Posted by Miles Whip on June 29, 2015

Published on June 29th, 2015 | by Miles Whip


[TARGETED] Ebay Bucks 4x Back Again

Ebay Bucks 4x

The Offer

In a slightly unexpected move, Ebay has offered another Ebay Bucks 4x promotion before the end of the quarter. As Chuck examined a couple weeks ago the frequency of Bucks promotions, this one was not expected. It is great that the promotion is back and there are still plenty of discounted gift cards. This will make many of them breakeven deals or potential moneymakers coupled with a portal and discounted Ebay gift cards the past few weeks if you stocked up in the past couple weeks.

The Fine Print

  • June 29 8 AM – June 30th 11:59 PM PT
  • Activate Promotion via email prior to making any purchases
  • Total must be over $50 to count at 4x
  • Highest paying portal is RebateBlast (1.5% vs 1.1% at TopCashBack and Befrugal) Ebates 3% was shortlived
  • 4x Ebay Bucks is equivalent to 8% back in Ebay Credit, which to some is as good as cash.
  • Ebay Bucks are NOT earned on Ebay Branded Gift Cards

I don’t have much experience with RebateBlast, but I made my first Ebay purchase with them the other day and hope all tracks well. If you sign up with my referral link you will receive $10 for signing up and I get $5. Thank you for your continued support.

Rebate Blast Sign Up Link

Our Verdict

This is the same promotion as last week and gives people another chance to earn some more Ebay Bucks before the end of the quarter. The great thing is you will be receiving your Ebay Bucks for redemption in only a couple days (July 2nd). I didn’t have many Ebay Gift Cards available last time due to issues with Gyft, but I have some available now and may use them up since there may not be another Ebay bucks promotion till August, unless they surprise us again.

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what’s the best link to see if you are targeted?


I got another targeted eBay offer in addition to the 4x eBay bucks –

Save $15 when you purchase three $50 eBay Gift Cards*

Enter Coupon code at checkout
Offer ends Jul 02, 2015


how do I know if i’m targeted?


I’m targeted but I’ve got nothing to buy. Any ideas?


Feel very left out. I have not been targeted for any of the past few deals. Come on Ebay, through some my way.


Just curious, what’s your issue with Gyft? I haven’t been able to buy any GCs from them using PayPal after my first purchase. PayPal says its on the Gyft side. PayPal shows a purchase, then an immediate cancel. Gyft has been looking into it for several weeks now. Are you experiencing the same thing? Did you manage to get it resolved?


I received Ebay Bucks for the first time today. In the fine print it says that Ebay gc are excluded. I know that I’ve read in several places (including here) that Ebay gc can be bought with Ebay Bucks. Is this a new exclusion or has it always been there but it’s not enforced?

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