Posted by William Charles on April 11, 2017

Published on April 11th, 2017 | by William Charles


Free $10 Kohl’s Cash with Discover Card [Expires 4/30/2017]

Reposting as it seems to actually be working now

The Offer

  • Discover cardholder can get $10 off $30 any Kohl’s purchase.

The minimum spend requirement isn’t actually enforced since the $10 code is applied like Kohl’s cash. It’s therefore possible to get up to $10 of stuff for free.

Here’s how to get the deal:

  • Log into Discover
  • Click Redeem Rewards
  • Go to the Discover Deals tab
  • Search for Kohl’s
  • Pick “Kohl’s” (not “Kohl’s online”)
  • You’ll see your unique Kohl’s code for $10 off
  • Note that for whatever reason it doesn’t show up for everybody

The Fine Print

  • Expires 4/30/2017
  • Can stack if you have multiple accounts (might be a limit of four)
  • Can be used online (enter code & pin under Kohl’s Cash and Promos)
  • Code won’t work until 4/3/2017

Our Verdict

This can be useful even if you don’t actually need Kohl’s credit as some people will exchange it for Amazon credit (usually people will pay $4-$6, feel free to offer to buy/sell in the comments below. Exchange at your own risk). This offer comes around every month.

Check out Oren’s handy guide on reselling with Kohl’s. Even if you don’t resell it’s worth reading as it’ll help you stack discounts to get even more value out of this bonus. They also have a clearance section with items under $10 for the lazy.

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“Pin does not match with Kohl’s cash number”

Can’t get it to work 🙁

I have the same issue. first time have I seen this.

Same; it seems the bar code isn’t even valid at all. Or, it’s only valid in store instead of being universal. I think they MEANT to generate a coupon code, because it is not a Kohl’s Cash number / pin.

This deal won’t be available until tomorrow April 3rd.

yeah, it doesn’t show up for idea why. I am a new discover card holder maybe?

Same here. Tired to load to kohl’s wallet. It shows that pin does not match

same here (pin does not match).. I’m willing to bet it’ll work at 11:59 PM tonight, though

got this in 3 out of 4 cards. TY Discover : )

How were you able to get 4 Discover cards? I thought the limit is 2.

DH and I have 2 each.

I am also getting an error about pin not matching.

Coupon was available today morning and now i could not able to see the coupon. I think discover pulled all the coupon since the coupon was not working for every one. I hope they will re add it once they fix the issue.

same here disappeared off both cards of mine after getting the pin error message this am

Did you try using the barcode in-store? I don’t think you need PIN for in-store purchase.

it will say invalid in store used the barcode to load to my kohls app initially and came up invalid. before they disappeared. still no return

coupon has not come back for me. has anyone seen it reappear and have a valid number/pin?

Me neither, and I’m not sure why – I had it for the prior 4 months.

10 days later my code still doesn’t work.

Tried to use this in store yesterday on $12 worth of merchandise and it didn’t work. Logged back in to discover when I got home and the code had been removed from my account. Odd.

Just logged into Discover now. The codes show up and are finally working.

8:05 EST – Came up for me.

Happy to part with mine if anyone is interested.

I’ll take it!

email me at shafferjj821@gmail

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