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runnerdud (@guest_1843966)
May 13, 2024 09:22

The 6 month promotion is ending for many of us this month. When you go to cancel the subscription you should be given the offer of $3.99 for 3 more months. Has anyone come across a better renewal offer to continue service until next Black Friday?

Jason (@guest_1741534)
November 21, 2023 12:34

Signed up as a returning customer. After signing in, presented the $2.99 offer to come back, and was charged $9.99. Seems like they really have it together over there. Now 20+ min spent on chat trying to fix it. Womp.

BW (@guest_1741432)
November 21, 2023 10:51

No 4k and crappy ads. Pass

Credit Card Offers
Credit Card Offers (@guest_1741213)
November 21, 2023 05:26

if you want HBO Ad free, just purchase it using hulu that way you can use up your monthly hulu credit from amex

BW (@guest_1741438)
November 21, 2023 10:53

Oh that’s a good idea that way it bills thru Hulu. Smart

jnw (@guest_1740984)
November 20, 2023 22:20

Ads on HBO? Yuck, not if they paid me.

Greg (@guest_1740877)
November 20, 2023 20:22

Just an FYI looks like the free live sports add on expires on March 1 just in time for march madness and will cost an addition $10 per month from then on. I was going to do this deal just for the march madness coverage.

Lantean (@guest_1740855)
November 20, 2023 19:53

This is only HD…. not 4k.

Celery (@guest_1741017)
November 20, 2023 22:56

Even their higher tier will not support 4k anymore.

GoPack (@guest_1741028)
November 20, 2023 23:05

What are you talking about? Their highest tier absolutely is 4K

BW (@guest_1741400)
November 21, 2023 10:29

Yes it does, it’s $20/month though.

SimplyTostitos (@guest_1740808)
November 20, 2023 18:58


BN (@guest_1740690)
November 20, 2023 17:36

Hmm, looks like no cashback site has HBO anymore 🙁

Arnold Rothstein
Arnold Rothstein (@guest_1740741)
November 20, 2023 18:08

There is still a CHASE offer for $25 back with $99 spend I think. In fact I was about to do that deal until this came along. This is a better deal, only 2.99 instead of ~ 6.30 per month for the With-Ads Tier. No way I am paying ~240 a year for Ad-free….

BN (@guest_1740763)
November 20, 2023 18:22

Thanks !

Celia (@guest_1741446)
November 21, 2023 11:00

There was a $25 Amex offer that ended earlier this month that I forgot to use. Was going to do the $150/yr no ads plan. What Chase card did you get an offer on?

EastsideBK (@guest_1742420)
November 22, 2023 11:11

@Celia I just got the $25 off $99 offer on my Chase United Gateway and Quest cards. Received an email yesterday (11/21) but maybe you can check out the Chase bonus tracker as well?

IMO, this Chase offer is actually a better deal than AmEx because I believe AmEx was a one-time purchase. This Chase deal is for multiple purchases until 9/30/24. So you can take advantage of the Black Friday deal for 6 months and then still get $25 off a regular subscription (ad or ad-free).

At least this is how I understand it….Hope this makes sense??

Celia (@guest_1742531)
November 22, 2023 12:35

Nice. I don’t have those cards but wish I had the offer on one of the ones I did have. You’re right, it sounds like the Chase offer would be better.

PK (@guest_1740647)
November 20, 2023 16:42

I hate ad supported plans. The only one that’s not a total p-i-t-a for movie viewing is Peacock which puts all the ads before the movie.

David (@guest_1740696)
November 20, 2023 17:41

Adpocalypse continues. Hopefully consumers continue to push back.

Arnold Rothstein
Arnold Rothstein (@guest_1740729)
November 20, 2023 18:05

MAX has been rated the least intrusive for their Ads tier. We can bitch and moan all we want, but this is the cheapest and least painless way to continue to get one of the better streaming services.

jnw (@guest_1740985)
November 20, 2023 22:21

Ads never belong on HBO shows.. lol. Ever since I was a kid watching HBO on the old tube TV, there were never ads. Yuck!

Arnold Rothstein
Arnold Rothstein (@guest_1741101)
November 21, 2023 00:17

Yeah, and it was extremely expensive for HBO and cable hookup back then. The whole selling point of HBO and other premium cable channels was No Ads. People were willing to pay for that. Some people are still willing to pay ~240 a year for Ad-Free. You have that choice. In fact, there are arguably too many choices when it comes to streaming and premium content today.