[YMMV] American Express Delta Offers – Up To 75,000 Miles + $200 Statement Credit – No Lifetime Language

Update 7/11/21: More people have been targeted. These are the offers:

  • Delta Gold 70k/$2k+$200/DL, AF $0/99
  • Delta Platinum 90k/$3k+$200/DL, AF $250
  • Delta Reserve 80k/$5k+$200/DL, AF $550
  • Biz Delta Gold 75k/$4k+$200/DL, AF $0/99
  • Biz Delta Platinum 95k/$5k+$200/DL, AF $250
  • Biz Delta Reserve 85k/$6k+$200/DL, AF $550

Hat tip to NH4NO3

Update 5/26/21: More people have been targeted.

The Offers

Direct link to offer (if you get the message ‘PLEASE VERIFY THE INFORMATION YOU ENTERED IS CORRECT AND TRY AGAIN.’ then it means you’re not targeted)

  • Delta/American Express have sent out a number of targeted offers on the co-branded cards.


  • Delta Gold 75,000 miles + $50:
    • 50,000 miles after $2,000 in spend within the first three months. An additional 25,000 bonus miles after an additional $1,000 in spend within the first six months. $50 statement credit after first Delta purchase.

  • Delta Platinum 80,000 miles + $100 statement credit.
  • Delta Gold 70,000 miles: Same as above but without the statement credit and 5,000 miles less
  • Delta Gold/Platinum/Reserve 75,000 miles + $200
    • 50,000 miles after $2,000 in spend within the first three months. An additional 25,000 bonus miles after an additional $1,000 in spend within the first six months. Earn a $200 statement credit after you spend $1,000 in eligible Delta purchases within the first 6 months

The Fine Print

Our Verdict

Previously the offers with no lifetime language have been 60,000 miles + $50 statement credit on the Gold card and lower bonuses on the other two cards. We’ve never seen that $200 statement credit deal as far as I’m aware. The downside to that offer is the $1,000 in Delta spend required. I imagine a lot of people would just prefer the 75,000 + $50 deal as a single purchase triggers the $50 credit rather than requiring $1,000 in spend.

If you’re targeted and have had the card before then I think either deal is worth doing as normally you wouldn’t be eligible for the sign up bonus again (even if you won’t hit the $1,000 in Delta spend required for the $200 bonus). As always read these things everybody should know about American Express if you have any questions. I’ll be creating a special ‘targeted/ymmv’ section of our best credit card bonus page and adding this bonus there.

Hat tip to readers Kumar

Post history:

  • Update 5/12/21: More people have been targeted.
  • Update 3/4/21: More people have been targeted.
  • Update 12/21/20: More people have been targeted.
  • Update 11/22/20: More people have been targeted.
  • Update 11/10/20: More people have been targeted.
  • Update 10/5/20: More people have been targeted.
  • Update 7/3/20: More people have been targeted.
  • Update 6/24/20: More people have been targeted. Offers still valid through July 31st, 2020.
  • Update 5/19/20: These are available again and valid until July 31st, 2020. Hat tip to EDWNY
  • Update 1/30/20: More offers have gone out. This time with an end date of 4/1/20. Keep in mind the new annual fees & benefits are now live as well. Hat tip to reader DK
  • Update 1/22/20: Last day for this deal, usually after the end date a new round of people are targeted so it’s worth checking to see if you are targeted now and then again in the next week or so (we will likely repost when the new set are targeted).
  • Update 11/19/19: More targeted, this time with a 1/22/20 end date.
  • Update 11/5/19: More people targeted.
  • Update 10/1/19: Another round has gone out
  • Update 8/20/19: Another round of people have been targeted.
  • Update 7/9/19: Another round of offers has gone out, share what offer you received in the comments below.
  • Update 6/2/19:  Looks like another round of offers has gone out. Valid until 7/2/19
  • Update 5/9/19: More targeted, valid until 5/22 (via donmcde). Some offers:
    • Personal Plat: 50K /$2K + $300 after first delta purchase
    • Personal Gold: 70K/$2K + $50 after first delta purchase
    • Business Plat: 50K /$2K + $300 after first delta purchase
    • Business Gold: 70K/$2K + $50 after first delta purchase
  • Update 5/3/19: A new round of people are being targeted.
  • Update 4/9/19: These are available again. Some offers people are seeing:
  • Reserve: 40,000 miles and 10,000 MQMs after $3,000
  • Platinum: 70,000 miles + $100 after $2,000
  • Gold: 70,000 miles + $50 after $2,000
  • Hat tip to reader David
  • Update 2/28/19: These are available again, people who weren’t targeted before are now targeted. Hat tip to reader QMC
  • Update 2/4/19: Another round targeted. Hat tip to @Myi66081
  • Update 1/2/19: Like clock work another round of people has been targeted.
  • Update 12/3/18: Another round of people have been targeted. Worth a look to see if you’re targeted.

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How long until the bonus posts, and is additional spending needed to offset the Delta credit?


For those having difficulty making a qualifying purchase at Delta and do not want to deal with refunds or ecredits, you can book a one way reward flight from Seattle to Spokane (many dates available, use the price calendar) for 2,000 miles + $5.60 fee. The $200 statement credit posted for me 2 days after the fee posted.


Great idea… but just FYI the Delta Gift cards purchased online via the desktop browser also worked.. at least a year ago I did it several times. This credit is unlike the Amex $200 incidentals credit still works on the gift cards. As far as I remember it was important to buy it on a desktop.
Also, you do not need to buy $200 GC, a minimum denomination (which is $50) would do. So you will end up with $50 GC and $150 cash (after $200 credit posts).
Both solutions are good.. in your case you are basically end up with ~ $175 profit, and in my $150 + $50 GC.


Nice. Will Delta be super upset at me if I don’t make it to Seattle for the flight/don’t cancel the award ticket beforehand?


I was stuck in popup jail, and got the denial for the bonus on the Delta Gold back in April. However, I’ve been constantly getting email offers from Delta, the elevated bonus offer in my Amex account, and adverts when logged in to Delta’s website, so I was pretty sure I’d been targeted. Used the link DoC posted above, and confirmed that I was targeted. Applied and approved this evening! Awesome article, thanks DoC and everyone who commented with positive datapoints! As some others said earlier, be patient, and circle back around and try again.


Got the offer when using the above link to check. However, still get the pop up when applied.


Just got to say, I have consistently not been targetted for these offers for at least 2 or 3 years now, but I actually *was* for this one. So if your streak is 0 for 20 or something don’t give up. Still can’t get the card though, as close to going under 5/24.


I applied to the amex delta gold with 70k + 200 sc last week, can I sign up for this one again for the same card if I was targetted and get the same bonus?




What prevents getting the bonus if this one has the NLL term?


Can’t apply to the same card again within 90 days.

Dick Bupkiss
Dick Bupkiss

Bupkiss, always, again. :/


For those of you who don’t get the offer this time keep trying! My experience was that I eventually clicked, was able to apply and the statement credit and bonus posted in full despite being a prior cardholder twice. You just have to wait it out.


To receive your Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card offer, you must verify your Amazon or Amazon subsidiary email address.
Why is this here on the bottom of the page?


Just applied gold in June and got targeted again. Does this mean I can apply gold and got bonus again? Anyone has similar situation?


I applied last week and this is temping for another round of delta gold SUB


I saw 90 k plus $200 for Delta Gold on Firefox dummy booking last month. Applied , called and got approved.
My first time card though.