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Published on November 8th, 2018 | by William Charles


Giant, Stop&Shop, Martin’s: Save $20 On Your Next Shop When You Purchase $100 In Third Party Gift Cards Or 5x Fuel Points [11/09/-11/29]

Update 11/09/2018: Deal is now live. Some areas don’t have the $20 deal and are instead offering 5x fuel points. Check your area first before going in store.

The Offer

Stop&ShopGiantMartin’s (p11)

Giant/Stopandshop/Martin’s have an offer showing in their circular:

  • Save $20 on you next shopping order when you purchase $100 in any gift card (excluding Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Reloadable and stop & shop gift cards)
  • Some other areas don’t have this deal and instead have 5x fuel points, not nearly as exciting

The Fine Print

  • $20 off coupon good until 11/31/2018 (I realize there is no 11/31. I assume this is supposed to be 12/31 in the ad)
  • Limit one offer per transaction

Our Verdict

Ad only shows a few third party gift cards, but given the language about excluding prepaids and reloadable cards and based on previous promotions this means it should be available on all other third party gift card. Make sure to use a card that earns at a high rate on all grocery store purchases.

Hat tip to DDG


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The post you linked to for best card for groceries hasn’t been updated to 4x points for the gold card.

Does it even include Amazon gift card?

There is no 11/31. Do you mean 12/31 or 11/30?

$20 off coupon good until 11/31/2018

The S&S flyer has this 11/31 date. Best guess is that it should be 11/30.

I thought that too but if the deal runs through 11/29, it doesn’t make sense to have a coupon expire the next day.

My Martins ad has 5x fuel points 11/9 – 11/29 so hoping this stacks.

We’ll find out tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s ad available to all of us, as of today, at least for Martin’s, and Celia is correct . But I’d suggest this won’t be stacking, that the $20 off coupon will not be happening at Martin’s. Instead, their ad is showing the 5x for the same featured gift cards. (It’s highly unlikely that both the 5x AND the $20 coupon will be applying. Data points needed to confirm, but I find it hard to believe that Martin’s will be featuring the promo in THEIR flyers — AND the one showing up in SOME of the Giant/S&S ads)

hasnt stacked in the past. its either or. depends what your store is running

Shows Offer valid until 11/29 but $20/off coupon valid until 11/31. Coupon is printed on receipt apparently.

Does anyone know if I can buy a third party gift card with a MasterCard gift card? Ie, double dip with the gas promotion this week and use that to purchase third party gift card next week?

If cashier allows, so YMMV.

Ok. Wasn’t sure if it was hard coded or why I had never thought about trying it before.

highly unlikely. Yet go ahead, make our day, be the data point you seek. (then post the evidence if it works — with your #’s blanked out of course)

Should be no problem. MC and Visa GCs should work wherever credit cards work.

Double check circular for your specific store, I believe some circulars show 5X gas points GC deal instead of $20 off next grocery purchase.

Yes. Giant Carlisle chain has 5x gas points instead.

Limit 1 per transaction. Does this mean we can visit the store once a day and get $20 off coupon multiple times? Maybe just once per 3rd party vender, or could $100 amazon cards once a day work too?

And can more than one $20 off be used for a single purchase?

I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

In the past has been 10x per household. No limit per day. Stated on the coupon itself.

You can redeem a coupon at the same time you buy a gc ( if you have $20 worth of groceries as well) and get another coupon.

Keeps things moving along.

One quibble/question with consequence: DoC writes:

“Ad only shows a few third party gift cards, but given the language… and based on previous promotions this means it should be available on all other third party gift card.”

an optimistic interpretation. But recent experience with Martin’s/Giant/S&S promos, they are case studies in poorly written contradictions. (and then chaos among store managers and central office consumer reps contradicting each other too) Wouldn’t bet one way or the other, til we have some serious data points accumulating.

what page? not seeing it my circular for giant landover, tried a few zip codes. We got 5x pts

Does that mean ebay & amazon included? I check flyer, and it does say ANY 3rd party gc. But i am still not sure.

In the past it only included selected gift cards, so DP is needed.

Last year at my local Stop and Shop, Amazon worked and ANY 3rd party gc should work according to the manager

Thanks, We have the $20 deal in central NJ

Can I use my S&S card to purchase a $100 Best Buy GC every day and receive the $20 coupon every time?

You can buy back to back $100 BB GC separately at the register and get the $20 coupon each time. Redemption is limited to 10 coupons per SS card.

Can someone shareif the $25×4 shell gift card trigger the promotion?

It should. I’ve bought 2 $50 cards ( not shell) which did.


This is probably incorrectly marked expired on 11/12/18…or is it really pulled early ?

This same promotion is on next week’s circular too.

Tried to use the $20 coupon last night using self checkout but couldn’t get it to scan. Anyone have luck using the coupon with self checkout?

We did all our purchases at self checkout. Coupon scans 0 off, but removes $20 after you slip the coupon down the slot.


Yeah I had the same issue. I think it says you cannot use it at SCO. But next time, try entering the coupon code numbers manually. The SCO attendant had to call the manager who had to call the store manager and between the three they almost accused me of doing something wrong and they were trying to figure out what reason to give me to reject the coupon and one of them then entered the code manually and it took it then. But she did this at her terminal after transferring the transaction there from the SCO terminal.

BTW ebay GCs do work for this promo.

Receipt explicitly states that it cannot be used at self-checkout, but last time this promo ran, I was able to successfully use it there just by scanning it. I haven’t tried this time around. If it doesn’t work, then I have no problem just buying $20 worth of groceries and going to a staffed checkout.

I tried it again last night at self checkout and it scanned fine. I think my first attempt didn’t work because the ink on the receipt/coupon was fading and not dark enough. Oops, didn’t realize the coupon states No Self Checkout.

I’m guessing the reason they disallow it at self-checkout is that they don’t want people using photocopies.

You’re probably right, but it still works. Self-checkout registers don’t deny it. I ran into an issue this weekend where my total was $20 after tax, but not before. So the coupon scanned, I put it in the slot, but the $20 didn’t come off. I called the self-checkout cashier over and she opened up the bin that the coupons get dropped it and we determined that it was because my pre-tax total wasn’t over $20, so I grabbed a box of pasta to put the total over $20 and the coupon came off on it’s own just fine.

There are various expiration dates all over this thread. Receipt states that the coupons expire on 11/29. Any reason to believe otherwise?


this weeks coupon expires 11/29. Next week there will likely be similar deal (based on comments) and that coupon should end a week later.

The deal expires on 11/29. The coupon that’s printed when you do the deal expires on 11/30. This according to my local S&S circular.

I purchased this week and the coupon that prints at the register has the same expiration date of 11/29.

Right. So the original circular said 11/31, the current circular says 11/30, and the coupon says 11/29. And it’s not even a government agency!

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