Posted by William Charles on October 6, 2017

Published on October 6th, 2017 | by William Charles


FatWallet Forums Closing Down [Repost, Officially Closing On October 9th)

FatWallet has sent out an e-mail to members announcing that the site will be closed on Monday, October 9th.

According to Tim Storm (founder of FatWallet) the FatWallet forums (and I assume FatWallet as a whole) are closing down. It’s not clear what will happen or when it will happen. They migrated the shopping portal to Ebates last year, so I guess this change was somewhat inevitable.


This is a pretty sad day for me personally, FatWallet is a real OG and without those forums it’s unlikely this site would exist in the same capacity. FatWallet is one of the places that really got me interested in bank account bonuses and more specifically collating data points regarding direct deposits. You can find some discussion about the forums closure here, as well as some alternatives that users are putting together. I wish the FW team and community all the best!

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well, fw is dead. Most deal seekers are on SD anyway.

What is SD?


The magic of Fatwallet was not the deals section. It was the finance forums. Many of the angles we play today got their start in that forum or at least were publicized first in that forum. I would say prior to the great recession that was one of the best finance sites for financial hacks there was. The quality of contributors was very high. Over time it declined for sure and honestly I have spent no time on the FW Finance forums in years but in their heyday they were awesome. The community was also much smaller back then and the banks were less aware of us. Good times.

Couldn’t agree more. Good times, indeed. It was FW that lead me to the US Presidential Coin deal. Still one of my favorite deals of all time. That one is legendary.

OMG! how can I forget the 30% savings from Microsoft Live banner that went along with that deal?! That got DH and I started into collecting “expensive paperweight” but those gold presidential spouses coins have at least doubled the price and there’s not a lot selling them now. They must be looneys like us who just like to take out their coin collection to marvel at their beauty…lol

loved that deal….FW will be missed by all…

Don’t you dare to shut down Doctor! This blog has been wonderful and I learnt a lot quickly. Doctor needs to move to a forum style website. Isn’t there a free vbulletin forums with some advertisement?


Alternate FW article and announcement

I say good riddance. Several years ago I stumbled upon FW’s forums, in general I found the discussions to be rude and mean-spirited. I then found SD and never looked at FW again.

@John B
You got it backwards.
SickDeals is the place where everyone is rude and mean-spirited.
I was a member there initially but moved to FW as the the only deals which made them most money got posted to their “Front Page”. Later they started charging extra commission to post their deals. FW on other hand shared their profits and in the form of CashBack.


Totally. SD even seems to reward bad manners and encourages people to be foul mouthed….evident from the high rep count of repeat offenders who do not seem to be disciplined or warned for by the mods for the attacking nature of their posts. Still I continue to be on SD and continue to post just because they have really good deals that get posted.

Scott Marzigliano
Scott Marzigliano

Benbargains is normally where I look around


What’s wrong with these new owners?! What’s the point of buying a thing only to have it shutdown in a few years?

The main thing here is to not forget to request the cash-back, I guess, if you still have any left from their former portal, which used to pay the best commission for Priceline NYOP at one point.

I was never an active user @ FW, but I used to find it in Google all the time, and always found it super valuable. Has that changed recently? I think it is entirely unjustified to do an Oracle here where an HPE would have been a much better option. I wonder who and how did the math — there is no way such a big site with so many users is a net negative. I guess it’s those venture capitalists that just don’t like a thing that doesn’t grow explosively, and would rather have a write-off than a steady source of minor revenue?!

Anyhow, I hangout mostly here and on reddit, so, not that big of a loss personally, but still sad — FW has many different DPs on all sorts of topics, dating back years, before any alternatives were spawned up, so it certainly would be sad to see all that go away. Will they at least be kind enough to donate the data to Web Archive?!

It’s pretty simple… FW was bought so that Ebates could eliminate one of their competitors. The forums aren’t profitable or worth it to them so they’re closing down.

One day, many years ago, Citizens bank sent me a flier offering me 10% cashback at supermarkets, pharmacies, and gas stations for 3 months. The forums there were extremely useful in helping me learn quickly how best to punish them for their mistake. Finance was the place to be. RIP


yes, punish them. Seems like an apt term in these times. Everyone for themselves!!

