Posted by William Charles on December 5, 2018

Published on December 5th, 2018 | by William Charles


First Annual DoC Awards (Razzie Awards For Points & Miles)

Yesterday night I was a little bit bored and my twitter feed was filled with stories from the TPG awards. I thought it would be fun to put something similar but different together, so I created the first annual DoC awards. Think of DoC awards as the Razzies (Golden Raspberry Awards) but for points & miles. I’ll just be embedding the tweets because I’m lazy, keep in mind some of the tweets contain bad language.

I’ve had a lot of backlash regarding my Delta joke, with several readers sending me their itineraries of recent award trips.

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WTF DOC! how can u 🙂


I came here to looking for credit card application links embedded in your post that are worse than publicly available links, very disappointed.

*deleted by user*

Driveaabrowntruck was making a joke, looking for links that are WORSE than publicly available ones (hence worthy winners of awards for badness). No need to defend DoC….

Oops, good point. Lemme delete it.

These are great. I look forward to next year’s.

With Delta offering premium award space at just 300k miles each way I don’t know how you can fail to see the value.


Love it!

I agreed that Delta is the worst until this Monday I redeemed 40k +$40 tax for a $1200 ticket.

Was it a delta $1200 ticket or lowest available cash ticket on the market for that itinerary?

Thats what not a lot of people understand about CPP. It should technically be based on what you were willing to pay for that trip, not necessarily the ticket price shown by that airline.

(then people also dont factor in points generated and their valuations).

if MAD-TXL is ran by avios for 8k miles +11.20 in tax for a ticket price of $150 dollars and the same route is served by Ryanair for $50 flat, what is your CPP?

CPP = 8000*X + 11.20 = 50

Are you saying flying Allegiant is the same as flying American? You have to add bag fees, drink fees, breathing oxygen fees, etc on the LCCs. Not to mention the ~40% likelihood of delay or all out cancellation of your trip.

It was a delta ticket and the cheapest. And it was a transpacific round trip.

So your point is that unicorns do exist?


Yeah Delta has good deals but who REALLY wants to fly Delta internationally? Lol. The domestic deals are barely a savings, better just paying cash and getting the miles. I agree Delta sucks even with their once a week sales.

Yea don’t use those garbage points! Go spend real money on a ticket those garbage points could have gotten you so you can earn even more of those garbage points!!

Delta’s marketing team has succeeded!

Exactly – Jags buys into everything Delta marketing sells. WIN WIN!

Not to mention you have fly out JFK, ATL, or LAX. What about the other 90% of American who dont live in those cities? Spend more miles and time just trying to position myself to JFK only to have a hiccup screw you because it’s not all on the same itenary.

FWIW, I would rather fly Delta, if only because United blew an engine on me mid-air lol.

This is awesome!

AmEx should also get an honorable mention in the Fckup category for temporarily resetting their Hilton Honors points on Amazon to $.005 (from usual measly $.002) twice this year. Congrats to everyone who took advantage and big thanks to DoC for the alerts.

Shhhhhh. Don’t let them realize their mistake, I missed the last two!

Hah. How is offering something of glorious value an effup? Such should be encouraged. Amex has been incredibly generous over the years with Amex offers/99 AUs – far and away the most lucrative cards to own – no other issuer comes close…

Can someone explain the Amazon amex thing?

Normally you can only use your AmEx Hilton Honors points on Amazon at the low, low rate of 1 point = $.002 cents. Due to some oopsie on AmEx’s part, the rate temporarily increased to $.005 per point.

Thats not what doc is talking about though – its the 20% discount by using 1 amex point

No, he was mentioning the 20% on Amazon (including Amazon gift cards) by using 1 MR. It happened twice in two days. Here is the link

Also, the rate for the all Hilton Honors points on Amazon (not those just earned via AMEX) temporarily increased to $.005 per point at least once since then. So perhaps it was not a mistake, and if it was, the mistake was not AMEX, but rather Amazon or Hilton. I am staying linked in case it happens again.

Enjoyed this post. Live black tie event for next year?

great list, look forward to last years worst. I agree on SPG, had an in person experience with SPG at a resort a few weeks ago, oh my word is all I can say

Love the Delta Delta Delta Delta one 🙂

I did not know what this was parodying until I saw the tweet comments, and I wish I hadn’t. The TPG awards made me gag. What a circle jerk. And another occasion to be thankful you guys exist!

Well said Jack! +1

Agree- ex TPG reader here. Same stuff at DOC, but more concise and to the point… and without the constant shilling for Chase/ Capital One / whoever is paying TPG that week.

I had to leave the event early, sorry. Left right after it was announced that TPG is going to be next head of Dept of Transportation.

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