View Your Targeted & Pre-approved American Express Offers

There are two main reasons why you’d want to see if you have any offers from American Express:

  1. You want to see if you have any offers that are higher than the offers publicly available (targeted offer)
  2. You want to see if you have any cards that you have a high likelihood of being approved for (pre-approval offer)

American Express let’s you check for both of these offers in their “view your special offers page”. Alternatively you should be able to click here to be taken directly there (this link might also work). To navigate to this page you need to do the following:

  1. Go to
  2. Click cards in the top navigation area
  3. Click view all your personal & charge cards
  4. Click view your special offers
  5. Enter all of your information and click submit/continue

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If you already have a credit card with American Express and you’re logged in, you might not be able to see the special offer tab. In this case we’d recommend doing the following:

  • Logging out of your American Express account
  • Clearing all of your cache & cookies
  • Using incognito mode on google chrome
  • Follow the original steps


Once you enter your information you’ll be brought to a second page you’ll either see a screen that says “We have found the following special card offers for you. We invite you to apply for one today” in which case you’ve received pre-approved/targeted offers and have a high likelihood of being approved.

Alternatively you’ll see a screen that says something along the lines of “Sorry, we do not have any special offers for you. But you might like the following cards”. A list of cards will then be displayed, this is simply an advertisement and you haven’t been pre-approved for those cards – they should also only show you the regular sign up bonuses that are publicly available rather than higher targeted offers.

Most common targeted offers

Below are some of the most common targeted offers you’re likely to receive by using this special offer checker:

  • American Express Premier Rewards Gold: 50,000  Membership Rewards
  • Blue Cash Preferred: $250 bonus

american express pre-approval offers


Is this using this tool a hard or soft credit pull?

Despite the confusing fine print, using this tool will only result in a soft credit inquiry and thus won’t affect your credit score. If you choose to apply for any of the offers listed a hard credit pull will be done by American Express.

If I see an offer, how likely am I to be approved?

Pre-approval offers aren’t a 100% guarantee that you will be approved. They usually just mean that the last time American Express checked your credit report you would have been approved for those cards if you applied at that time. Obviously if your credit report has changed significantly within that time frame you won’t be approved. Greg Lull of Credit Karma stated that 80% of people with poor credit are approved for credit cards they received and pre-approval for & 95% of people with good credit. Click here to learn more about what pre-approved/pre-screened actually means.

In general American Express is quite picky about who they send pre-approval offers to, meaning that there is some wiggle room built in for your credit changing. It also means if you do receive a pre-approval offer you should have a great chance of being approved.

If I don’t see any offers, is there still a chance I’ll be approved for American Express cards?

Yes, just like receiving a pre-approval offer doesn’t guarantee you approval not receiving an offer doesn’t mean you’ll be automatically declined. Lots of people have not received a pre-approval offer before and then been approved immediately when they apply for a card later in the day.

As we mentioned previously, American Express generally errs on the side of caution and won’t list a card as pre-approved if it’s a 50/50 chance.

How can I see what offers I’ve been pre-approved or targeted for by other card issuers?

Most card issuers have a similar section on their website to American Express. We’ve compiled a full list of these pre-approval pages here, alternatively click one of the links below for an in depth look at each card issuers policies:


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amexpre-approvals don’t mean anything. I was pre-approved for a amex everyday, They then asked for a bank letter head. Then declines my app and told me the reason was my score was too low. Next they will tell me i have too many inquiries. Thanks amex for the wasted HPs


Doesn’t work.
It keeps on asking me to log in even after I log in?


+1 – appears to only work for non-cardholders now.


My S.O. doesn’t have an AMEX, and she got a card in the mail to check for pre-qualified offers.

Have to go incognito or clear cache to see the page if you are a cardholder, just like the direct link you already have though. (her offers sucked)


I followed the steps but the america express website doesn’t even show ” my special offers” both when im logged in and logged out


i dont have this tag when i on AMEX website. why?


It has to do with cookies or some such. I remember having the problem before and Googled how to fix it. Basically the site remembers i have a card already and wants to use it. This post reminded me to check again but it removed the my offers section again. Maybe the good doctor could put a not about it in his post. That would be useful info.