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Published on October 8th, 2018 | by William Charles


Free National Executive Elite Status For American Express Cardholders [Update]

I originally had the wrong link post. I’ve added the correct link, in addition this seems to be working for existing National members as well.

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • National car rental is offering free executive ELITE status until 1/31/19 for American Express cardholders that aren’t currently National members.
  • After completing your first rental using any American Express card you will also earn five Emerald Club credits towards a future rental day (this is enough for a free rental day)


The Fine Print

  • Offer valid for new members only enrolled via this promotion between 9/16/18-1/31/19.
  • Get five Emerald Club Credits you can use toward a future rental day after you enroll in the Emerald Club at between 9/16/18-1/31/19, rent one time from National and pay with any American Express Card.
  • Offer is subject to and requires enrollment in the Emerald Club program.
  • Rules and Conditions and Master Rental Agreement found at
  • Rental day offer is valid at participating National Car Rental locations in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Latin America, Caribbean, and in Europe, for National Car Rental brand reservations serviced by Enterprise.
  • The five Emerald Club Credits you can use for a rental day are applicable toward the base rate but do not include taxes, government charges, surcharges, concession recoupment fees, fuel and other optional items, which are the responsibility of the renter.
  • Emerald Club points will be credited 24-72 hours after a paid rental. For Executive Elite members, the rental can be used for any available car class, excluding trucks.
  • The rental day expires 12/31 of the calendar year following the year in which the credits were earned. Executive Elite status is valid through 1/31/2019. To maintain Executive Elite status, member must meet the standard qualifications of 25 or more rentals or 85 or more rental days during the full calendar year 2019. This offer is made exclusively to and is only valid for American Express Card Members. Fulfillment of the offer is the sole responsibility of the participating American Express merchant. Please note that National does not accept Prepaid Cards for charges authorized in advance, although Prepaid Cards may be used to settle the final bill. Check to make sure Prepaid Cards are accepted before attempting to use your Prepaid Card to take advantage of offers for this merchant. POID: GAYF:0002

Our Verdict

Previously they offered executive status but that was through 2/28/20. This is higher status, but this is only 1/31/2019. Keep in mind this is for new National enrollments only.

Hat tip to Doctorfan

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I’m seeing Exec and not EE? Landing page says Exec for me, at any rate. Maybe a caching issue.

Check out this different link from DDF:

I was able to use it to upgrade my status from Executive to Executive Elite, and the link says it’s good through 2/28/20.

Yeah William Charles I don’t think your “Direct link to offer” is currently pointing to the right link. Your link currently goes to an Executive status offer, not the EE one. ncSam has the right link.

The above link worked for me too.

Thanks ncSam. Worked for me. Existing Executive member. Now upgraded to Elite.

Ditto. Hmm.

Is this worthwhile versus just using the costco rate if you just need a car to drive?

Not sure about Costco rates, but I’ve got EE through my employer, and I’m regularly paying compacts and driving full sized cars.

My experience has been the costco rate is always for a full size and includes “spouse can drive” for free. And its always cheaper than what I can find elsewhere for a compact.

I’d be interested in these deals if I could get a convertible, jeep, something more exotic, etc. But compact vs full size vs suv doesn’t matter to me, really, just whatever’s cheapest.

Through National EE, I get additional drivers (not sure how much. Most I used was 2).

Also, I got an upgrade (read: I’ve sit into and driven away with) to a Mustang convertible on Hawaii. From a compact. Paid ~$120 for 10 days.


In middle of the post:
“Executive Elite status is valid through 2/28/20.”

End of post:
“This is higher status, but this is only 1/31/2019.”


Already a member and executive but thought I’d give this a shot. It seems to have upgraded me to executive elite so far. Hopefully it sticks.

Same here

It upgraded me from executive to EE, but only for the rest of this year. It says I need xx days or rentals this year to maintain EE for next year.

Not sure if it means anything for this particular status, but in the past with the Executive status you get with Amex platinum, it always seems to go away at the end of the year, and then come back around February. I’ll be interested to see what happens this year.

is this the same one you get with the Plat card?

Anyone know if AVIS will match National Executive Elite to anything higher than Preferred Plus?

someone did mention on status match site that got matched to avis president’s

if booking a mid-size thru autoslash instead of directly with national, would we have access to the emerald aisle? Thx

AFAICT if you have the status, rental locations don’t give a damn how and where you paid for the reservation. Go to the isle and drive away with whatever you want.

k, thx!

Used the Lufthansa link (last year) to get Hertz golden circle. Matched to National Exec-Elite and then rented a intermediate in Kailua-Kona.

Upon pickup we were offered “any car on the lot” and all 4 adults added as drivers, no charge. We got a great SUV for the week. Could’ve picked the coveted 4 door Jeep Wrangler, but with the long distances of the Big Island we picked more luxury.

National was really nice to us!

Wow, wish I got in on that deal definitely love renting from Hertz and would love to get in their Golden Circle (I think they have a President’s Circle or something too)!

So far booked all Holiday travel using codes and coupons I found on Slickdeals for Budget. They’ve given me really discounted rates so far in comparing them to Costco and Expedia. Never rented from National, but if I can get a better rate I’m sold!

William Charles
I registered and it says “Your membership is valid for the remainder of the year you qualify, plus 14 months.”
Should we wait till beginning of 2019 to register? That way it should be valid till 2021, right?

I would still upgrade now if you have an account with them already, just in case they pull the promotion, or it stops working for old accounts.

Didn’t work in Chrome for me, but was fine in IE.

My status shows “Membership & benefits do not expire.” Not sure how they determine the expiration date.

Was able to upgrade existing account to Exec Elite.

Had an Executive status via CSR, easily upgraded to EE via the link, thanks Doc!

Also don’t forget to sign up for the One Two Free promotion to get a free rental day after every two rentals.

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