Posted by William Charles on January 31, 2017
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Published on January 31st, 2017 | by William Charles


Hilton To Make Four Positive & One BIG Negative Changes To It’s Loyalty Program

Update: Looks like Hilton buried the lead on this one. They are also removing award categories, this can’t be good.

Hilton have announced several changes to their loyalty program, the first change is purely comestic and the rewards program will now be called Hilton Honors rather than Hilton HHonors (one less H). The other changes are more substantial and are as follows.

Points & Money Bookings

You’ll now be able to use a combination of both cash and points to book Hilton properties. You use a slide to choose how many points/how much cash you’d like to use and there is a minimum of 5,000 points per night required. This scheduled for released by the end of February.

hilton points & money

Points Pooling

Hilton will allow it’s members to pool their points with up to 10 friends or family members, no fee will be charged for pooling points. There are also some unknown restrictions on pooling points that haven’t been revealed. This is scheduled for a spring release.

Amazon Shop With Points

Hilton will allow you to use their points on Amazon purchases. Scheduled for a summer release, with no point value currently mentioned.

Diamond Status Extension

Diamond members that have had diamond status for at least three years and 250 nights or have accumulated 500,000 points will be able to extend their diamond status for one year for any reason. This benefit can only be used once. No release date scheduled.



Our Verdict

Really difficult to know how good these program changes will be without more details, but at least none of them are negatives (expect maybe the Diamond status extension for those that always do qualify for Diamond status and want less Diamond status members in the system to improve their odds of upgrade).

I doubt the Amazon rate will be competitive, but anything over 0.3-0.5¢ will see at least some use. Points & Cash (Money) bookings will really depend on what the cash co-pay is like. Points pooling sounds great, but I’d like to know what those unknown restrictions are. Hopefully Hilton doesn’t decide to do a mass devaluation at the same time as these features are introduced.

There were some rumors of Diamond+ status being introduced (and American Express launching a Diamond card), no mention of anything like this currently so who knows if that will be a thing going forward or not.

Hat tip to View From The Wing

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Family pooling is a nice addition!


Two of these changes are not positive at all.
Points & Money Bookings: currently these can be used to extract more value out of points (e.g. 1 cent/pt) than all-points bookings. WIth the sliding scale that’s bound at both ends, higher point valuations will not be possible.
Shop at Amazon: redemption rate will not be attractive, as no business can be expected to discourage spending on its own product.


bro you might want to change the headline, fake news buddy


bury the lede.

Mark Farris
Mark Farris

This change looks terrible to me. I just came back from Florida in January and
Paid 8000 points and 40.00 for a room on January 31. Valuing the points at 1 cent each the cost was 120.00
Today with the new program, in order to get that same room for 40.00 requires
between 16,000 and 17,000 points ! If I even give double the points I spent in January 16,000 the room costs 43.56. 17,000 points drops is to 39.60.
At my original 8000 points the cost of the room goes up from 40.00 to 75.24
I checked another hotel Emporia Va to find similar results in effect this change reduced the value of my points to half of their value !
This change applies to the low cost hotels on I95 and maybe not as much to expesive destination hotels (which already seemed to value the points less) but these are the ones I use to go back and forth to Florida and I now feel this is a very bad deal for me for example at 1 cent per point this values the cost of the room at 270.00 (27,000 points) where it was 123.00 just one month before. Now I am probably going to stop using the AMEX card and go to another card this is a game changer for me.

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