Posted by William Charles on February 3, 2018

Published on February 3rd, 2018 | by William Charles


GroundLink Promotion Issues – What You Should Know & Do

We posted an extremely lucrative GroundLink promotion on the 31st. A lot of readers were able to amass a huge amount of GroundLink credit. Unfortunately it looks like GroundLink is clawing back this promotion, with readers having issues accessing their account and name being changed to “Gary Johnson”, the promotional pages have also been removed.  Here’s what you should know and do:

  • If you’ve already made a reservation, it looks like these are currently being honored. I would also be making back up plans in case they don’t come through with the ride.
  • Some people are having success accessing their accounts by:
    • Logging out and then back in after waiting 15-20 minutes.
    • Resetting your password on the desktop site
    • Using three @@@ at the start of your e-mail address when logging in
    • Logging into the app instead of desktop might also work


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Gary Johnson always going around & messing things up for the rest of us. Thanks Gary 😛

Using a different email than normal. I noticed this myself. First I logged in and saw a 0 balance so I logged out. After trying to login again with invalid password and getting locked out, I was able to reset my password, and login again. My credit now shows in full again.

Sloppy handling of a promotion begets even sloppier handling of the clawback! I knew I should have used those credits up right away!!!

WTF…They have just wiped an existence of my account. Forgot password tells me no account exists for that ID

Yup, I get the same message, should have just used up the credit!….oh well…to the next one…live and learn

Joseph Hostetler
Joseph Hostetler

Same here. Emailed them and they said they have no record of me.

Besides, app is usually a lot cheaper than on website, and it is much easier to actually apply credit to order, while on website it always automatically untick for me…

Say goodbye to my +$300 credit. Registered and added credits on 31st. My account isn’t even on system anymore coz I can’t even send myself a password reset. I get the following message:

“Sorry, but the email address provided is not in our system. Please try another email address or create a new profile.”

Nothing you suggested works!

Unfortunately, none of the methods work for me. I reached out to them by email and their response was that they had no account registered to my email. I emailed them back with the welcome email they had sent me the day before and asked what happened to my account and expressed my concerns about not being able to access an account that had my credit card info. Still waiting to hear back.

How do you know current reservations are being honored? Can you see the reservations in your account?

I booked two reservations immediately after getting the credits. But, I can’t access my account.

Oh man, I’ve got a ride scheduled in less than 90 minutes (and then again later this evening about 3 hours later). We’ll see what happens!

I think you’ll still get your ride.

My wife and I reserved rides two days ago (before the shutdowns) with each of our credits and were able to use them to a fancy restaurant tonight (her ride to, my ride back). Both worked no problem. She didn’t get notifications of the guy coming, so I had to call to make sure they were on their way. I had the app installed and received texts and app notifications that they were on their way.

Both times the driver was early (like a car service, versus a rideshare), and we were able to ride earlier and get to our destination earlier.

So in short, no problems, the service worked great, but if you’re someone who has a ride reserved further in the future, I’d call ahead of time near the time of your ride to confirm, but also be ready to have a backup in case it doesn’t work.

If you haven’t reserved yet, keep trying I guess, but also be prepared for your credits to never work.

How would a carshare arrive early? They’re supposed to read your mind and know you want the ride before you request it?

That’s literally what I said… Groundlink arrived early like a normal car service, versus a rideshare, which would only arrive after you summoned it.

Ahh, when I read it originally I inferred that you meant a rideshare is “late” since it is not “early.”

Tried resetting my password and this message: “Sorry, but the email address provided is not in our system. Please try another email address or create a new profile.”

Not good. Will try later or tomorrow.

Well that sucks. Had rides scheduled to and from the airport in a couple weeks and they deleted both mine and my wife’s account.

I do too. I think they’ll still be honored since the reservations are in their system despite our accounts being deleted.

A couple of possible scenarios:
1. Email address untouched, but password changed -> just reset the password following email instructions;
2. Email address doctored, but password OK -> try adding “@@@” in front of the legit email address;
3. Both email address and password screwed up -> this one is thorny since now you don’t have a legit email address on file to receive the “forget password” email:
a. If you have GroundLink app installed on your phone and logged in already, try changing the email address to the original one;
b. If not, well, good luck w/ talking to the customer support, who would probably pretend nothing has ever happened …

No luck with my account. Tried all the options and it appears Groundlinked decided to completely delete the account. Not very customer friendly and in addition to overpriced service.

It looks like Groundlink did a massive shutdown of accounts. Technically grounds for a class action lawsuit, but I doubt any law firm will take up the case.

