

Discover Deals is actually one of the key reasons Discover card is good for buying things. They’ve taken one of the strongest cards and devalued it significantly with the loss of purchase insurance benefits and 5% minimum cashback on online purchases. Lame.

Yea, 5% (10% the first year) at Apple was one of the reasons I started using the portal but since they got rid of the extended warranty and purchase protection, it wasn’t worth it.

Discover Deals was awesome with 2x cash back first year. Ahhhh got that Washing Machine from Walmart for 10% off cause of it.

Discover deals is the reason I used my Discover card more than any of my other credit cards. Very disappointed. Looks like I’m going to be using my Chase Visa more now!

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This really sucks!! I use DD all the time to get some great deals… especially in the first year. It’s only a matter of time before they end the double cash back after the first year… just wait and see… John 3:16

What is the point of their cards then? I suppose the 5% back might have a reason to exist but beyond that, who really cares?

I laughed at the “exiting” typo in my email

me too, until i considered that it wasn’t a typo (!)


Early nomination for best comment of October.

Wow, another benefit cut, have they even added anything?

I hope they don’t end their gift card redemption. I keep cashback bonus in there just for LL Bean gift cards at 20% off.

well that sucks… they have 5% off which is 10% off 1st year

Kind of confused, does this mean the ‘exchange $45 of cash back for a $50 GC at certain merchant’ thing is also going away or is that separate from the portal?

No, what you are referring to is redemption of cashback bonus for gift cards. They are retiring a program that was like AmEx Offers, where you get additional cash back fro shopping with certain merchants.


A couple years ago, this saved me about $300 on a laptop using a 10% Samsung offer and double first-year cash back. Recently, they haven’t had any offers worth doing.

Rats! I always used their portal when shopping at Walmart and Groupon. A little surprised they didn’t keep it at least till Christmas.

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