Join MyPanera & Get A Free Bagel Every Day For The Rest Of The Year (Free To Join)

The Offer

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  • Panera Bread is offering a free bagel every day until the end of 2018 if you sign up to MyPanera.

The Fine Print

  • No purchase required.
  • New members only.
  • Sign up for the MyPanera Loyalty program between 12/1-12/31/18 and receive one free bagel each day through December 31, 2018 as your new member reward.
  • Must be redeemed in a U.S. bakery-cafe.
  • Not available with online or kiosk orders.
  • Offer excludes cream cheese and other spreads.
  • Reward will automatically be loaded to your MyPanera account.
  • Limit one bagel per member per day.
  •  Offer is eligible on same day ordering only.
  • Cannot be redeemed for other bakery items or bulk bagel packs.
  • While supplies last.
  • Offer expires 12/31/18

Our Verdict

MyPanera is the rewards program for Panera Bread, it’s free to join. You don’t get any spreads with this offer, but a free bagel is a free bagel. Not clear if you need to pay for tax or if it’s completely free. You don’t have to pay tax, so this is completely free. I’m going to start curating a dedicated page for these free food deals to be added to so if people need free food they can quickly reference that. As always even if you don’t want this deal yourself you could just sign up and then give the bagel to a homeless person. Also in addition to this free bagel deal, you also get a free pastry or sweet that will be added to your account.

Hat tip to reader Miles M

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Clyn6 (@guest_685246)
December 5, 2018 09:13

Easy! Registered online, received an email, went to Panera and said I would like to get my free Loyalty bagel please, and they asked if I had a card, I said no, so they punched in my phone number I registered with and that worked. Today they gave me a loyalty card to register online. I also got 1 free sweet treat (cookie/muffin/pastry) as a first time loyalty user! Thanks DOC!!!

Brandon (@guest_685270)
December 5, 2018 09:53

add the Panaera card to your apple wallet and the free bagel shows up!

Flea (@guest_686415)
December 6, 2018 18:10

+1, I got tied up yesterday and couldn’t go in person to redeem, so I can’t speak as to process yet; but yeah, the free bagel is verbally linked to my card in the Apple Wallet, even though it was not visible in my Panera app. I guess it gets triggered when you scan to pay?

ADAM (@guest_686450)
December 6, 2018 18:33

Added my panera card to apple wallet and I still dont see the daily reward, only the free dessert. Went in store and used phone number and was able to pull it up though.

Taco (@guest_685234)
December 5, 2018 08:47

Claimed my first one this morning. Had to order at the counter. They had trouble getting the reward to post, but they told me I was good and they would figure it out. Hopefully that’s not a daily occurrence.

Jay (@guest_684790)
December 4, 2018 15:55

Yes, this won’t show up in the app (does show up if you add Panera card to Apple wallet though), so you have to order at a normal register (not online or kiosk). Works fine for a completely free bagel, no tax needed either.

manda (@guest_684756)
December 4, 2018 14:49

I check with customer service and the free bagel will not show up under rewards, hence the not using online or kiosk language in fine print. I can report back if I am unable to get the bagel but I was told the freebie will only show up on the register.

Matthew Greer
Matthew Greer (@guest_684728)
December 4, 2018 13:52

One other thing to note, you can order your bagels for a future day for rapid pickup through the app or website. That way, you can stop once and pick up multiple bagels at once if you want to share (order 1 per day, but all for pickup on the same day)!

Scott (@guest_684734)
December 4, 2018 14:03

So are you an anecdote that “not available with online or kiosk orders” is not being enforced?

Matthew Greer
Matthew Greer (@guest_684809)
December 4, 2018 16:16

Would appear that way. Shows up like any other reward for me when ordering through the app.

Bukue (@guest_684740)
December 4, 2018 14:12

The terms says that is not valid for future orders, we’re you able to add it?

Matthew Greer
Matthew Greer (@guest_684807)
December 4, 2018 16:16

I had no issues picking up 3 bagels this past Saturday that were ordered on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. All through the app. It seems to work exactly like any other reward. Just choose the bagel you want, select a rapid pickup date/time in the future and the discount gets taken as checkout online.

reefs (@guest_688469)
December 10, 2018 12:38

What does it show on check out? For apple pay, mine shows charges to continue. Does your show $0?

bax (@guest_684704)
December 4, 2018 13:19

I signed up as a new member, only seeing Free Pastry or Sweet, redeem by Feb 9, 2019.

bax (@guest_685266)
December 5, 2018 09:47

Cashier seems well-aware of the free bagel offer, even though it doesn’t show up in app. Just had to enter mty reward account phone number at the terminal to redeem, along with the free pastry.

veronica (@guest_684684)
December 4, 2018 12:49

I already had a mypanera account and this offer is on my account. Looks like existing members as well 🙂

b0ridi (@guest_684690)
December 4, 2018 13:00

Existing as well, but no offers for me

Vy (@guest_684702)
December 4, 2018 13:11

This existing user got an e-mail for this deal last week.

PJM (@guest_684667)
December 4, 2018 12:28

They will slice, toast and provide butter upon request for free.

K (@guest_684698)
December 4, 2018 13:08

What about picking up my laundry and dry cleaning?

Aferrell21 (@guest_684663)
December 4, 2018 12:25

Signed up and the account was only showing the sweet reward but then I checked my email and there was an email about the free bagel

GeoffB (@guest_684668)
December 4, 2018 12:28

Awesome, I now see that too. Thanks all!

Mrwhy (@guest_684719)
December 4, 2018 13:39

Signed up for this a few days ago and also got the email. But I don’t see the gree bagel reward loaded in the account

Stephen Pepper
Stephen Pepper (@guest_684659)
December 4, 2018 12:21

I think this might be for all members as my wife and I both received an email about this a couple of days ago. I’d assumed it was a targeted offer but possibly not.