Free 1 Months of Paramount+ with promo Code COLIN (Works For New & Previous Users)

Update 11/11/23: New code COLIN

Update 11/7/23: New code DELACALLE

Update 11/3/23: New code CHALLENGE39

Update 10/30/23: New code SOUTHPARK

Update 10/27/23: New code WANTMORE

Update 10/20/23: New code INK (ht Brad)

Update 10/9/23: New code MILLIVANILLI

Update 10/3/23: New code FRASIER

Update 9/26/23: New code SURVIVOR45

Update 9/17/23: New code BUDDYGAMES

Update 9/14/23: New code SUPERPOWER

Update 9/9/23: new code REDEEM30

Update 9/7/23: new code GOLD

Update 9/3/23: STARTREKDAY new code

Update 8/24/23 BILLIONS

Update 8/17/23: new code TAIPEI.

Update 8/14/23: New code NEWHOME

Update 8/8/23: New code BIGBROTHER25

Update 8/2/23: New code THECHI

Update 7/25/23: New code ELVIS

Update 7/18/23: New code MIXTAPE

Update 6/30/23: New code STREAM30

Update 6/27/23: New code CHALLENGEPOD

Update 6/22/23: New code CONCACAF

Update 6/20/23: New code TVCLASSICS

Update 6/17/23: New code WARP.

Update 6/14/23: New code LIONESS

Update 6/10/23: New code FINAL

Update 6/9/23: New code PICKETT

Update 5/27/23: New code BUNDLEUP.

Update 5/20/23: New code CHEERSATX.

Update 5/17/23: New code LOVEALLWAYS.

Update 5/8/23: New code FATALATTRACTION.

Update 5/7/23: New code THALIA.

Update 5/4/23: New code NACHOS.

Update 4/28/23: New code WYNONNA

Update 4/26/23: New code DRAGRACE

Update 4/15/23: New code STALLONE

Update 4/12/23: New code FAMILY

Update 4/9/23: New code MASTERS

Update 4/5/23: New code FATALATTRACTION

Update 4/2/23: New code SPRINGSTREAMING

Update 3/30/23: New code YELLOWJACKETS

Update 3/24/23: New code NWSL2023.

Update 3/21/23: New code WHERESMADDIE

Update 3/17/23: New code SURVIVOR44

Update 3/13/23: New code PINKLADIES.

Update 3/11/23: New code QUEEN

Update 3/9/23: New code RABBITHOLE

Update 3/7/23: New code SCHOOLSPIRITS.

Update 3/4/23: New code THELODGE

Update 2/28/23: New code FBITRUE.

Update 2/16/23: New code PICARD

Update 2/11/23: new code ALLNEW23

Update 2/10/23: New code ATMIDNIGHT (ht Brad)

Update 2/2/23: New code ADVANCE (ht Bank_Bonus_Love)

Update 1/31/23: New code WEREWOLFESCAPE (ht Brad)

Update 1/27/23: New code THEPACKISBACK, expires 3/31/23 (ht Brad)

Update 1/18/23: New code WOLFPACK or DEVOTION or MATCH (ht Brad)

Update 1/13/23: New code PLAYOFFS.

Update 12/27/22: New code: TATTOO and MAYOR and SERIEA (ht Brad)

Update 12/25/22: New codes: EVIL and HOLIDAY-PICARD

Update 12/22/22: New code GHOSTSMAS.

Update 12/17/22: New code 1923

Update 12/15/22: New code THEGAME.

Update 12/4/22: New code TAMMY, valid through 1/3/23. Works for bundle Paramount+ with SHOWTIME. (ht Brad)

Update 11/27/22: New code FANTASYFOOTBALLMOVIE.

Update 11/14/22: New code is TULSAOK (ht Brad, Bank_Bonus_Love)

Update 11/16/22:  use the promo code “ALLYEAR” for 50% off 1 year of an annual subscription

Update 11/14/22: New code is TULSAKING

Update 11/12/22: New code is EARTHSPARK.

Update 11/11/22: Code BRAVO is now active again for Veterans Day through 11/30/22 (ht Brad)

Update 11/6/22: New code STLD22 and ONTHECOMEUP (ht Brad, Ava)

Update 11/4/22: New code EVOLUTION.

Update 10/27/22: New code UEFA22 (ht Brad)

Update 10/24/22: Can use promo code UEFA50 to get 50% off a 12 month plan, also includes a free Fire TV Stick Lite.

