Posted by Chuck on June 19, 2017
Gift Card Deals

Published on June 19th, 2017 | by Chuck


eBay: Save on Gift Cards for Southwest, Sephora, Many Restaurants & More

Below is a list of all the gift cards eBay has on sale. Most of these are new deals released today. Remember to use INK for PPDG purchases.

You can find all gift card deals at this link (this contains our eBay affiliate link). 

  • $100 Southwest e-gift for $90 from PPDG
  • $75 Sephora e-gift for $65 from PPDG


  • $25 Domino’s e-gift for $20 from PPDG
  • $25 IHOP e-gift for $20 from PPDG
  • $50 Applebee’s e-gift for $40 from PPDG
  • $50 Steak n’ Shake e-gift for $45 from PPDG
  • $25 Steak n’ Shake gift card for $20 from SVM
  • $50 Chili’s gift card for $42.50 from SVM
  • $50 California Pizza gift card for $42.50 from SVM


  • $25 Regal e-gift for $20 from PPDG
  • $25 World of Tanks e-gift for $20
  • $35 e-gift for $28 from PPDG
  • $100 Cabela’s gift card for $82 from SVM
  • $60 Express e-gift for $50 from PPDG
  • $60 Jiffy Lube e-gift for $48 from PPDG
  • $50 SpaFinder e-gift for $45 from PPDG
  • $50 Famous Footwear e-gift for $40 from PPDG
  • $50 Hyatt gift card for $47.50 from SVM

7 Responses to eBay: Save on Gift Cards for Southwest, Sephora, Many Restaurants & More

  1. NinjaX says:

    34 Things to Know about eBay and Paypal

  2. Chris says:

    Do you receive the Gift Card instantaneously after purchase? Have yet to purchase gift cards from EBay but have a quick turnaround gift purchase and just wanted to know.


  3. Matt P says:

    Very tempted to buy a couple WN gift cards since my companion pass will multiply their value, but I have so many points from the transfer and gift cards from Amex flight credis already that I probably wouldn’t be able to spend them by the end of next year.

  4. scott says:

    slim pickin’s — and appears Southwest & Sephora already gone.

    Have been noticing the discounts of late not nearly as generous…. and SVM has been pulling sales long before apparent availability reached.

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