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Published on August 20th, 2018 | by Chuck


[Offer Changed] Get $100 or 5,000 AA Miles or 3,600 Southwest or Alaska Miles with $19 Motley Fool Subscription

Update 8/20/18: The portals have now updated their terms to only allow payment on one-year subscriptions which costs at least $99. Those who bought the $19 monthly subscription before the terms were updated should get the reward as long as you keep it for 45 days. As an aside, there is also increased the payout today on various portals, such as 7,400 AA miles, 5,800 United miles (for those who have UA cc), etc.

Update 8/16/18: They have reached out again to indicate that those who have already signed up aren’t guaranteed to get their rewards, this will be at the affiliate’s discretion (I assume whatever portal you used?).

Update 8/16/18: The marketing team reached out to us to let us know that they’ve changed the offer for affiliates, though there may be a delay until it’s updated on the affiliate’s site. They indicated those who already signed up can expect their rewards, but not for new signups. I realize the offers are still showing now (16:25 ET) on the various mileage and cashback partners, but you might have issues with clawbacks.

Update 08/14/18: Reposting as Yazing is offering $100 cash back now. It clearly states $100 per sale and the $19 monthly plan is clearly listed. I think Yazing is a lot more known/trusted in the community than some of the other sites that were offering $100. Keep in mind the Yazing offer won’t show up unless you’re actually logged into your account.

The Offer

The Motley Fool has various portal offers for those signing up for a subscription. There seem to be three different things you can signup for to trigger the portal rewards:

The following portal offers can be earned:

The Fine Print

  • Eligible on one (1) subscription per loyalty account number.
  • Only eligible on paid Motley Fool subscription.
  • Subscription must be active for at least 45 days.
  • Not eligible on any free products, trials, services, memberships, subscriptions and retailer marketing subscriptions.
  • Not eligible on purchases made with coupon or discount codes that are not found on this site.
  • Not eligible on gift cards, gift certificates or any other similar cash equivalents.

Our Verdict

We’ve covered similar kinds of offers with Wall Street Journal and Barron’s subscriptions. Apparently, the Motley Fool has been on portals at least since March; not sure how we all missed it until now.

According to Cashbackmonitor’s best rate history, there have been in the past a $100 cash offer, 7,400 AA miles offer, and 7,500 Barclay’s portal offer, so these rates aren’t necessarily the best. I don’t know whether the $19 monthly subscription option has always been there, so it could make sense to do this now as that can always change.

The fine print notes that you have to remain for 45 days, so I’d assume you’ll end up paying two monthly $19 fees for the cashback or miles earned. Milenerd notes from a reader that you can get away with a single $19 fee; not sure how that’s possible, perhaps they refund the month you cancel.

I’d say the $90 cash offer from Simplybestcoupons is best, though it doesn’t inspire confidence in me since there are no terms there (and the link doesn’t really lead anywhere), versus the mileage portals and the Citi Bonus Center which are clear that the $19 monthly subscription option will work to trigger the offer.

Assuming a $38 cost for $50 cash or 5,000 AA miles or 3,600 Southwest or Alaska miles could be a good deal, even better if it somehow lands up just $19 cost. Deal is best if you find the actual product useful too as there’s always some risk in something going wrong with portal tracking.

It’s easy to cancel the subscription with an email. 

Regardless, I found it interesting that there’s another kid on the block to keep track of here besides for WSJ and Barron’s.

Hat tip to Milenerd

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I took advantage of this a couple days ago. Is there any way to confirm that your Motley Fool purchase is recognized by Southwest since there is a 45 day delay?

I placed the order with Motley Fool on 7/30 and the 5400 miles were credited to my Southwest account on 8/7. I’m tempted to cancel the subscription right now even though it hasn’t even been 30 days, let alone 45. Is there a way for them to take the credits back from the airline somehow?

Do the Southwest miles that you received count toward companion pass?

Yes. All miles earned via the shopping portal count towards CP.

Thanks for confirming

Sure, any entity that can post miles to your account can have them rescinded.

Whether they would is a different & more important question…

This is good to know. The Fine Print says subscriptions must be active for 45 days, so it should be assumed the minimum commitment is two months, or $38. I set a reminder in my phone to cancel on the 46th day…

I’ve had Southwest reverse the points before for Baron subscription that I haven’t had for the required term.

5400 Southwest points? How?

The number of points they offer on this deal seem to fluctuate. It’s possible they’ll raise it again…or not.

Update: 45-day timer expired. Contacted Motley Fool and canceled. I was billed twice @ $19/ea as expected. No signs of any clawbacks.

Do we know how easy they make it to cancel? If it’s something like the WSJ I’d rather not do it.

On the off chance you live in CA, WSJ can now cancel online (option only available in CA due to new law).

TIp for wsj – Use a gift card and new e-maill address. I have done it several times. I used to use Virtual numbers but somehow they can buypass. You will never have to call to cancel, it just will not renew.

Depending on how the subscription is set up and the CC-Level communication they have with your card vendor, the virtual CC numbers come with a “subscription” tie-in to your main credit card number.

