Posted by William Charles on February 11, 2018

Published on February 11th, 2018 | by William Charles


Equifax Data Breach Worse Than First Reported

Last year Equifax was responsible for a data breach that affects 143 million consumers. It was first reported that the following pieces of data were breached:

  • Names
  • Social Security numbers
  • Birthdates
  • Addresses
  • In some instances driver licenses numbers

According to a report received by The Wall Street Journal (provided by Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s office) finer personal details including but not limited to expiration dates for credit cards/issuing states for driver’s licenses were also breached. Equifax spokeswoman Meredith Griffanti stated that “in no way did we intend to mislead consumers.” The company last year disclosed only the information that affected the greatest number of consumers and wanted to “act with the greatest clarity in terms of the information provided the committee, she said.

You’d think the people affected by the data breach would want ‘the greatest clarity’ when it is their information that was breached and knowing what information was breached is pivotal in deciding what to do as a precautionary measure.


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I bet you don’t want to put all the truth out. IRS told Equifax in last October, NO MORE CONTRACT!

I hate equifax but screw Elizabeth Warren.

That comment is pretty uninformative. If you think Elizabeth Warren wrongly reported it, mention why

Eff all republicans

You do realize Warren is a Democrat, right…

Of course this person didnt realize she was a democrat or they wouldnt have made such a stupid comment.

yea she sucks bigly’!! Typical over-educated east coast pseudo-intellectual, moralizing and guilt tripping us for well over 20 years now from her perch on capital hill. Her ‘stern’ reprimand of equifax will seem like a punishment, but it’ll be a total joke in the end. ultimately the top equifax executives will get their golden parachute, a few fall guys further down the corporate ladder will go to jail for a little while, class action lawsuit settled in 2020 at the earliest, hooray we all get $30!

perhaps equifax gets shut down like enron/arthur anderson, but in our new world of daily breaches will an equifax shutdown make our data more secure?

Is this sarcasm? She has been in the senate since 2012. Harvard law prof makes you a legit intellectual.

Yeah, that doesn’t make her smart. Remember the news conference where she lied about being Native American because her “Papi” had “high cheek bones”…?

Information Booth
Information Booth

Oh, your not referring to the mysterious Cherokee goddess by the name of Pocaheinous, are you!?! I’m a real Cherokee and she disgusts me… Jesus does Not walk with her!!

Haha of course it is!! , no surprise here and I’m sure all of the other breaches are worse than reported too. And think about all the ‘breaches’ not reported to the public..

As I’ve said before, the sad thing is that most people will forget all about this in due time. And to those that do/will continue to remember (like me) I have 1 question: what can you possibly do about it?

Lifes a Breach

not bad, huh

Information Booth
Information Booth

Not bad at all… life is like a Slurpee, sometimes you pour it… and it’s perfection… the next time… it explodes all over you!! Like that one? Jesus Walks with me.

well TBH, after your SSN is out, i mean who really cares about anything else? you cant go above “code red” data breach. meaning, its already a nuke on your shit. its time to play extreme defense for all you people leaving your CR open and readily available for HP.

Safety in numbers. By the time they get to me I’ll be dead

I thought that, too, but I was wrong. The got to me a few days ago.

i.e., they ended the identifier component of the SSN. It will eventually be replaced with a blockchain-based technology that verifies your identity.

Equifax needs to be prosecuted and shut down…

Information Booth
Information Booth


Instead of SS#/DOB combination as measure of security, verification can be done using bio-metrics. It’s not expensive either. You just have to get financial institutions to collaboratively require it.

what do you do when they have your finger prints? print a new hand? come on, using bio-metrics are tools for spying, not for protecting yourself.

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