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[Dead] Get Free Car or Limo Service by Stacking your Visa Signature or Infinite Card Benefits

This is no longer working, more information here.

All Visa Signature and Visa Infinite credit cards offer a free credit to car/limo service Grounlink, and apparently these are stackable in the sense that you can use the pool the credits from all of your Visa cards to pay for a single ride.

Before we start, Grounlink is a car and limo service which is probably much more expensive than your local Uber or taxi, so you may only want to use it for special occasions or to use up your credits.

Check your Visa Signature cards here | Check your Visa Infinite cards here

We’ve mentioned the Grounlink benefit only once before in regard to the US Bank Altitude card which is a Visa Infinite and comes with the Groundlink benefit. But today we learned that all Visa Signature and Infinite cards come with the benefit. More importantly, Milesbriefs found that you don’t actually have to use each Groundlink credit with the associated Visa card, meaning that you can get credit for each one of your Visa Signature/Infinite cards pooled in your Groundlink account and use them all on a single (expensive) ride.

  • Visa Infinite cards come with a $30 free credit, along with 15% off all rides (e.g. CSR and Altitude).
  • Visa Signature cards come with a $20 free credit, along with 10% off all rides.

Another nice thing is that Groundlink offers a referral program where both the referrer and new member get $25 credit. If you have three Infinite cards, seven Signature cards, and get a $25 referral bonus, you’ll be starting with a $255 credit which should cover a nice few rides, even at limo prices.

Feel free to find and leave referrals on this dedicated page; please do not leave them in the comments below. Let us know your experiences in the comments below.

Apparently only personal cards are eligible, not business cards. But all authorized user cards work for a separate credit, provided (????) they have a unique card number. You can find a list of which card issuers provide a unique AU card number in this post. 

Readers note that there tips and other fees like tolls might not be able to be paid with the credit so keep that in mind. Could be smart to use up your credits on group transportation or something of the sort where you can’t take advantage of a cheap Uber.

Go through a shopping portal when booking your Groundlink. A reader notes that you can add your IHG, AA, or United membership numbers and get points when using Groundlink. There’s also an Amex Offer deal going on currently to get $50 off $150, use that if you’re planning on going over your allotted credits or maybe to pay the tips and fees.

We’ll try to compile a list of all Visa Signature and Infinite cards. We’ll start with the list began by Milesbriefs and a few that I’ve added; hopefully readers will add what’s missing. Cards mentioned in the list below will vary – they won’t always be Signature or Infinite, but at least sometimes they will be.

  • Alliant Cashback
  • Bank of America Premium Rewards
  • Bank of America Travel Rewards
  • Bank of America Merrill+
  • Bank of America Cash Rewards
  • Bank of America Premium Rewards
  • Bank of America Alaska
  • Bank of America Asiana
  • Barlcaycard Priceline
  • Barclaycard NFL Extra Points
  • Barclaycard Wyndham Rewards
  • Capital One QuickSilver
  • CapitalOne Venture
  • CapitalOne VentureOne
  • Chase Amazon
  • Chase Freedom
  • Chase Freedom Unlimited
  • Chase British
  • Chase Hyatt
  • Chase Ritz (Infinite)
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred
  • Chase Sapphire Reserve (Infinite)
  • Chase Sapphire
  • Chase Southwest
  • Chase United
  • Chase Marriott
  • Chase Disney
  • Citi Costco
  • City National Crystal
  • Club Carlson Premier Rewards
  • FNBO Orvis
  • Navy Federal Flagship Rewards
  • Penfed Platinum Rewards
  • PNC Cash Rewards
  • Synchrony Cathay Pacific
  • TD Bank Cash Rewards
  • US Bank Altitude (Infinite)
  • US Bank Fidelity
  • UBS card (Infinite)
  • U.S. Bank Cash+
  • U.S. Bank Club Carlson
  • U.S. Bank Skypass
  • U.S. Bank Lanpass
  • USAA Limitless
  • Wells Fargo Cash Wise

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There’s also an Amex offer “spend $150, get $50 back”

Right, but that would imply having to spend at least $100 OOP, which is what we’re trying to avoid 🙂

BTW worked with my Merrill+

Booked my ride from BOS airport. Normal price about $115. With credits and using NEWYORK20 promo code, total cost $17.60 for two people. Much cheaper that taxi, uber or bus.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, even if you have a Visa Signature version of the Uber card, it does not qualify for the credit. At least that was my experience.

My Capital One VentureOne is a platinum, not a signature.

