Posted by William Charles on November 8, 2018

Published on November 8th, 2018 | by William Charles


[Expired] Free Lime Branded Bike Helmet (First 25,000 Only)

Deal has reached the limit.

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Lime is giving away free helmets to the first 25,000 people who take the ‘Respect The Ride Pledge’

The Fine Print

  • First 25,000 US riders only

Our Verdict

This is something I can get behind in a big way, I had one close friend get hit by a car when riding a bike. Thankfully he was wearing a helmet, the doctors said if he wasn’t that he would have likely died. He had a long recovery, but is in perfect health now. The respect the ride pledge is mostly just common sense stuff, but I do think it’s good that Lime is doing this as some scooter users are an absolute menace. Even if you don’t want the helmet yourself you could always grab a free one and then give it to a local shelter or charity. It might not be the coolest looking helmet (although I actually don’t mind the design if it looks like that) but it’s better than being dead.

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Signed up, thanks DoC!

I had a friend that was in the same situation. She got hit by a truck and she would have likely died if she wasn’t wearing a helmet. When I first started biking I didn’t want to wear a helmet. I always wear 1 now.

From the text at the end I get the impression that you have to be a lime custoemr to get the helmet.

The first 25,000 riders in good standing to sign the pledge will receive a free Lime helmet!

“in good standing”

I’m guessing that you are correct, must be a lime customer.

grinch here. The Lime bikes that are showing up around town here are so dumb. They are left in the most odd places. Stupid. Bike stations is one thing, bikes left randomly about…eye sore.

Portland, OR? I totally agree either way!

Thanks Doc. Saving life, one post at a time!

Took the pledge. Thanks DOC!

Thanks Doc!
In for one.

I take the pledge to one day hit a biker that doesn’t obey the traffic laws (which majority don’t). I’m doing my part – are you?

Gosh, maybe some are imperfect…unlike drivers, who always come to a complete stop at every stop sign…and never ever go above the speed limit…and never get distracted by their mobile devices…and always use their turn signals…and always have appropriate tires for snow conditions…and…

Maybe it’s different in other places, but in NJ/SE PA, just about every biker I see runs right through red lights and doesn’t use hand signals. They think the laws don’t apply to them. It is the exception when I actually see someone stopped at a light, so much so I almost want to roll down my window and say thank you/give a thumbs up.

Turn signals I’ll give you but 99% of cars stop at red lights.

So true about NJ/PA. I once looked at a kid/teen on a bike and I’m thinking WTF, cutting across a 2 lane busy road during evening rush hour, just close enough to a traffic light to have to also cut across the left turn lane, but not at the crosswalk. I’m thinking, what a dumbass. Then I realized it was MY OWN SON!
It happened again on a pitch dark road, no lights or reflective clothing on him or his friend. omg sometimes I’d like to shake him.
I worked for years in a large Philly trauma center. I could write a book about all the stories. He tells me I worry too much. That boy just begs to learn the hard way. Grrr…

I did sign up this morning so we’ll see if it really arrives.

People, public transport, and cyclists over noisy, inefficient, polluting, wasteful, excessive cars. Always.

Don’t be a DB.

Hey Doc. Thanks for this article. Just ordered my helmet.

My favorite picture of my significant other is her riding an electric Lime bike for the first time on the pier in Seattle. She was smiling from ear to ear. Loved those things and took full advantage while we were there.

Let the Scooter Love Vs. Hate Festival begin …

I couldn’t honestly pledge to always obey the traffic laws. I already have a helmet anyway.

@williamcharles According to the link it’s 250,000, not 25,000

Zalmy Lime had a typo on their site. When you made the pledge, you should have received an email that said “Unfortunately, all 25,000 Lime helmets have been claimed and we will not be shipping one to you during this giveaway. However, we always encourage you to wear a helmet when riding any type of micro-mobility vehicle.”

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