[Expired] Ebates/Rakuten: 15-20% Back On 400+ Stores For 20th Anniversary

Deal has expired, view more Ebates deals by clicking here.

[Reposting 5/13/19 as today is the final day of the increased portal rates.]

Some people are seeing 20% back instead of 15%, so seems to be YMMV.

The Offer

Direct link to offer (our referral link)

  • Ebates is offering 15% back on 400+ stores to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the site

The Fine Print

  • ??

Our Verdict

I thought this promo was supposed to be for 20% instead of 15%, but looks like they have changed it. Make sure you use a site like cashbackmonitor to ensure you’re getting a good deal and remember to look at historical rates if you don’t need to make the purchase immediately.

If you don’t have an Ebates account then consider using my link here or you can get an account that earns Membership Rewards points.

Hat tip to new2theccgame

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K (@guest_758899)
May 13, 2019 13:25

Two questions:

– Is there a minimum amount needed to cash out on this site?
– Do they still give you the full percent back for gift cards?

May 13, 2019 14:38

You can check their site for what their minimum is. From memory it’s $5.
Gift cards vary a lot. Often they don’t pay out at all. Sometimes they do. You can find some data points in Frequentmiler Laboratory https://frequentmiler.boardingarea.com/laboratory/

AH (@guest_757441)
May 9, 2019 02:37

15% on Mizzen+Main is pretty great, best I’d seen anywhere up until this point was 6% @ Mr. Rebates. I know the policy against posting referrals, but you can get/give $50 off your first order. Shirts are $125-$145, so a pretty decent return.

Rhea (@guest_756544)
May 6, 2019 23:06

snagged a $1999 priced yoga 15.6 touchscreen 2 in 1 for $1200 with combined lenovo discounts and 20% ebates discount already showing as pending cashback. Awesome deal

H (@guest_756583)
May 7, 2019 01:35

When did you open the account? I can only see the 15% discount

aubergine (@guest_756335)
May 6, 2019 15:24

most of the merchants are for stuff that are (i think) overpriced to begin with. now if target or walmart etc. were available for a big portal offer that would be cool.

sadly – the SO made a small target purchase over the wknd for in store pickup – and DIDN”T use a portal 🙁 and then sent me to pick up the stuff! i didn’t say anything, no point in critiquing, since its hard enough to get them to use the right card as it is.

Celia (@guest_756342)
May 6, 2019 15:43

I have that same problem with the SO. I usually only give them one credit card to use at any given time and change it up in their wallet 🙂

H (@guest_756175)
May 6, 2019 02:55

20% is not on my account. My account is opened in March. Try to purchase a laptop on Lenovo. Additional 5% could save me a lot

James Bond
James Bond (@guest_756147)
May 6, 2019 00:49

I do not see any big plays here outside of discounts for personal items one needs to purchase? Any big plays on VGCs, etc?

Rhea (@guest_756106)
May 5, 2019 23:05

when does this expire?

Brent (@guest_756145)
May 6, 2019 00:43

Good until midnight pacific tomorrow so 1 day and aprox 2 hrs

DaveC (@guest_756105)
May 5, 2019 23:04

Mine is 20%. My dad’s account, which was opened after the AMEX partnership started, shows 15%. I think 15x MR is worth more than 20%, but I think I’ll still go for the cash back here.

Mr G
Mr G (@guest_756094)
May 5, 2019 22:47

Just picked up a six pack of underwear from JCPenney which was on sale for $10.99 (usually $16). In addition they had an extra 20% off coupon today plus the 20% from Ebates.

Mark (@guest_756299)
May 6, 2019 13:29

don’t post pics 🙂

Debit (@guest_756078)
May 5, 2019 21:56

Can we ask them to delay their anniversary a few weeks?