Update 10/23/22: New code INSIDEAMY.

Update 9/23/22: New code FINALFIGHT (ht Brad)

Update 9/21/22: New code MDQ22

Update 9/10/22: New code STARTREKDAY. 

Update 8/26/22: New code BRAVO, valid through 10/31/22

Update 8/20/22: New code REALITY

Update 8/11/22: New code ITALY, valid through November September 5th (ht Brad)

Update 7/16/22: New code LOTTERY

Update 6/29/22: New code SHORE

Update 6/28/22: New code GLORY

Update 6/27/22: New code is NACHOS.

Update 6/21/22: Two new codes can get you a free month PLAYERS and SUMMER

Update 6/1/22: New code is SOUTHPARK (ht Brad)

Update 5/15/22: New code is PICKETT.

Update 4/27/22: New code WALMART30 works for 1 month free. Valid through 8/7/22. (ht Brad)

Update 3/27/22: New code TARGET30

Update 3/1/22: New code BETWEEN works for 1 month free. (ht Brad)

Update 2/8/22: New code 1883 works for 1 month free. Hopefully most readers got the 12/18 months for $0.53.

Update 12/26/21: New code TEENWOLF for 2 free months. Direct link (ht reader idk)

Update 11/23/21: New code is PEAKSALE

Update 11/15/21: New code is MAYOR

Update 11/5/21: New code is VETERANS. Hat tip to Jared

Update 10/23/21: New code is MADAMEX

Update 10/1/21: Deal is back with promo code QUEENPINS

Update 8/30/21: New code is PAWVALPAK

8/12/21: New code PAWOFFER for free month. Not sure if this one is only for new users or not?

Update 7/22/21: New code EVIL for free month.

Update 6/10/21: New code MOVIES for free month.

Update 5/29/21: New code SPRING works for a free month.

Update 5/29/21: New code is 50OFF4YOU, works for 50% off an annual plan.

Update 5/23/21: New code is MAY for one month commercial free. Hat tip to reader Jack

Update 4/17/21: New code is YOUNGER. Hat tip to reader Jay

Update 3/14/21: New code is YEAR, works for 50% off an annual plan.

Update 3/7/21: New code is MOUNTAIN

Update 2/14/21: New code is FORYOU

Update 2/12/21: New code SPECIALGIFT.

Update 2/4/21: New code PARAMOUNTPLUS is $30 for an annual plan. Hat tip to Carlos

Update 1/10/21: New code is NFLONCBS

Update 1/5/2021: FOOTBALL is working again (commercial free). Hat tip to reader Linda

Update 12/17/20: New code HOLIDAY. STAND might also work.

Update 12/5/20: New codes FREESTREAM & BBOTTNOW.

Update 11/23/20: New code FEAST hat tip to reader @newdaybegin1984.

Update 11/19/20: New code TURKEY works for commercial free version.

Update 11/18/20: Newest code is HZWC1B

The Offer

  • Paramount+ is offering a free month trial with promo code HZWC1B

The Fine Print

  • Note, you may select the plan of your choice (Commercial Free or Limited Commercials)
  • You will be charged at the full price after your trial period ends however you may cancel at anytime during your trial period

Our Verdict

Seems like every month they have a new code that works for new and existing users, I guess they are just trying to build their member base at the moment. If reactivating, you can click through Swagbucks and get 600 SBs (worth $6). If you can’t get the codes to work, make sure to let your membership expire first.

Post history:

  • Update 10/15/20: Newest code is FALL
  • Update 9/20/20: There’s a new code FOOTBALL, might be targeted. The old code KICKOFF might still work too.
  • Update 9/13/20: New code is KICKOFF
  • Update 8/28/20: New code is STREAMMORE
  • Update 7/28/20: New code is MORE. PLAY might also work. Valid through 8/16/2020
  • Update 6/17/20: New code is JUNEBINGE. Go through Swagbucks or Yazing if you’re a new user.
  • Update 4/17/20: New promo code for April: ENJOY works for new or existing members. (HT MoneyRx) Might work even for those who signed up with a free month (provided you have an active subscription currently) to get a second month free. The older promo codes STREAM and CATCHUUP might still work as well. Go through Swagbucks or Yazing if you are signing up new.
  • Update: Warning if you’ve added two codes, one of them might be removed and you’ll only receive one month of free service instead of two.
  • Update 3/30/20: Swagbucks is currently offering 600 Swagbucks when signing up for All Access, making this a $6 money maker. And Yazing has $9 back ($8.10 after 10% fee).
  • Update 3/27/20: Promo code GIFT might also work.
  • Update 3/24/20: If stream doesn’t work try CATCHUP. (Another update: new users can signup  with promo code ALL, then add promo code CATCHUP after completing signup, and they’ll get two free months.)
  • Update 3/24/20: Code STREAM now works. Hat tip to reader Tyler
  • Update 2/21/20: Code Interrogation works now
  • Update 1/19/20: Code JANUARY works now.
  • Update 11/26/19: Apparently promo code THANKS is also working and valid until December 25th. Hat tip to reader KL


