Posted by Chuck on June 27, 2016

Published on June 27th, 2016 | by Chuck


Free Sam’s Club Membership Trial for Costco Members

Well, it looks like this is in vogue now.

Sam’s Club is offering all Costco members to try out Sam’s at no cost by simply showing their Costco membership card in a Sam’s Club location.

They announced the offer on Twitter:

Offer is valid through July 4th. Just walk into any Sam’s location with your Costco membership card as many times as you’d like through July 4, 2016.

Pretty sure this is a response to the rocky rollout of the recent change that Costco made from Amex to Visa which isn’t going very smoothly. Sam’s is hoping that disenchanted customers will give them a try.

This times well with the Chase Freedom 5x offer. If you have trouble maxing out the $1,500 for Q2 2016 (end soon!) and Q3 2016 exclusively at Costco, you can use Sam’s as well to help max it out. Or even just buy Sam’s gift cards which can then be used at Walmart; Sam’s and Walmart gift cards are interchangeable.

We hope to have a post up tomorrow about maxing out the Freedom category with gift cards at Wholesale Clubs.

Hat tip to Slickdeals

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Can I cancel my current Sams Club membership to get this offer?
My Sams Club membership start last Sept. If I cancel it now, I should get my full membership fee back.



For a week’s membership???

Why are you a member of both clubs, anyway?

IMO, Costco is worth it primarily for the quality eyewear. Kirkland alcohol is great too, but you don’t need a membership for that.

I honestly see no benefit for Sam’s, even though I currently live a mile from one (only buy booze there).


haha.. man.. always love the comment section…

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