Doc, maybe it’s time you open a Forums?
This would be a truly amazing thing!

Guys, please share what you think?

I prefer Will & Chuck have discretion over what gets posted here.

too much of the last remaining MS angles would die too quickly if placed in an easily searchable forum.

R/churning already does the job well.

Sad that SD won the battle, they don’t even offer CB.

RIP FW, I was an avid user years ago.

AT was the real OG for hot deals. I don’t even remember why it died out anymore.

FW Member Stats
Member Since: 12/11/2001
Ave. Posts/Day: 0.55
Lifetime Posts: 3,178

This is the new “home” for FW

Information Booth

Well, I wonder if this was as a result of burnout. When doc recently posted about blogger burnout, I was concerned that maybe he was experiencing this himself. It is my hope that after witnessing what has happened to FW, we will all be a little more grateful for what we have here at Doc of credit.

Burnout must be a huge factor, I must say I’m so grateful to FW for not just thousands of $$ I saved but from friends I found there when they had the grocery forum and we have continued to explore the ‘net to find more savings and earnings.

I’d like to say it now William Charles that I appreciate everything you share here on DoC website. May blessings never leave you for the rest of your life.

“Well, I wonder if this was as a result of burnout.”

Fatwallet is owned by Rakuten. Billion dollar companies don’t close forums due to burnout.

fw has given me tons of info on saving $. Just 2 weeks ago found out about the xfinitymobile deal. I am an xfinity tv/internet customer. Got 3 lg xcharge phones for free and only pay 4.02 monthly on each phone. This is only taxes. Cancelled my 2 Sprint (no contract) and 1 mobile pcs acct. got the 3 phones, activated online and it’s awesome. No activation/free shipping/ no fees for text/phone. they use Verizon.It also seamlessly connects to my work internet and home router and any xfinity hotspot around. One of the best deals ever. BUT, no one knows how long the deal for free service will last. The phone is not free anymore.

I’m sad to read this, it is where I first learned the basics of App-O-Ramas and learned how to get groceries not just totally free but got paid using coupons before the advent of Extreme Couponing show. Now, all good things must come to an end 🙁

Fat Wallet Finance really was OG. Literally, my family made six-figures off of that forum’s wisdom.

As others said, the hay-day was pre-2008 crash. We all are familiar with the churn on airline miles cards, but for several years it was the place to trade URL links posted in Sunday papers, bank offices, etc. that you couldn’t get universally online. The game then was years of “0% APR for X months and $0 BT fees” everyone seemed to offer, when you could get 4-6% APY in high yield savings accounts. Pure, 100% lucrative arbitrage for those that new how to play the game on a high level.

They also were the best bastion for finding the top savings rates, and things like PenFed offering 5% 10 year-CDs (which I still luckily have a few years left of rainy day funds in).

Some great characters too. CodeName57 who seemed to sue every telemarketer who called him. And SUCKISSTAPLES who was like this mystic Keyser Soze figure who seemed to be playing a seven-dimensional level of chess on financial deals and angles.

Glad DoC is here though– FW Finance just seemed to lose mojo on the type of deal discussion after the Great Recession.

lol this SUCKISSTAPLES character sounds interesting. can you give an example of the kinda deals & angles he was playing? I mean 7D chess is a huge claim – so this sounds like an incredible story if his antics are indeed that epic.

also did CodeName57 win every lawsuit against a telemarketer? and on what basis did he sue in the first place?

DoC, is there anyway you can save the DPs that you hotlinked to on FW? from what I’ve read, once the lights get shut off at FW forums, they’re gone into oblivion forever. along w/countless nuggets & useful info that we’ve relied on for so long. so since they wont leave the forums up for posterity, can we as a community think of anyway to salvage atleast the DPs we’ve accrued via FW on all the various knowledge base pages here? … can we hotswap the links w something like the archive on wayback machine or something? should we start taking screenshots & linking to imgur instead of the direct forum post on FW?

it’s only a matter of time before we lose a treasure trove of good data. sure it maybe legacy, and some may make the point that it gives us a chance to start fresh. but I’m of the opinion its good to preserve historical, useful data. all ears – if anyone can think of something else on how to best get this done.

Which is the best site to ask non-deal questions like, which bank offers the cheapest fees for outgoing international wires?

Try depositaccounts

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