Posted by William Charles on August 1, 2019

Published on August 1st, 2019 | by William Charles


[Expired] Gyft: $50 Giftcard for $42.50, Promo Code VOYAGE

Deal has expired, view more Gyft deals by clicking here.

Looks like Gyft is no longer 5x on Chase Ink Cards

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Gyft is offering $50 digital gift cards for $42.5 with promo code: VOYAGE

The Fine Print

  • Promotion is limited. Promotion is valid while supplies last
  • Purchase a $50 Gift Card for $42.50
  • Must apply the promo code VOYAGE at checkout to get the $7.50 discount
  • Promotion ends at 9:00 PM ET on August 14, 2019 or while supplies last
  • Promotion is only eligible for a $50 or more Gift Card purchase
  • Promo code is valid with all payment methods
  • Cannot combine with other promotions
  • Each household can redeem promo code up to 2 times
  • Email validation is required to complete a gift card purchase
  • Must have a Gyft account to purchase
  • Only valid for users residing in the U.S.
  • Gift cards are only redeemable in the U.S.

Our Verdict

Gyft deals are especially nice since you’ll get 5x or 3x with the Chase INK cards when paying with Paypal. Doesn’t look like Gyft is available on any shopping portals. gets better when you stack other deals as well, more info on that here.

Hat tip to reader GC Galore

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It’s no longer possible to combine gcs bought on third party sites like raise. They’ve ended the very useful and quick online combine cards function. Now you have to call and they ask a series of questions like… How much was the card originally worth? When was it activated? Etcetera. Obviously impossible to know these things if you bought “used” cards. They’ve changed the terms without legally making changes in the terms… And predictably they claim it’s for my security. Please. What a$$hats.

Adding.. making it impossible to combine cards severely limits the utility of these cards as you can only use one card per purchase.


If you use a gift card on a refundable hotel and then cancel that hotel, they’ll generate a brand new gift card for your refund. Then you’ll have the original date & amount. It’s a pain, but it’s a helpful trick for future use. A call to merge cards takes less than 5 minutes, I’ve done it quite a few times now.

Michael Denner
Michael Denner

I’ll try this… They clearly got scammed somehow (probably people laundering money), and their reaction is to hammer everyone instead of policing bad behavior. I really hate it when that happens.

Michael Denner
Michael Denner

Interesting. That seems to have worked. I guess you could do this with every third-party GC, though it seems a real pity to jump the hurdle: Book a hotel for roughly the total of the card. Cancel booking. Launder card. I’m considering doing this now with a large GC… I’ll comment if I do it…


Glad to hear my tip helped. I really don’t understand what thinks they’re preventing with this new system…

TG GCs on Raise are actually new first party cards. They’re one of the handful of companies that sell directly on Raise, which is also why you can’t list your own GCs on Raise.

Michael Denner
Michael Denner

That does not change the fact that you can’t combine the cards. The rep on the phone asks ‘when was the card activated’ and the answer is NOT ‘today when I bought it in Raise.’ not a bug a feature. They don’t want to allow you to combine so they ask a series of difficult but irrelevant questions and say ‘sorry, buddy! I have policies!’ But not before eating twenty minutes of your life.

Michael Denner
Michael Denner

Adding: I spoke with two mangers and it still didn’t help… No traction, so HUCB doesn’t work.


I use quite frequently on bookings for my employees and currently have about $6k in $100 gift cards (purchased with discount from an authorized vendor). The “merge-tool” had been a godsend and since the disappearance many months ago, it’s been a pain having to call in everytime to combine gift cards. However, with all the correct information ready and if I get the right, competent person I can often do 10 or more at a time.


To clarify: “Gift cards are only redeemable in the U.S.” I guess this means you have to be in the U.S. to do the redemption process. However they can be redeemed for hotels overseas (as you’d expect, but the fine print seemed ambiguous).

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