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Published on May 17th, 2018 | by William Charles


All Four American Express Hilton Cards Compared

Update 05/17/18: All of these cards apart from the Aspire are offering increased bonuses. We’ve updated the table to reflect this.

Now that all of the American Express Hilton cards have been released and are available for sign up, I thought I’d create an easy to navigate spreadsheet that compares the four different cards. For reference the cards and our individual reviews are:

Comparison Table

 No AFAscendBusinessAspire
Annual Fee$0.00$95.00$95.00$450.00
Sign up bonus75,000 points after $1,000 spend + $50 after first purchase100,000 points after $3,000 in spend within three months + free weekend night certificate after card anniversary125,000 points after $5,000 in spend within the first 3 months + $50 after first purchase100,000 points after $4,000 in spend within 3 months
Earning rate at Hilton properties7x12x12x14x
Earning rate for travel3x3x6x (airlines & car rental agencies booked directly and (airlines & car rental agencies booked directly and
Earning rate at U.S restaurants5x6x6x7x
Earning rates on U.S gas stations5x6x6x3x
Earning rates on U.S super markets5x6x3x3x
Earning rate on wireless telephone & shipping3x3x6x3x
Earning rate on all other purchases3x3x3x3x
Elite statusSilverGoldGoldDiamond
Elite status with spendGold with $20,000 per yearDiamond with $40,000 per yearDiamond with $40,000 per yearN/A
Annual Free Night(s)N/AOne weekend night with $15,000 in spendOne weekend night with $15,000 in spend. Second night with $60,000 in spendOne weekend night at any property with no spend. Additional free weekend night with $60,000 spend in calendar year
Priority Pass MembershipNone10 complimentary passes10 complimentary passesUnlimited complimentary access for you + two guests
Airline incidental creditNoneNone$250 calendar year
Hilton resort creditNoneNoneNone$250 card member year
Foreign transaction feesNoneNoneNoneNone

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super helpful. thank you.

I’m showing the no annual fee referral offer is 65k points/ 1k spend. With a 15 k point bonus to the referrer. expiration for the offer says 7/17/19

I’m seeing that too. Certainly better than dummy booking $50 statement credit and 50k points.

Yea better idea to go with the referral on the no AF card.

Was it ever confirmed if these were considered new products or not? If we cancel our current card and reapply later, can we get the sign up bonus again?

Great work. Thanks

Do any of the Amex Hilton offers premium rental coverage like the collision coverage? I mean not like secondary. I have the Amex Hilton surpass with the fee and will have no fee Amex card from my Citi Hilton no fee card. Thanks

Very Nice chart! Thanks for posting this

Excellent, concise post. Another example of why you have the best blog out there.

One thing you might want to clarify for the 2 credits on the aspire: are they “calendar” annual or “membership” annual

Any DP yet on if past Surpass CC holders have been able to get the Ascend signup bonus?

I don’t see much difference between Gold and Diamond status. Anybody agree?

I believe Diamond gives you lounge access…gold does not.

Im not sure. As a Diamond, I get a free breakfast all the time. Does that happen for Golds?

I moved up and down between Gold and Diamond a few times, and I would say there is no difference between the two about getting free breakfast. Though Diamonds get access to executive lounges where they exist.

I’ve gotten access to the executive lounge on Gold. The only difference I see is the increased bonus points goes from 20% to 50%.

I’m guessing that means if I’m booking a Conrad (Tokyo) on Gold, I should be able to get free continental breakfast for me and my guest but not necessarily get into the executive lounge unless we get upgraded?

You only get access to the lounge as a gold if you get upgraded to a room that gives lounge access whereas Diamonds always get it.

^ This

Guaranteed exec lounge access, higher points earning, additional property specific benefits, higher likelihood of an upgrade, Diamond Desk phone support. Also potential loyalty match to another hotel program (i.e. Hyatt in Nov of ‘15)



At a couple hotels where they charge normal people for (ungated) parking, I’ve gotten parking comped repeatedly as Diamond but rarely a Gold. But that’s hotel specific, and initially I had to ask (there happens to free street parking a few blocks away, which I keep in mind as a backup).

question about Hilton Ascend & Hilton Business 10x PP. can this be used for guests? like using 3 passes at the same time to bring two guests in?

I have the same question!

Yes. I brought my wife in and I assume two credits were taken off. I didn’t pay anything out of pocket. I used the PP card that came with my Surpass way back when.

When you say “Foreign Transaction Fee” -Non. Do you mean None charged or Foreign transaction fee feature not available?

None charged.



Thanks. I’m honestly a bit mystified by this Honors/AMEX move. It’s all a bit confusing to those of us who play the loyalty game: heck, it requires more bandwidth than I’ve been willing to commit to figuring out, and I have several Hilton AMEX cards and try hard to exploit their loyalty program! So if I think there are too many cards, and this is all just a bit too confusing, what do “normal” AMEX and Honors customers think? People just don’t pay that much attention to this stuff; they’re not THAT interested, and they have other things going on in their lives. So I tend to think it’s foolish for AMEX and Hilton to complicate their credit card portfolio in this way.

Please refine the description of the restaurant multipliers to show that it only applies to US restaurants, like all other Amex cards and the travel category is only airfare and rental cars but excludes hotels (not too surprisingly)

If I spent $10,000 on the Hilton no-fee card and then upgrade it to the Ascend card, does anyone know if the $10,000 spend on the no-fee card will count towards the $15,000 needed to get a free night on the Ascend?

Yes, it will.



any DP of apping for new HH and getting 6th amex CC? got rejected for personal. didnt try business yet. so far, there are too many n00bs giving DPs and not understanding what a 6th CC means. and many are throwing around a ridic DP about some guy getting 8 amex CC recently.

I can provide a DP. I applied for the new Hilton business card and went pending. Amex called 5min later and said because I have 5 cards already i needed to close one before they could approve. I closed my Delra gold and they approved the Hilton business card

appreciate the DP. very helpful. for those who understand it, it seems 6th CC is very difficult to get at this time even when its a HH card.


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