Posted by William Charles on September 7, 2017

Published on September 7th, 2017 | by William Charles


[Houston Only] Uber: $5 Off Your Next 5 Rides

The Offer

  • Uber is offering $5 off your next 5 rides when you use the promo code HOUSTONSTRONG.

The Fine Print

  • Houston only
  • Valid until September 17th, 2017

Our Verdict

Hopefully this is a tiny bit of help for people in flood affected areas.

11 Responses to [Houston Only] Uber: $5 Off Your Next 5 Rides

  1. NinjaX says:

    i bet theres 500% surge pricing there for the next few months…

  2. Igor says:

    This is for Uber Boats?

    • aby says:

      if you’re going to attempt to make an off colour joke about the greatest natural disaster in US history, at least make it funny/unpredictable/non-sophomoric…

      • Igor says:

        nah the largest natural disaster in us history was the 1900 galveston hurricane. you may not remember… but Pepperidge Farm remembers

      • Sooch says:

        I’m from Houston and I thought it was funny.

      • NinjaX says:

        we never run out of the ethical comment police on the internet.


        • aby says:

          if you read my comment, it was lambasting the unfunny nature of the comment. if you think that is comedy, you have a very dim, laugh at farts, level sense of humour. it’s neither clever nor funny- lowest common denominator child humour. truth be told, i could use a good hurricane joke; as i have a car underwater in IAH.

          btw, his reply was a reference to a commercial catch phrase from the 70’s that not so clever ppl liked to use, inaccurately pegging themselves as clever. actually, this may be my answer- he’s very old, so this is senile humour. i’ll be honest, i have very little experience with dementia induced humour attempts, so perhaps i should give him a pass.

          carry on.

  3. MontyFC says:

    May I suggest that anyone who is not in Houston should not try to even add it. They usually cap the enrollment and this promo should really be used by those in need.

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