Posted by Chuck on October 30, 2018
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Published on October 30th, 2018 | by Chuck


Giftcardzen will Migrate to Retailmenot + $5 Migration Bonus

[Update 10/30/18: I just got this today, along with the $5 bonus offer. They’re probably sending it out in waves. $5 bonus is only for those who get the email. Keep an eye out.]

Back in April 2016, Retailmenot bought second-hand gift card exchange Giftcardzen for $33M. Since then, they’ve been selling gift cards under both the Giftcardzen website, as well as at Their gift card purchasing program all went through Giftcardzen, I believe, and over time they stopped buying from small sellers entirely, preferring those who sell in bulk.

They are now sending out an email with the information that beginning November 5th, all sales will be done under the Retailmenot brand exclusively.

They also sent some people a $5 bonus offer for registering and making a purchase with Retailmenot.

I’ve bought from Giftcardzen a few times in the past, in fact, I’ve written that everyone should be buying from Giftcardzen since they allow you to cancel a purchase, so long as you haven’t viewed the card. I assume/hope that functionality carries only to Retailmenot as well. If someone who has purchased from Retailmenot can confirm that in the comments, please do.

Probably nothing changes for those who sell to Giftcardzen, but again, my understanding is that they now only buy from serious bulk sellers.

Hat tip to DDG

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GCZ was one of the fastest to deliver their cards too. I remember one time receiving the GC before the order confirmation email haha. Hope it stays that way.

They were one of the slowest to pay though! 3 weeks for a check!

I wonder if going to a new company, that would open avenues of getting 5 pts on chase ink products?

I think you meant “carries over” instead of “carries only”.

I was wondering why RMN gave a limit on how long their gc were guaranteed for. Now it makes sense.

I have never used the site, mostly Cardpool and Raise in the past. Worth giving them try/secure/savings? I might sign up, so are there any signup bonuses or discounts? Also, if anyone has referral link for me to use that they can get credit for my signup.

Some of the printable gift cards say may not be used online only in store and cannot be merged/used with online account like Starbucks…..interesting. Blue pop or disclaimer, but it says number/pin can be used online………BLUE QUESTION MARK on site. I wish it clarified which ones specifically.

I think the danger with adding/merging Starbucks cards to your account is that if Starbucks determines the card to be fraudulent they freeze your entire account and you lose all of your balance, beyond just the amount of the hot card.

I’ve been buying Starbucks GC from RMN and they merge/transfer with my existing Starbucks GC just fine. No problems. I’ve been buying the ones with the blue question mark and they work in the Starbucks app just like any other Starbucks GC does.

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