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[Expired] Google Express Offers Free Shipping with $15 Minimum Extended through June 30th

This deal has expired, view more Google Express offers here

Deal expired, but has now been brought back and extended until June 30th, 2018. Don’t forget the 20% off for some people as well as the amex offer mentioned below.

This deal has expired, view more Google Express offers here

Google Express has reduced their free shipping minimum this week to just $15+. Typically, the free shipping threshold is $35, though this does vary by store. Through June 18th, they’ve reduced the free shipping threshold to just $15 for most stores.

This free shipping deal times well with the Amex Offer deal to get $20 or 2,000 points with a $60 order. Much easier to hit the exact offer threshold when free shipping is just $15.

There are exceptions who retain their regular free shipping minimum, notably Costco retains their $35 minimum. Keep in mind that Costco (and possibly some other stores) charge more on Google Express than buying direct. Other stores like Walmart and Target typically offer the same prices, as far as I’m aware.

If you’re new to Google Express, you can use my referral code 3RAQ963S4 (signup link) which functions as a promo code at checkout to get $10 off $10. Or, first time users can use promo code DAD20 to get 20% off (max $20 discount).

Hat tip to Dansdeals


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anything worth buying?

I have searched and found limited items at higher prices than I am used to. Even with stacking all the offers I don’t come out ahead.

I don’t even bother with Google Express any more even with these offers. Extra markup, extra complexity and extra uncertainty in the pricing. It’s a bad business model.

I stock up paper products at Costco. The TP and paper towels are about 20% higher but the Amex offer gives over 30% off so even without a promo code, I still come out ahead.

If a 20% discount is stacked with an AMEX statement credit, Google Express is a pretty good deal. I buy things like dog bones, paper towels, and toilet paper.

I beat any express Google deal on toilet paper months ago with an amex/boxed promo. Dog bones? Paper towels, I just use cloth ones. Cheaper in the long run and better for the environment. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Does GoogleExpress refund sales tax it collects that it shouldn’t be?

The total price you see is an estimated price, but they correct it when your item ships. It’s annoying but they do fix it, and customer service is easy to reach if for whatever reason your final total doesn’t reflect correct sales tax.

From what I noticed, depends who ships the product. Google items are no tax, but Walmart and Target are taxed.

The only I wished is that Google would allow you to pay with Google Play gift cards on Google Express. That would be a game changer.

For those that tried to do the giant paper towel order through Target a few weeks ago, it’s a good time to use your $10 account credit. I ordered an $18 toaster for $9. Mine died the other day.

Thanks for the reminder. I forgot about it.

Costco’s Google Express and general online strategy is honestly very confusing. Everything on their own website is more expensive than in warehouse and they generally charge a shipping fee on top. For Google Express, prices are higher than even Costco’s own website and there are issues with getting full value returns. Sam’s Club is so much further ahead in technology with a website that shows you in-warehouse prices, free shipping for plus members, and scan and go that allows you to avoid the zoo of weekend lines. If only Costco could adopt Sam’s technology or Sam’s could get higher quality employees like Costco.

Note to anyone ordering from outside the US, Google Express is only available to those located in the US. Additionally, anyone outside the US that has used the service in the past to order items to US addresses won’t be able to place orders or see their order history.

use a VPN like Touch VPN

Google Express deal
get 10 off [referral link removed. Not allowed here]
Order summary: Mobil 1 (5W-30) @22.88/each, 4 x 5qt (20 qt total)
Item(s) $91.52
Estimated tax $5.52
Discount -$18.30 (Code: DAD20 for 20% off)
Shipping & service $0.00
Estimated total $78.74
Discount Amex Spend $60 or more, get $20 back (Check Amex Reward offers)
New total $58.74

Original price per Qt $4.58
Paid price per Qt $2.94

Another great find by the doctor

T-Mobile Tuesday has 25% off Google Express discount coming up. Don’t know what the terms are. Probably same as they had before.

For me the only decent deals on google express are from my local grocery store. They don’t jack up the prices, but they offer limited items.

Try using APPFUN30. It’s 25% up to $30 but have to shop with the app. There is a page of items that it supposedly works with, but I haven’t had a problem using it for other random stores/items.


How often does google express offer the free shipping with $15 purchase?

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