So while you’re using a one-time virtual CC card, if you use it for what’s deemed as a subscription it links to your main CC account.

I believe in Citi and AMEX’s portal if you go into your statements you can see a little icon now-a-days indicating that what you paid for is a recurring subscription like Netflix or a Food Delivery service (Blue Apron).

With Citi you can set limits on how much is charged to the card. I’ve done this several times with Netflix (obviously a subscription) and I’ve never had problems being charged on my main CC account.

Wait, what? Merchants can bypass virtual cards with low limits?? I’ve been using BoA virtual cards with low limits with the expectation that merchants would not be able to charge more than the maximum I set…

Freedompop just charged $0.01 to my BoA virtual CC that expired in July 2017.

In my experience, it also depends on the gift card. I tried using a VGC a few months ago for a WSJ subscription and it was eventually declined. Tried it two or three times, each time it was declined after a day or so. Found out that WSJ wasn’t the problem, it was the gift card. The issuer wouldn’t approve any type of subscription service using one of their gift cards.

Not too bad it sounds – at least there’s an electronic option
To help you with your request to cancel your paid membership, please call us at (844) 611-9905 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday or email us through our customer contact form.

In the past I’ve passively canceled subscriptions by updating my credit card # to visa: 4111 1111 1111 1111

You may contact Member Support at to terminate your trial enrollment. This should apply to paid membership too.

I listen to the Fool podcasts everyday (It’s free). I actually value their insight on the markets. now listing $100 cashback.

is this a real site? anyone used this before? i’ve never heard of it

Yes its real

Motley Fool has been around for years. I’d be surprised if it’s less than 20 years.

Edited – quick google search shows they were founded in 1993.

He’s talking about the cashback site

Oops. That makes more sense.

This was 5400 SW points last week. I actually enrolled 4 accounts in my family with it. Looking forward to 21,600 points for $152 or even better at $76.

Any experiences here with Simplybestcoupons? Without having to do research how does the $90 cash offer from Simplybestcoupons work?

Simply best has been a good portal for me in the past but they have definitely ghosted on some payouts I clicked through on. Ie clicked through made $200 purchase and cash back associated was $0. I’ve had some claw backs too. But good rates on some merchants and generally a good portal.

Not as large or reliable as tcb or Ebates. I root for them because they’re a small outfit based in the next town over from where I grew up. And we need as many independent reputable portals as we can get in this age of consoldiationism.

As always tho ymmv.


They pulled a bait-and-switch with earlier this year.

I have rejected payouts on Visa purchases before May 1st and before Simplybestcoupons changed their website to reflect the new 0% rates.

But they won’t pay.

I’ve stopped using their portal.

BTW Rebatesme still shows the $100 offer – although its not picked up on cashbackmonitor for some reason

do they really pay out and track correctly?

So far so good for me and this isn’t my first portal buy through them.

I went through the site this morning. The click-thru is showing correctly – of course not yet the rebate itself but looks good so far.

Rebatesme also has a $5 new user bonus.

Weird, it’s only showing $50 for me

I’ve stayed logged in since yesterday. It was $100 yesterday. Apparently lowered to $50 today.

Rebatesme is now showing $85 cash back

The Citi Bonus Cash Center offer page doesn’t take me to the Motley Fool sign-up page, once I log in to my Citi Account Online like it asks me to.

Once bounced over to Motley Fool from Citi Bonus Cash Center, the cheapest option on the landing page (Motley Fool Premium Services) is Rule Your Retirement at $149/year.

How did you get it to go to the Motley Fool website through the Cash Center? I am just getting redirected to my Citi account home. Did you ever figure out how to get a different subscription from $149/year?

I switched to using Chrome, instead of Safari. The former redirected to Motley Fool once I logged into Citi Account Center. The latter kept sending me back to my Citi account page, like what you experienced. No, I’m not going to proceed with Citi.

If you use a gift card and just ghost them instead of cancelling, would a service like this ever send you to collections?

Wall street journal has not. They have my real name and mailing address. I have never re eived a physical bill from them. I have received notices to call them, that my subscription has been suspend due to payment failure.

Dan - Legal Bank Robber
Dan - Legal Bank Robber

Gonna pass on this not worth the risk imo

I am with you, Dan. But Thanks to Doc for the opportunity at least.

Risk what risk…only gain. Motley Fool is a great stock advisor circle and the chance to profit from this is pretty decent.

Not only gain… Im looking at this purely from the oppurnity to cash in not get some advice I won’t use from the stock market. It’s not a decent chance, it’s a toss up whether they would pay the $90. It’s a small rebate site I’ve never heard of.

I just finished my 45 days. I signed up via the Alaska portal. Points posted in a couple of days after I signed up. Canceling was simple via email. I waited the 45 days to cancel.

Thanks for the data point

Did you pay $19 twice?



I must be missing it, where is the $19 monthly option? I am only seeing annual subscriptions.

What portal you going through? Some are saying they aren’t seeing that option when clicking through all portals.

Can the form of payment be switched online between the first and second month?

Would be surprised if not possible.

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