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Gift Card Conversion in Target Stores is Dead [Round 2]

Repost 6/25/18: Apparently, this has died a second death for those gift cards that were still working. (HT helper215 on r/churning)

It used to be possible to use Target gift cards to buy third-party gift cards online at A while back, they began insta-cancelling such orders. However, in store it’s always worked to buy third-party gift cards (e.g. eBay, iTunes, restaurant) with Target gift cards. Until now.

As of around a week ago, you can no longer buy 3rd party gift cards with Target gift cards.

Target apparently rolled out an update to their checkout system with this being one of the changes. I noticed at self-checkout that the system doesn’t have the bagging requirement anymore like it used to, so when I scanned a case of water in my cart, for example, it doesn’t require the ‘Skip Bagging’ prompt anymore like in the old days. Self-checkout is much more manageable under the new system. I imagine this is part of the POS update.

Update: as per the comments, some gift cards can still be purchased with a Target gift card. It might be only iTunes that died (along with Visa/MC/Amex which never worked) and all others still work.

Hat tip to @giftcardtalk

Side Note: There also seems to be a temporary gift card activation issue with iTunes gift cards bought from Target stores, according to @giftcardtalkIt’s probably a glitch in the new system.

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YMMV. I bought Disney and iTunes gift cards in store within the past week and there were no issues. I didn’t use self checkout FWIW.

Perhaps this is only at self-checkout, I haven’t seen any other report about this happening this week.

Is it still possible to buy Target GC with Target GC? I used to pay with my GC balance when I need a smaller denomination Target GC as a gift.

I’ll also combine several GCs into one larger Target GC. I hope at least this still works.

It better be, with Target limiting online purchases to a max of 4 gift cards each, and taking away the function to combine GCs from its mobile app since last Dec.

Yes, I’m eager to hear DPs on that too.

Will Amazon be next?

I used to have such trouble using self check out when paying with mobile gift card, meaning it was impossible to pay with mobile gift card. Has that changed with this new update?

Are you saying that the app didn’t work? I have this issue. It times out before the gcs load. Probably because I have 100s of zero balance cards

You’re off on this one- I’m seeing reports it’s still working at self-checkout and cashier for Disney cards at least (though technically they are “entertainment” cards or something like that).

Target has changed their online policy on gift cards. Not long ago, I could use a Target egift card bought at one of the gift card exchanges and order a physical Target card. Sometimes the egift card aren’t accepted in the store. Target would not accept my last Target egift card in the store but I was able to download it to my online account. I am hoping to use that in store.

DP: I bought a Disney card last Friday with a Target GC at self-checkout and had no issues

Back in 2015 GameFlop updated their gc policy regionally over several weeks. Target may be doing the same thing.

and what did they update at Gamestop if you care to share ?
I know I have been asked for my ID if I but too many GC’s at GS
Don’t care for that as they write it all down on a scrap piece of paper, kind of ridiculous.

They updated their POS terminals to block gcs. They never asked for my ID. They have cancelled a lot of my online non gift card related orders because of out of stock issues and refused to pay cashback through cashback portals. That why I don’t particularly like GS.

After reading this post, I hurried to a local Target store with $800+ target gc & successfully converted them all to $800+ other gc’s (about 1-hour ago today). Maybe it worked for me because my store probably has not updated their system ??


DP: West Coast

Can confirm POS doesn’t process for ebay GC at cashier. Looks like invalid payment form.

1) Didnt try self chekout
2) Used GC buy gum just fine
3) Didnt try multiple stores. maybe rolled out in stages.
4) Didnt try Disneyland GC

Could be YMMV. Will see. Will try again.

Seriously that still worked in store? I am holding several Target GCs and I thought it wouldn’t work in store because the T&C on the newer ones explicitly exclude GC purchases. I am so stupid for not trying this so far. I have to give it a try tomorrow.

no. for a very long time its been banned and monitored by cashiers in store but never hard coded until now. no different than WM MO. same thing. i wouldnt say “it still works”. i would just say YMMV until its 100% system coded like online.

No problem buying eBay GCs at two different stores. Too bad they didn’t have a bigger selection, but still better than nothing.

Are there any more details on the glitch of iTunes activation on cards bought at Target?

I bought 4 thanks to the advice from@giftcardtalk, but I only see the card #s of two cards on my receipt and was charged for 4 cards.

I bought $400 gift cards using target gift cards today. Just in case, I am going to purchase $1000 more next week to consume most of my remaining target gift cards.

I think it might be the incident (the web link) triggering Target to take some action on gift card conversion…

really no good…

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