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Enrico (@guest_1764799)
December 25, 2023 00:56

With the expected fed rate change down next year, it is better to do a CD even if they are .5% lower.

theSam (@guest_1677890)
August 22, 2023 23:51

Didnt see too many details online, but is it one time funding?? (unlike add-to-later like Navy)
Also, soft pull, chex, etc? TIA!

rohitjack (@guest_1683300)
August 30, 2023 23:16

+1 looking for the same information.

Enrico (@guest_1764798)
December 25, 2023 00:54

One time funding only.

Michael (@guest_1666960)
August 6, 2023 00:32

0.50% higher than CDs and TBills for 1 year lock.

Ant (@guest_1663833)
August 1, 2023 11:32

Rate now 5.92%

Michael (@guest_1618045)
May 14, 2023 21:25

This is Jedi Mind trick # 36. The floating rates will always be at par with treasuries and high yield savings excepts you have to pay for early withdrawal penalties on this CD.

Sly one
Sly one (@guest_1629467)
June 5, 2023 22:09

lol right! “I’m a Toydarian. Mind tricks don’t-a work on-a me. Only money”

cd (@guest_1553041)
February 9, 2023 02:27


Shirley (@guest_1450742)
September 22, 2022 23:17

The Flex Index CD rate is now 3.56%

Shirley (@guest_1479457)
November 3, 2022 22:42

Rate now 4.34%

Shirley (@guest_1513185)
December 17, 2022 13:37

Rate now 4.86%

Mikey (@guest_1420897)
August 6, 2022 03:02

I started building a Treasury bill ladder in May and there have been nice steady increases, though more level lately. The 26 week rate is close to 3%. Two of my reward checking accounts with requirements still only pay around 1%. Those balances were emptied out along the way but no harm in keeping the accounts open for the time being.

Andy (@guest_1420862)
August 6, 2022 00:35

Just my opinion of course, but I find the upside on things like this to be too small. And even obtaining that small upside requires the ability to predict the future.

For non-psychics like me, this means we’re unlikely to achieve any significant gains over market average.

For psychic DoC readers, I suspect you have better plays.

JoshL (@guest_1420723)
August 5, 2022 17:34

It mentions ‘Penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal.’ However, I couldn’t find the details of the early withdrawal penalty.

IMO, it makes little sense to deposit into any sorts of CDs that have early withdrawal penalty, considering more and more high interest rate checking and savings account offerings. It’s easy to find 2% accounts.