[Dead] Get Free Car or Limo Service by Stacking your Visa Signature or Infinite Card Benefits

This is no longer working, more information here.

All Visa Signature and Visa Infinite credit cards offer a free credit to car/limo service Grounlink, and apparently these are stackable in the sense that you can use the pool the credits from all of your Visa cards to pay for a single ride.

Before we start, Grounlink is a car and limo service which is probably much more expensive than your local Uber or taxi, so you may only want to use it for special occasions or to use up your credits.

Check your Visa Signature cards here | Check your Visa Infinite cards here

We’ve mentioned the Grounlink benefit only once before in regard to the US Bank Altitude card which is a Visa Infinite and comes with the Groundlink benefit. But today we learned that all Visa Signature and Infinite cards come with the benefit. More importantly, Milesbriefs found that you don’t actually have to use each Groundlink credit with the associated Visa card, meaning that you can get credit for each one of your Visa Signature/Infinite cards pooled in your Groundlink account and use them all on a single (expensive) ride.

  • Visa Infinite cards come with a $30 free credit, along with 15% off all rides (e.g. CSR and Altitude).
  • Visa Signature cards come with a $20 free credit, along with 10% off all rides.

Another nice thing is that Groundlink offers a referral program where both the referrer and new member get $25 credit. If you have three Infinite cards, seven Signature cards, and get a $25 referral bonus, you’ll be starting with a $255 credit which should cover a nice few rides, even at limo prices.

Feel free to find and leave referrals on this dedicated page; please do not leave them in the comments below. Let us know your experiences in the comments below.

Apparently only personal cards are eligible, not business cards. But all authorized user cards work for a separate credit, provided (????) they have a unique card number. You can find a list of which card issuers provide a unique AU card number in this post. 

Readers note that there tips and other fees like tolls might not be able to be paid with the credit so keep that in mind. Could be smart to use up your credits on group transportation or something of the sort where you can’t take advantage of a cheap Uber.

Go through a shopping portal when booking your Groundlink. A reader notes that you can add your IHG, AA, or United membership numbers and get points when using Groundlink. There’s also an Amex Offer deal going on currently to get $50 off $150, use that if you’re planning on going over your allotted credits or maybe to pay the tips and fees.

We’ll try to compile a list of all Visa Signature and Infinite cards. We’ll start with the list began by Milesbriefs and a few that I’ve added; hopefully readers will add what’s missing. Cards mentioned in the list below will vary – they won’t always be Signature or Infinite, but at least sometimes they will be.

  • Alliant Cashback
  • Bank of America Premium Rewards
  • Bank of America Travel Rewards
  • Bank of America Merrill+
  • Bank of America Cash Rewards
  • Bank of America Premium Rewards
  • Bank of America Alaska
  • Bank of America Asiana
  • Barlcaycard Priceline
  • Barclaycard NFL Extra Points
  • Barclaycard Wyndham Rewards
  • Capital One QuickSilver
  • CapitalOne Venture
  • CapitalOne VentureOne
  • Chase Amazon
  • Chase Freedom
  • Chase Freedom Unlimited
  • Chase British
  • Chase Hyatt
  • Chase Ritz (Infinite)
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred
  • Chase Sapphire Reserve (Infinite)
  • Chase Sapphire
  • Chase Southwest
  • Chase United
  • Chase Marriott
  • Chase Disney
  • Citi Costco
  • City National Crystal
  • Club Carlson Premier Rewards
  • FNBO Orvis
  • Navy Federal Flagship Rewards
  • Penfed Platinum Rewards
  • PNC Cash Rewards
  • Synchrony Cathay Pacific
  • TD Bank Cash Rewards
  • US Bank Altitude (Infinite)
  • US Bank Fidelity
  • UBS card (Infinite)
  • U.S. Bank Cash+
  • U.S. Bank Club Carlson
  • U.S. Bank Skypass
  • U.S. Bank Lanpass
  • USAA Limitless
  • Wells Fargo Cash Wise

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I made a reservation a week ago. Cost $17.60 and it was confirmed. I am overseas now. When I log onto the app today, it shows a price of $62. They also tried to call me today but left no message. Looks like they are clawing back the discounts.


I just received this email. I don’t know how they sent it to my because my email address isn’t listed and I still can’t login.

Dear GroundLink account holder,

While conducting an Audit of our promotional programs it has come to our attention that your Visa Infinite or Signature card has been submitted multiple times to receive multiple credits. Under our terms of service it states:

· Upon card validation, U.S. Visa Infinite or Signature cardholders get one promotional credit that can be applied toward a GroundLink reservation booked with that card. Limit 1 promotional credit per card.

For this reason, we have adjusted your accounts to reflect the correct number of credits. If you have any questions please email CSSupervisor@groundlink.com .

GroundLink Team


Had horrible experience in Orlando. Notes below:

-Driver showed up 15 minutes late
-Booked luxury – got Lincoln Towncar years and years old (had a cassette player)
-Handle falling off door
-Strong cigarettes smell
-Trash on floor


The company is deleting the account who linked now and also will not give you the credit.


Is it your interpretation or you actually talked to the customer service people?
Thank you,


More info:

Can not login on their website, but still logged in on the app (did not try to log out though). The booking I made yesterday still shows in “Upcoming”, and I can see all details of that booking.
Can not make another booking from the app, but the remainder of the credit is shown, also was able to add another credit card, and successfully deleted it after that (so seems like account is still there, but restricted).

Did not have any issues logging in on the main site using another account. So, clearly users “participated” in the recent promo are “restricted”, but not “deleted”…

Probably awaiting their bosses decision on what to do with us 🙂

Is anybody who opened and loaded the account yesterday having different experience?

Good luck.


Well, now they’ve taken it a step further and deleted the accounts:

“Sorry, but the email address provided is not in our system. Please try another email address or create a new profile.”

Account had a ride booked for March

Joshua H.
Joshua H.

They have deleted my accounts. Any DP on thestatus of the trip that you booked with the credit?Wondering if they would cancel them as well, but I didn’t receive any email about cancellation.


My account with $100 of credit has been deleted without notice. Seems like they got cold feet on this deal.


Yup. Mine looks like it’s gone 🙁


Mine is still there… but I did already make a booking.. not sure if that makes a difference. If it is may be it would be a good idea to make a booking as far in advance as possible (if you do not need it yet), and then you can modify it or cancel and rebook later..

At this point nobody knows how it will work out, but may be not a bad idea to use the credit as quickly as you can 🙂

Good luck.


May be it is too soon to panic…. I tried to login on their website and could not do it…getting the message “The username or password are incorrect.”… but their Android application works fine, and everything is there… Their site had many issues last few days (most likely because so many people hit it). It is possible that they are fixing this bug, or something else…

Try to see if you can access your account on your phone. May be not everything is lost yet 🙂

Good luck.


party is over… deal is gone.


Is this dead? I added my Freedom this afternoon, but when I went in tonight to add the rest of my cards, both links didn’t work (multiple browsers, etc).


Appears to be dead. The links to add your cards say Page Not Found


Appears to be dead. The links to add your card say Page Not Found