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Published on June 11th, 2017 | by William Charles


[Update: No Longer Available] JetSmarter: Free Three Month Private Jet Membership For Elites Or 1,000,000 Loyalty Points In A Single Currency

Update 2: JetSmarter has pulled the promotion early. Fingers crossed you signed up if you were interested. Hat tip to /r/churning

Update: Reader YD has reported receiving their simple membership and their points are across multiple programs. Glad to see memberships starting to be valid.

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • JetSmarter is offering a three month private jet membership if you have 1,000,000 frequent flyer miles or credit card points or if you hold elite status with a major airline (they also say on Twitter that if you can provide proof you’ve earned over 1,000,000 miles they’ll also give you this status). The membership includes:
    • Complimentary single-seat bookings on posted JETSHUTTLE routes worldwide
    • Complimentary single-seat bookings on empty-leg JETDEALS for spontaneous getaways
    • Access to on-demand whole aircraft PRIVATECHARTERS for you and your friends
    • Access to on-demand SHAREDCHARTERS customized to suit your schedule and shared with fellow members
  • To redeem:
    1. Download the free JetSmarter app, and complete the in-app registration.
    2. Send a photo or short video that provides verifiable proof that you meet the requirements for this offer to Email must contain your first and last name, and phone number.
    3. We’ll verify your submission, and notify you as soon as your free membership has been activated.

The Fine Print

  • This  offer is valid until July 1, 2017 and redeemable for Simple membership only.
  • Membership and any and all services offered by JetSmarter are subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the applicable agreements.
  • JetSmarter may offer a number of programs, including whole aircraft charters, for which JetSmarter will act solely as member’s agent in arranging the flight, and Public Charters, for which JetSmarter will act as principal in buying and reselling the air transportation.
  • Seats obtained under the Public Charter Program are subject to the Public Charter rules contained in 14 CFR 380.
  • JetSmarter does not own or operate any aircraft. All flights are performed by FAA licensed and DOT registered air carriers.

Our Verdict

Simple Membership normally costs $5,000 per year, there is currently a free trial but that is pay as you go and doesn’t include any free flights. JetSmarter also recently offered free flights for people that were bumped from United. The 1,000,000 miles/points requirement needs to be from a single program to qualify. I imagine they will want to see top tier elite status as well. I can’t see this ending well for JetSmarter.

Hat tip to Angelina Travels & /r/churning

37 Responses to [Update: No Longer Available] JetSmarter: Free Three Month Private Jet Membership For Elites Or 1,000,000 Loyalty Points In A Single Currency

  1. Preacher says:

    My wife has over 1M AA miles, so she could do this. Does a free membership and complimentary flight booking mean, though, that she could actually fly on a private jet for free?

  2. zalmy says:

    Elite status? That’s a joke. Can’t believe you get anything major for this. Doesn’t make sense.

  3. Lauren says:

    As per their twitter, the 1MM do not have to presently be in your account. You just have to show proof that you have earned that many in total.

  4. YD says:

    Just received a confirmation from JetSmarter for the 3-month SIMPLE membership and my submission of 1M points/miles are across several programs.

    • Audrey says:

      Like airline miles as well as hotel points? So it doesn’t have to be a single program?

      • YD says:

        I showed them UR, MR, TYP and some airline miles but no hotel points. And from my DP, it does not need to be a single program, unless they regard my Premier Silver from United as a qualified elite status.

        • The Man says:

          Did they email you or did you just launch the app and saw the new membership?

          • YD says:

            I got an email and I need to reply or call back for activation.

            “Congratulations! You have been qualified to receive a free 3-month SIMPLE JetSmarter Membership. Make sure that you are signed into your account with the latest version of the JetSmarter app downloaded to your device.

            Please respond to this email, or give us a call on the Member Support line at 954-939-2001 to complete your SIMPLE membership activation. Or view the calendar below to set up an appointment for us to call you.


            It is our goal to go over the many benefits that are available to you and make sure that you are completely comfortable with the app. We would love to help you book your first JetSmarter flight. Once again congratulations.”

    • NinjaX says:

      please keep us posted on how everything works. curious about all the details. at only three months for a single seat, im not gonna bother, but its a great way for intro APR 0% on all purchases for 3 months. haha.

    • John says:

      Would you mind sharing the specific email address of the person who approved you or what it just from the generic jet smarter email?

  5. Corridor says:

    How did you show them miles/points across multiple programs?


  6. Max says:

    Stupid question: what does this membership entail? You can fly free on private jets for 3 months? Really?

  7. The Man says:

    Sent them a screenshot of my Award Wallet account. Hopefully that counts

  8. Ken says:

    The long shuttle flights like coast-to-coast are still >$6,000 one-way. I got in on the deal

    • NinjaX says:

      nice input. could u also post the “benefits” that everyone is going crazy over? i ask because im skeptical. i feel like this is a marketing ploy but please let us know. what exactly are the “leech” milking possibilities here?

      • lingua says:

        didn’t you read the post?

      • Ken says:

        What benefits are you thinking of? Free shuttle flights for a single passenger are what I joined for. I was disappointed to see coast-to-coast isn’t free, but shorter trips like San Francisco to Los Angeles are free. SF to Vegas as well.

        • NinjaX says:

          yes. this is exactly what i was asking about. meaning, whats the “fine print” and any restrictions that you have encountered. taxes and other fees?

          so sounds like no transcon. thats reasonable. but short shuttle flights along the coast only? what airports? how about availability and can you book far out or only in short notice 1wk increments? details like this i wanted to know because i use Delta Shuttles.

          just checking the ad was not baseless and “bait/switch marketing ploy.

  9. Adam D says:

    There are other blogs with reviews of this jet service and they are not favorable at all…do research on the company before jumping in.

  10. Sam says:

    I received email on 05/08 about the 3 month free Simple membership from my AA points. Soon after the verification and $1 invoice I was all set.
    Jetsmarter app has a shuttle option which basically gives 1 token at a time, so one could fly 1 way free but the return availability is not guaranteed. I think free shuttle is limited to closer locations only. Flight from DC to Vegas did not have a free seat while DC to NYC/BOS had 1 seat free.

    Interestingly they also had a “Deal” section on the tab which basically gives 2 free seats from the selected airport location. Luckily they had a flight from DC to NY where I could visit friends and relatives. So booked 2 seats for myself and my daughter for $0 in a private Jet. Someone from the Jetsmarter sent the itinerary on the app itself within few minutes and I was all set. It was 45 min flight but the experience was great.

    I booked a return flight using flight from AA, so was great way to experience.

    • Sam says:

      Correction** Received email on 06/08 **

    • NinjaX says:

      really useful input. thanks a lot.

      so it sounds you like you really need to be flexible with your schedule and be ready for shit to happen with booking alternatives since availability to any location is not guaranteed at all. basically this sounds like flying a hail mary nonrev or buddy pass ticket. glad i didnt waste someones slot for those that are really interested. i was skeptical and didnt bother with this, but good to hear it could work.

      i take delta shuttles for these short haul next city flights and those are never for vacation. meaning i cant be praying for open seats and standing by and enjoying the “experience”.

    • Fish says:

      Thanks for the info. I was lucky enough to get in on the offer before they pulled it. How exactly do the tokens work? I see that I have 1 in my account, so if I booked a flight with it when would I get another one to try to get a return flight?

  11. Audrey says:

    I’ve read that Founderscard also gives this three-month benefit.

  12. NinjaX says:

    ha. deal is dead after only a week? figures. cant wait to hear all the bragging reports. maybe now jetsmarter will be “smarter” about their future promos.

    however, when everyone is flying private, nobody is flying private.

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