Posted by William Charles on November 19, 2018
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Published on November 19th, 2018 | by William Charles


Chase Expanded The Chase 5/24 Rule To More Cards

Update 11/19/2018: I’m calling it. Looks like Chase has almost certainly expanded the 5/24 rule to most if not all co-branded credit cards. I haven’t seen any reliable datapoints of people being approved for these cards that are over 5/24 unless they applied before November 13th, 2018. As always I’d love to hear from any readers that apply, please share your data points in the comments below. RIP Chase.

Earlier today a new /r/churning thread was posted ‘Hyatt card now falls under 5/24 rule (starting this week )‘. So far there are a total of six datapoints in that post, as well as some talking about other cards such as the Chase British Airways and IHG cards. Before we mark these cards as definitively under 5/24 it’s important to understand that a denial for too many inquiries in the last 24 months is not definitive proof that the 5/24 rule exists on that card. A lot of people who applied for and were denied for these cards were given the reason of ‘too many cards in the last 24 months’ (one was even told 48 months, but I suspect that was just an error). That’s a common denial reason for all issuers and Chase denies people for that even when a card doesn’t have the 5/24 rule applied. For a primer on Chase 5/24 rule, read this first.

It’s difficult to prove that the Chase 5/24 rule does apply to more cards, but it’s easy to determine if it doesn’t. If somebody is approved for a card and is over 5/24 then that rule cannot be applied. This post aims to gather datapoints, if you’ve applied for a Chase card in the last 48 hours and that card previously hasn’t been subjected to 5/24 then let us know if you were approved or denied in the comments. In particular we are interested in those approval data points.


  • British Airways
    • Approved: 1 (last friday), 2 (approved 11/13)
    • Denied: 1, 2,
  • Disney:
    • Denied: 1,
  • Hyatt
    • Denied: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,
    • Approved: 1 (used referral link), 2 (11/12),
  • Iberia:
    • Denied: 1,
  • IHG
    • Approved: 1 (10/4)
    • Denied: 1,

With the above datapoints remember that a denial doesn’t mean that Chase 5/24 definitively exists on those cards. I think it’s safe to say if a new rule has been introduced then it’s happened in the last 24-72 hours.

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I had a reader reach out to me yesterday after getting a Hyatt denial for the same reason. I asked for DP yesterday in our facebook group but only got an approval DP from a week ago.

Got room for one more in the Facebook group??

Double dipped the CSR and CSP Monday at 9/12 18/24

uhh. u should check if u really got approved… or u could be trolling

LOL, I agree. Probably just trolling.

either a clueless or intentionally obvious troll,

Aditya Chicago, you’re a LIAR!
Nobody can app for both CSR & CSP at the same time. As of this year, nobody (new applicants) can have both cards. One or the other but not both. Also 48 months language.

Doc… please block this troll.

You CAN double dip, just not on a Monday, only on a Sunday.

As of this year, You can NOT have CSP and CSR and get bonus on both cards unless it has been 48 months since last bonus within Sapphire family. You can convert CSP to CSR and vice versa but no bonus. You may apply for CSR while having CSP but if the last time you got your Sapphire bonus is within 48 months then you still may get approved but no bonus.

I challenge you to go and apply for both cards and expect to get both bonus if within 48 months.


You’re right, that is their official new rule, and it’s nearly impossible to get around it.

However, there IS a way. I did it 2 months ago. You can check reddit for more info. But it has to be on a Sunday.

Highly unlikely that you got approved for both. Even if you did, you wouldn’t be eligible for both sign up bonuses. Nothing to boast about, and it would only be your loss and a waste of your 5/24. Good job! Good for you! Yay! Haha

Project much?