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Matty (@guest_1747095)
November 28, 2023 15:59

Since my CIC has $2 back on $1.99, and codes aren’t working now, I’m thinking I’ll sign up for the “BlackFriday” promo, get one month free, cancel, and see if codes start working again once the dust settles.

mangorunner (@guest_1745641)
November 26, 2023 12:43

TopCashBack has offers for both Paramount and Sportsline.

SD has a post (dated 8/28/2023) about a $4.99/3 mo Paramount deal via Sportsline. Comments make it appear that it is a YMMV-kind-of-deal.

lorena smith
lorena smith (@guest_1745331)
November 25, 2023 22:09

no more codes for a free month of paramount ? 🙁

Tikky (@guest_1747021)
November 28, 2023 13:22

Speculation but it could be paused to get people to sign up for “BLACKFRIDAY” subscription deal (Exp 12/3) then resume again after?

Mike (@guest_1747588)
November 29, 2023 10:09

That was a guess/hope I had as well. *fingers crossed*

Harold (@guest_1745086)
November 25, 2023 14:20

I tried the $9.45 TopCashBack deal. It tracked, but is showing $0 cash back. I filed a ticket with them,

Pauline (@guest_1745629)
November 26, 2023 12:16

Same. It tracked but shows $0 cashback. The $12 cashback from Hulu shows pending (.99 a month with 1.99 Disney add on, both with ads).

Tikky (@guest_1745658)
November 26, 2023 13:12

Scroll down to Terms&Conditions >
“Your transaction may initially track at $0.00.”

Pauline (@guest_1743891)
November 24, 2023 10:23

Can use $2.00 cb on many chase cards through chase offers and topcashback is giving (supposedly) $9.45 cb for a “confirmed paid subscription*” (whatever that may mean since there is no explanation of what the * means) with the Black Friday promo code.

Rob (@guest_1743748)
November 24, 2023 03:51

So does this no longer work anymore.

Brad (@guest_1741595)
November 21, 2023 13:58

Get Paramount+ Essential for $1.99/month or Paramount+ with SHOWTIME for $3.99/month for 3 months. Limited-time offer ends 12/3/23. New and former subscribers only. Use the promo code “BLACKFRIDAY” to get this deal.

Em (@guest_1745801)
November 26, 2023 16:49

This worked! The other codes didn’t unfortunately, but I’m still ok paying $4/mo in the meantime. Hopefully they get fixed :/

scanner50 (@guest_1740550)
November 20, 2023 15:01

None of these codes are working for me unfortunately. I made sure my account lapsed, and I even tried it in Incognito mode. I may try again in a few days. Hopefully the gravy train is not over, but if it is I will not be paying money to renew. It’s just not worth it to me.

Flo (@guest_1741540)
November 21, 2023 12:37

Having same issue 🙁

Cecily (@guest_1744614)
November 24, 2023 20:42

Me either, I tried all the recent posted codes.

Mike (@guest_1745624)
November 26, 2023 12:02

Same issue for me.

Enlighten (@guest_1740538)
November 20, 2023 14:41

Can someone explain how this process works? I have an expired account. When I login, I am to pick a subscription monthly or yearly? with showtime or without? Please enlighten us with the steps! lol

Roger (@guest_1747297)
November 28, 2023 21:56

Choose the monthly with Showtime. Put in the code and test if it works (It isn’t working right now but wait a few days). Cancel after a few days and you will get a free month. Then repeat the process.

deerdoc (@guest_1740410)
November 20, 2023 11:35

Colin worked for me right now (lapsed subscription), whereas Fellow or Bass did not.