Posted by William Charles on April 26, 2018

Published on April 26th, 2018 | by William Charles


[Expired] eBay: 15% Off Sitewide In App, $50 Maximum Discount (04/26, 8AM PST To 1PM PST)

This deal has now expired, sign up for notifications to never miss another deal again. View more eBay deals here.

The Offer

  • eBay will be offering 15% off sitewide when you use the eBay app from 8AM PST until 1PM PST tomorrow. Use coupon code: PLAN2SAVE.

The Fine Print

  • Maximum $50 discount
  • Discount applies to the purchase price, excluding shipping, handling, and taxes
  • Eligible items exclude items from the Coins & Paper Money, Gift Cards & Coupons, and Real Estate categories

Our Verdict

Might make sense for sellers to list items now to take advantage of the increase in sellers. The sitewide deals are the only ones worth paying attention to when it comes to eBay, when they are seller restricted usually merchants just increase their prices but this isn’t really the case with sitewide deals. Last sitewide deal we saw was on March 27th for 15% sitewide.

If you have questions about eBay/Paypal they are answered here. The in app offers aren’t quite as good as no portal can be used, although Ibotta will still work. If you’re a new user and use Chuck’s referral link or Will’s referral link to signup for iBotta.

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Ibotta works with the app.

Ibotta terms and conditions say” 10 dollars max per purchase on ebay”.

you can use ibotta for the app. i got cashback using the app with ibotta

You can use ibotta as the portal for the ebay app and it gives you 1.5% [removed]

Wait who is eating the discount ? Ebay or the seller ? I have few items for sale right now on ebay, if someone buy one of them using the code, will I only get 85% of the price ?

You’re fine. eBay takes the hit. It’s actually excellent for you cause it makes your items cheaper to the end buyer.

…eBay, obviously.

Where’d you get news of this one? I don’t see a coupon code mentioned which is curious.

Just signed up for ibotra using Wills link.
How much could I have gotten have I used ibotta for 40-50 $100 gas cards?

I see 2% on ebay and 15% on Boxed
I definately missed out a lot on Boxed.


Yeah, between Ibotta, amex, Drop and new accounts Boxed has been good to me.

What were you getting on Boxed that made it worth it?

How does this work for time cutoff? Can I make an offer now, wait for it to be accepted, and as long as I pay between these times, I am good?

YMMV, but generally the offer needs to be made and accepted during the’ promo period’. At least that’s how it is with ebay bonus bucks.

This may be different but keep in mind you would need the seller to accept the offer in time for the cutoff. So buying a fixed price item would be safest. Good luck.

Can’t an offer be withdrawn prior to acceptance?

Can’t an offer be withdrawn?

Yes, I withdrew an offer about 6 months ago, no problem.

i just withdrew an offer and bought from another listing.

you have to choose 1 of 3 reasons. so assume if you do it frequently there may be implications.

Stacks with Chase freedom PayPal 5%?

Jeremy D Sandock
Jeremy D Sandock

Maybe it will stack with this?

Based on the similar promos they did last quarter, it won’t.

What a joke, went to Adorama’s storefront on ebay this morning and what do you know…all the Canon branded stuff I actually wanted to buy has $10 PER ITEM shipping attached to it, negating any discount. And miraculously, all the knock off crap for the same parts still has free shipping. No thanks!

Giant and stop n shop 8x fuel points on eBay gc ends today

I can’t see the 15% off Sidewide in app.

Starts at 8am PST.

Do you think postage would count? Never too early to get ready for those Christmas cards XD

John K: Search “discount postage” on eBay.

Worked on USPS postage.

Why wouldn’t it? Postage is not “Coins & Paper Money, Gift Cards & Coupons, and Real Estate.”

Thanks DOC! Just got Nintendo Switch.

Must spend $50+.

Samsung headphones are 49.99 🙂

Just add a cheap item to your order.

Smart. I found a worthless decal for $.77. Thanks!

Using app and not seeing discount anywhere during checkout on an iPhone 8. Not excluded. Ideas?

Same problem using iPhone 6S.

Same here too with my iPhone 6S

Ha, well I meant I was trying to buy an iPhone 8, but interestingly enough, I’m also using an iPhone 6s to try and make the purchase. I verified that my ebay app is updated, so that is not the issue. Also verified that the price i’m seeing in cart and during search is the same as when viewing on computer with normal browser.

The promo code is PLAN2SAVE

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