I can’t believe they would just close/remove all the accounts vs just cancelling the credits – seems like it opens them up to a lot more issues.

That’s what I was thinking. At the very least, our credit card info is sitting on some server somewhere and we can’t delete it. Plus, we all have emails saying that we have an account and the enrolled our cards. Wouldn’t be shocked if a law firm DID take up the case, seeing as how every travel and points blogger in existence seemed to post it – there has to be a decent sized class.

I would like to see a law firm sue Groundlink, but I am guessing the carrot is too small.

If it is simply an IT mistake, I agree a lawsuit is not the answer here. But I doubt it is an IT mistake in this case. Is it legal to retroactively claw back bonuses and close accounts with no justification? What if all the airlines started to claw back all the points and close all the accounts? Is that fair play?

Unfortunately, sometimes lawsuits are necessary to keep businesses in line and protect customers.

Maybe Uber and Lyft will encourage a law firm to take up a class action against Groundlink

What a ridiculous attitude. People make mistakes, but to want to bankrupt a company because of an IT mistake truly shows a massive level of undeserved entitlement. I can safely assume that you have never owned a business, or for that matter created anything of value. You just think everyone else owes you stuff. That’s sadly a prevalent attitude in this hobby.

How is this an IT mistake? They just didn’t take into account that some people have a ton of visa signature cards. The terms say nothing about not being able to use the promo more than once.

Correct. Their terms in the promo state 1 promotional credit per card. That is per credit card

From a class action perspective – I’m more concerned about the account still being open and active, I just can’t access it to delete the stored credit cards. That information is just sitting on some server.

From a PR/new customer perspective – it’s just bad business. Think of it this way, a new business puts out a coupon or runs a promo, then decides not to honor it. How many of those people are going to come back to that business? It would have been a much better idea to pay some IT people overtime to fix the “glitch” that allowed all of the credits to be dumped into one bank, then send an email out to your new customers to apologize and explain what happened.

I had the same issue as other people were having. Couldn’t log into my account and was told email not found when tried to reset password on site. The I remembered I was signed on the app on the phone. It was still logged on but my email had been changed with 2 or 3 “@” in front of it. I removed those and saved, then I was able to sign back in on the website. Credits are still being shown on account.

I managed to get $65 of credit and then booked a trip for Feb 18. My account and reservation still show up. Lucky?

Did you open your groundlink account prior to Jan. 30?

Opened it 1/31 after reading the DoC post.

Then I guess you are the lucky guy.

Other people with less than $100 of credit (datapoints of $45, $50) said their accounts are still perfectly fine too.

Ok everyone, here is what they did, they changed everyone’s email in the system to @@@ followed by your previous email. I know this because I attached Facebook to my account and can still use it to login. The problem with this is that trying @@@ before your email triggers the incorrect email address error. Because my account was Facebook linked, I was able to login, change my email address back, then do a password reset. I can now successfully login with my email address and new password. I understand this doesn’t help you if you didn’t have Facebook login activated, but if you are dealing with CS and they are claiming you don’t have an account, make them search for your email with the @@@ before it. It still exists. What appears to have happened is some lower level tech guy decided the best way to handle things was to do a bulk change of their database for anyone who made an account on the day this went viral while they figure out how to legally claw back all that money. It’s unbelievable childish…but effective.

I had a long-standing account with them and am now also “Gary Johnson” with all credits revoked. So they targeted anyone who took advantage of the promo, not just newly created accounts.

The problem is that their phone support doesn’t handle any account related issue. While their email customer support doesn’t want to help you at all.

Any idea where the email verification (which rejects the @@@-starting email) takes place? Is it client-side?

Not sure, I’d have to investigate that. I assume you are thinking about bypassing it and forcing the POST headers in manually, in which case I would agree that’s definitely worth trying.

I just tested it and apparently it’s both client and server side.

it all makes sense, but why you needed to reset your password?

Sorry, apparently they changed that as well.

Makes sense again… Bot somehow my app stayed logged in (I guess they use some token, or device based authentication, so change of password did not affect it).
Then I may try to reset it as you did (after I changed the email)… and that should probably grant me the access via the website too …
Thank you!

Yep, you are right. Worked like a charm, now I am back in on the website as well…. does not mean they will honor anything, but at least better than nothing.

I never did anything through FB, and I was able to get back into my acct through the app, do a pw reset, then remove the @@@ on Friday. I don’t think FB has anything to do with it. My credits are still showing, and I think updating my email to remove the @@@ on Friday was likely why I slipped by.

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