Posted by William Charles on March 12, 2018

Published on March 12th, 2018 | by William Charles


[Expired] Google Express: 25% Off On Costco, New & Existing Users, $40 Max Savings (SHOPCOSTCO25)

This deal has expired, click here for other Costco deals or other Google Express deals.

The Offer

Google Express has a special offer Costco in-app purchases only:

  • Get 25% off with promo code: SHOPCOSTCO25

The Fine Print

  • Expires April 1st, 2018
  • Max $40 discount
  • Must purchase with Google Express app to apply this code

Our Verdict

Usually the standard discount on these codes is 20% with a maximum of $20. This is 25% with a maximum of $40, but it’s restricted to Costco. Also keep in mind prices are higher through Google Express than through Costco directly. It’s always worth price comparing even with a 25% discount.

Note, you can only use one promo code per order, so this won’t stack with a new user bonus or any other sort of Google Express promo code you have. If you’re new to Google Express you can get a new user promo code. You can use my referral code 3RAQ963S4 (signup link) which gives you $10 off $10 or use SHOP2018 for 20% off first order (max $20).

Hat tip to Dans Deals

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IMO, terrible deal. The google express Costco prices are WAY inflated compared to warehouse. Many large or heavy items are double the price. Hard pass.


Some of the prices are the same, some are about 20% higher. I think you pretty much come out ahead very time with this offer.

Expires April 1, 2018

I wonder if the % of inflation versus warehouse is dependent on your location.

i.e., living in a big city (Chicago, LA etc), do you get better Costco @ Google Express prices than someone living in say Iowa or Oklahoma? or perhaps it is vice versa.

I live in a big city and always come out ahead on bulky items with 20% off promo, so I will definitely win on this 25% off discount (unless of course they increase the amount of price inflation specifically for this offer!).

I live 40 mins from a Costco and find the prices are about the same as what I would pay in store. I come out ahead not having to spend money on gas and time already.

yep. just parking at mine is a hassle..cuz it takes forever to park, plus the lines are so long, you can easily spend 1 hour just to get like 3 items. The coupon is like valet parking, and hello fresh all in one hehe

I’m in the Houston area and come out slightly ahead with 20%, so 25% is also good here. I have noticed some sale items are not inflated from the in-store sale price.

No need for the app, it is on the normal google express webpage:

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