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Published on November 9th, 2017 | by William Charles


Hilton Diamond Status From Aspire Will Count Towards Lifetime Diamond

Brian over at The Gate pointed out something regarding the new Hilton Aspire card that I hadn’t thought about before. The card comes with Diamond status among other benefits, Hilton also offers lifetime Diamond status if you meet the following qualifications:

  • Have earned Diamond Status for at least 10 years (non-consecutive) AND
  • Who have done one of the following:
    • Have completed stays totaling at least 1,000 paid and reward nights
    • Have earned at least 2 million Base Points over life of membership

The Aspire card won’t really help with either of the second qualifications (apart from giving you some free nights towards the 1,000 total) but it does give you Diamond Status for at least one year. I’ve double confirmed with American Express & Hilton that Diamond status earned from the card will count towards the 10 year requirement.

This won’t be very useful for most people as hitting the 1,000 night requirement or 2,000,000 base point requirement would be difficult for most people. But it might be useful to some road warriors that have already hit that requirement and haven’t earned diamond status for a total of ten years yet.


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In ten years they will have zirconium, molybdenum, plutonium, etc over diamond.

Diamond means you don’t need to bring your own bath soap.

If there is a best DoC comment of the year award, this should at least be a nominee.

+2 🙂


Love that comment!

let me break out my periodic table and look these up….

no way zirconium will be above diamond…



This is useful to point out to folks, but 1,000 paid nights is A LOT. I guess someone could have stayed 1,000 nights over 20-25 years and not been diamond for many of those years and with that first requirement being non-consecutive they could qualify for lifetime diamond after a few years with the credit card.

Even if you travel 50% for your job (crazy), taking out holiday’s, vacation time and days off, you’re looking at 100 nights a year, which would take at least 10 years to get to in an ideal situation. You’ll have to fork over at least 150K spent, just to get a bottle of water and a shinier loyalty card.

it only takes Ryan Bingham 3 years and a couple months to get 1,000+ nights.

If just having a card gets you Diamond status, what’s the point of getting lifetime status of that?
It’s like having lifetime platinum on IHG (if IHG had lifetime). Just having the card alone gives status.
Why bother with 1000 paid/reward nights…
(Earning 2M base Hilton points is very difficult considering they don’t count credit card spend towards lifetime status).

So you could cancel the card, I guess.

why not just hold this card forever, same thing

This is totally screwing anyone who previously earned this

hey…isn’t that capitalism in one form or another…

Hilton Diamond is overrated. It’s almost useless.

I had the status for more than 1 year and I didn’t get/use any extra benefits other than the extra points.

thats because ur not a HH Diamond user. so u dont know how to use it. its not self explanatory like Hyatt Diamond/Global.

I’ve had Hilton diamond status for about 5 years and I think it is the best of the hotel reward programs. I’ve gotten upgrades to suites, executive lounge access, free full breakfasts in the dining room and more on almost every Hilton stay worldwide.

So, does that mean if I keep this card for 10 years I get lifetime diamond status?

I have Kriptonite status with Hilton.Take this road warriors!

So, to confirm: none of the points earned from credit card spending count towards the 2m?

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