Chase aur teri dash ka Bh$#&a………shut up and do not spread false rumors.

thank you for clarifying a key misconception from n00bs. being denied for ‘too many cards in the last 24 months’ does NOT mean its 5/24. all those DPs are not very clear in their x/6, x/12, x/24. all that matters.

a definitive way to determine 5/24 status is to call. the CSR is usually dumb, but when you HUCA enough, you will get a supervisor and they will tell you whats up. but this usually means eyes on your account and I would avoid if you are already ‘too many cards in the last 24 months’. i wouldnt push it.

but another key way to test is to have a n00b at 6/24 apply for the CC. after many denials, it should be obvious when a card is under 5/24 law. this is because someone with only 6/24 spread out to avoid velocity shut downs, should not be denied for ‘too many cards in the last 24 months’ unless its actually 5/24.

Exaclty. as a “Noob” I am almost always approved for Chase cards.

Your strategy is sound, but I would add 2 other caveates to increase accuracy.
1. Limited number of Chase Cards already. (I.e. Few enough that you should “Expect” Chase to open new cards for you. 1-2 for some persons, could be 4-5 for someone with mature credit history and high income.)

2. Obviously still has a good credit score and haven’t lowered Average Age of Credit too severely. It SHOULD be obvious not to apply with a bad score, but with your use of the word “Noob” it doesn’t hurt to clarify. (I.e. the 6 new accounts to get to 6/24 could easily trash the credit profiles of some Noobs with thin credit profiles.)

very true. great clarification points. and unfortunately, the only DPs we can hope for are going to come from n00bs. veterans who understand cant apply without risking shutdown after an app.

i am at 3/24 (3 chase business cards in last 11 months) and was denied a 4th business card 4 months after last one was approved recently for too many cards……..and did not get approved despite offering to lower credit or close one of the cards……….so chase can be picky and stingy!!!!!!!!

Sad. But very interesting dp. I’m super curious if the 3 business cards were for the same business or for different businesses?

Way over 5/24. Approved for BA last week.


I would also ask anyone denied to report if they used a “direct” link or a referral link. This may not make a difference, but perhaps Chase *may* not have programmed (yet) against the more personalized URL referral links that were made prior to the last few days.

I was one of the first DP on reddit. I was denied after using a referral link on Monday.

Based on the DPs, if something did happen, I’m pretty sure it was within the past day or two.

I have been denied for this reason in the past. Asked to shift credit from a current account to this newly applied for account and was granted instant approval.

Chuck, isn’t the IHG datum you linked to a recent APPROVAL at over 5/24?

Wow this means a lot to me. I closed my Hyatt card 2 weeks ago. (After 4 years) hoping to apply again after 30 days and snag the 60K bonus.
Now im in dielema if 5/24 applies I would just reinstate the closed card (within 30 days) if it doesn’t apply I will wait another two weeks to apply.

Based on a few DP’s a referral may bypass it (if it is now 5/24) definitely keep checking!

You don’t necessarily have to wait 30 days. I closed two SW personal cards and then one week later applied for Plus card via wife’s referral link. I was instantly approved.


I applied a week ago for my spouse for the Chase Hyatt she was denied because of too many request for Credit. She is only 2/24 but with a lot of new Business cards (4 Amex 1 Chase 1 Citi).

FWIW … Applied this week for WoH at 4/24 with at least 3 other HPs in last 12 mos. and got instant approval. So, yeah, you might call recon.

Same boat for me, 3/24 but 3 chase buziness, 1 AMEX Bz and one Barclay Bz in last 12 months……….so Recon also refused/rejected saying too much credit/too many applications……….FU Chase

What a terrible world we live in. I can’t believe British Airways card would be ever under 5/24 as Avios are completely worthless.

Agree, except if Chase IT just decided every Chase card is now under 5/24 from a programming standpoint.

DP: Reached 5/24 beginning of October. Beginning of November I applied for the ihg premier credit card and was approved (fourth chase card) bringing me to 6/24. I received the card yesterday.

I smell a rat

Just got approved for Hyatt via referral link. I’m way past 5/24

When did you apply?

How did you get the referral link?

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