Posted by William Charles on January 4, 2016
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Published on January 4th, 2016 | by William Charles


Get An Additional Bonus If American Express Doesn’t Give You A Temporary Credit Limit


While I was posting about the 30,000 SPG deal, I found something interesting. It seems that American Express will give new cardholders an additional statement credit if they aren’t able to assign them a temporary credit limit. The statement credit you’ll receive seems to depend on the card you applied for.

Examples/Data Points

Here are some examples/data points I was able to find:

Please share any other data points/experiences you have in the comments.

spg 160 additional bonus

Picture via awval999

How To Get This Additional Bonus

After you make finish your application, you’ll be asked if you want a temporary number and credit limit, obviously make sure you mark yes to this otherwise you won’t have a chance to receive these additional bonuses. If American Express isn’t able to assign you a temp limit (no idea what triggers this, please speculate in the comments) then you should be automatically receive some type of bonus, if you don’t then give them a call letting them know you were planning to use the card ASAP and they should offer you something.

This is the message you should see:

Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with a temporary credit limit
You have been approved for a <card name> from American Express and you will receive your new Card in the mail in 1-3 business days.
Since you were unable to use your temporary credit limit, we will be awarding you <$x> in the form of a statement credit. You will receive this statement credit within 8-12 weeks on your Credit Card.

7 Responses to Get An Additional Bonus If American Express Doesn’t Give You A Temporary Credit Limit

  1. Jack says:


  2. jt27mp says:

    I ordered an AMEX personal Platinum card in Mid-December, trying to take advantage of the $200 airline credit before December 31. When I didn’t receive the card by December 26th, I asked them to give me the card number over the phone. The customer representative refused.
    Can I call AMEX up and ask for a statement credit now?

  3. Seshu says:

    I’ve got $160 statement credit when I opened my AMEX Starwood Business Credit Card in September 2015 when the 30K SPG points offer was active. At that I googled and found a class act related to AMEX Starwood cards and though the credit was because of that. Now I know the reason for the statement credit.

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