Posted by Chuck on June 16, 2017

Published on June 16th, 2017 | by Chuck


[Expired] Free $20 UberEats Credit [San Francisco Bay Area]

This deal is no longer available. Make sure to follow us on Twitter so you don’t miss any deals.

The Offer

  • Get free $20 in UberEats with promo code: DUBNATION

Anyone can add the promo code to the app, but it’ll only work for food orders in the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s a NBA championship celebration offer.

The Fine Print

  • Expires 6/30/17

Our Verdict

No minimum order here, lots of my friends were able to do orders of around $14-15 that cost just over $20 after all fees included, and it was basically a free meal shipped with promo. Save it in the app now and you’ll have until the end of the month to use it.

Hat tip to Slickdeals

14 Responses to [Expired] Free $20 UberEats Credit [San Francisco Bay Area]

  1. JGR says:

    Not working for my account. I live in Miami but heading to Bay area next week.

  2. gymrat says:

    Can this be used in conjunction with the AMEX Plat monthly $15 credit?

  3. Bueller says:

    There are many many people on the UberEats FB page who are complaining of 1) not being able to order “Error verifying payment profile” and needing individualized help to get it straight and then 2) seeing a code and a discount, but then getting charged for the full price on their credit card – and needing individualized help to get it straight.

    This put me off using the service, despite the discount code.

    • mk712 says:

      That’s because people don’t understand how Uber promo codes / gift cards work: you get a temporary CC authorization for the full amount (which appears immediately as your order but never actually posts), then a charge reversal for the full amount, then another charge for the correct amount if more than $0 (after taking into account promo codes and gift cards).

      People think something is wrong when they see the temp auth for the full amount but if they just waited until the transaction actually posts to complain they’d see they actually only get charged the correct amount.

      • Bueller says:

        That’s so different from normal it’s not OK.

        And, I still couldn’t even get to payment myself (and scores others) due to the “error verifying payment profile” bug.

        • NinjaX says:

          exactly. the current UberEats order and payment process is 200% complete BULLSHIT.

          PSA/WARNING: If you plan to use UE extensively ESPECIALLY with codes of any kind, be prepared for payment issues 24/7. Its a damn headache.

          I used it extensively whenever Uber offered FREE delivery in my area. No way will I pay $5 fee for delivery. For some its worth it, but for a $10 item and you pay $5 fee then I also tip the driver too. Holy crap right?

          Anyway, their outsourced call center ONLY deals with live orders and they will read from the damn screen every time and tell you “have a good one” like damn clockwork. I dont hate on the Philippines at all. I just hate how Uber trained them and force them to be stupid.

          For all other orders, you have to use E-Mail and OMFG they suck. I mean they REALLY suck.

          Me: “Hey I had a payment issue…”
          Them: “Sorry to hear that. We will strive to improve next time. Have a good one.”


          I just stopped. Forget UE man.

    • For this specific code? There was another one for $75 off (could be applied twice for $150) showed up under promotions but didn’t apply anything. I know lots of people were complaining about that

  4. Rich Blackmon says:

    offer limit now exceeded

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