In addition I have the following Visa signatures:
CapOne Quicksilver
Chase Amazon Rewards
Chase Sapphire (the no-fee version)
Barclaycard NFL Extra Points

CapitalOne Sony Card (Visa Signature) works

My visa signature Chase Freedom and Freedom Unlimited also qualified

Weird, my Freedom Unlimited did not.

Was it PCd from another card? Does it say Signature on it?

Sweet. I think there is also this Amex offer available- $50 Statement Credit For $150 Purchase Expiration: 3/12/2018 After tallying up the card credits I think I have $120 to spend.

Navy Federal GoRewards and Marriott Rewards as well.

Thoughts on making reservations now and not waiting at all because of the likelihood this gets shut down due to publicity…?

Chase Freedom with the new design is also a Signature that counts. My other Freedom has the old design and it doesn’t count. Worth getting replaced I guess.

It’s the card number that identifies whether it qualifies or not, not the design. It’s possible that your other Freedom is lower than Visa Signature.

Both my old Freedoms work.

Generally as your credit score improves and your ability to get more, and larger, credit lines extended to you by the issuing banks, you will start getting more Visa Signature and MC World Elite cards. Once I got into this game and realized the restrictions on Infinites, Signatures (must have at least 10k CL, must have at least 5k CL), I started calling all of my banks and asking for the highest level card available as well as increasing my credit lines to get above those minimums. Now all of my Visas, regardless of issuing bank, are at least Signatures and all of my MCs, regardless of issuing bank, are at least World with most being World Elite.

Obviously there are exceptions to this based on the cards’ particular bank, purpose and program. For example, I have the BofA Better Balance Rewards MC and even though it has a 15k CL, it is still only an MC Platinum because the World and World Elite MCs are not offered on that particular card. As so many in the churning game say, “It never hurts to ask,” so just get on the phone with your banks and as long as your CLs are high enough, and the card program supports a higher level MC/Visa, chances are that you can “upgrade” a large majority of your cards.

Does the credit expire once you activate? I like being able to set this up and use the $500 or whatever credit in a few years when I need it. However if it expires then I will wait until I need to actually use it.

Also are you able to give a tip out of the credit? Since the price is very high, the suggested 15% tip would be more than just taking an uber.

Same question regarding expiration of credit

I got $175 credit and just booked but was not able to apply the credit at the time of booking. I assume this is because the credit card (CSR %15 off total cost was not applied either) is not charged until the ride takes place. Terms also state that tip, taxes, and fees are included in listed price.

my receipt states:
“Note: Gratuity already included in fare price. Additional ancillary fees such as tolls, wait time, parking and stops are not included in the rate shown. If the payment method is a credit/debit card, an authorization hold will be secured at the time of reservation.”

Mine worked no problem at time of booking (booked for a trip in June). At first the credit wouldn’t apply on the trip from the airport to my house but I downloaded the app and it applied it no problem.

Update: I sent an email asking if my credit could be applied along with the %15 off for using CSR. All discounts have been applied. Boston-Logan Airport to Hartford CT original fare $294, -$44 (%15 CSR) – $175 credit = total of $75 for 3 people. Not bad. Thanks for the info and links Doc!

In case if you want extra 5%.. the promo provided by Jay (NEWYORK20) works.

So booking from an airport did not work on the website but did on the app? Grear. Trying that. Thnx.

Are you trying to book a ride from an airport? If so that could be why…

PNC Cash Rewards & Chase Freedom Unlimited are both Visa Signatures for me.

sad. my freedom unlimited is just a plain old visa, no signature =/

“But all authorized user cards work for a separate credit, provided they have a unique card number.”

The “unique card number” portion is not true. I was able to use the same card number to get additional credits for my Chase AUs.

Did you add them to the same account? I have negative DP that the same card number (with different names) doesn’t get additional credits.

Different account, where the cardholder name matches the account holder’s name.

Correct me if I’m wrong but citi costco visa signature is business card not personal card. I confirmed with citi rep that citi costco personal doesn’t have signature version.

The Citi rep is wrong. I have a Signature version of the personal Costco card.

I’m looking at my Citi Costco card (personal, not business) right now and it’s a Visa Signature. I think the Citi rep was incorrect.

Citi took over both personal and biz Amex Costco lines. I have both. Personal worked. Biz expectedly did not.

Alaska MileagePlan Visa worked for me. Having trouble getting Wynhdam and Southwest Premiere to work. Getting stuck on second screen.

Guys I understand why you are not using your own referral codes on your site, but can I receive one in my mailbox?

Thank you

BOA cash rewards and Chase Amazon cards are visa signature as well.

How you use the credit?

…by taking rides.

I meant where do I put my credit card information to apply credit.

I figured out though now by finding link at milesbriefs.


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