Posted by William Charles on November 25, 2016

Published on November 25th, 2016 | by William Charles


[Expired] Kohl’s Money Maker After Rebates

Update: So according to the comments your Visa rebate gift card is just a single card, this makes the deal significantly better as you’re only dealing with one $480 gift card (if you buy all the items) rather than 40 $12 gift cards. You also only need to send out on rebate form instead of 40.

Warning: Personally I think this deal is a massive waste of time and you need to make sure your attention to deal is amazing to make this deal actually work. I’m really only posting because I know a few readers will be able to make this work.

The Offer


Let’s work out our potential profit:

  • $612 + tax for purchasing the items
  • $480 in rebates
  • $180 in Kohl’s cash
  • $30.6/$61.2 in credit card cash back
  • $61.2 in portal cash back
  • $30 in Yes2YOU Rewards points

That’s around ~$780, but keep in mind you’re getting most of that back in $12 Visa gift cards and that’s a massive pain to deal with. On the upside you’re also getting 40 appliances. Personally I think this deal is a massive waste of time and you need to make sure your attention to deal is amazing to make this deal actually work. I’m really only posting because I know a few readers will be able to make this work.

The Fine Print

  • Purchase must be made between 11/24/16–11/25/16 and postmarked by 01/09/17 (not much time left for this at all!)

Our Verdict

They have offered similar deals to this in the past (out & out covered it and I linked to it – I’d recommend reading through the comments). I previously described this offer as my own personal version of hell – sending out 50 mail in rebates and receiving 50 small denomination gift cards seems like torture to me. If the items were more practical, I might do it just so I could give the items to a worthy charity but I don’t really think most open need an electric can opener.

Thanks to reader Jake from Statefarm for pointing it out.

34 Responses to [Expired] Kohl’s Money Maker After Rebates

  1. Justin says:

    Thanks for posting and giving a real opinion. Keep up the good work.

  2. Lantean says:

    i would not recommend this because the products are complete garbage (but could be worth it for a donation tax write off) and all the hassle involved… but i actually believe since it’s all on one form, you would get one $480 rebate card… so that’s not so bad.

    but just to reiterate these products have no resale value… maybe $2 at garage sale.

    • Can anybody confirm that who has done this deal previously that it’s one $480 rebate card? Would make this deal 1000x better.

      • Mark O says:

        You do get one card – last time I got one card for $84

      • benjinito says:

        It is one card for $480. And you don’t need to send in 40 rebate forms, just 1 with 40 bar codes. I sold most of them at a garage sale for about $3-$5 each.

        • Jan B says:

          Thumb up although in my new neighborhood which thinks upscale, not an option for me. Although there is a FB page for used stuff sales in the community.

      • Chandra says:

        Yes I did this last time and I have send this as one rebate form with all the UPC attached in one mail(USPS priority) and got the rebate in one card with 480$

      • Chris says:

        Last time Kohl’s had this rebate, I only bought 3 appliances which came out to be free after combining it with Kohl’s Cash I had. I got a single Visa rebate card for $36 as all the items were on the one rebate form. I’d assume if you maxed out this offer, you’d get one big Visa rebate card for $480. Much easier to manage than a bunch of smaller cards.

    • Chris says:

      I did this deal and plan was donation for tax purposes.

      Can anyone give their opinion on amount to write off. If I donate all 40 products can I just say FMV is $612?

      So @ 25% its an easy $150 back on taxes right, just keep receipt for tax records?

    • Jan B says:

      Would you be hinting appliance donations to Good Will, etc? I could use all the tax write off help I can get, actually. Thanks for reply.

  3. Jimmy Deals says:

    You’re the best Doc!

  4. Neil says:

    It just takes very very very long time to get the rebate and somehow the rebate forms tend to be lost in their way to Kohl.

  5. IOException says:

    Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions

  6. Dan says:

    Two things:

    1) You are getting it in PIN enabled VISA rebate card (ONE CARD FOR THE FULL AMOUNT).
    2) Kohl’s Cash cannot be converted to Merchandise credit anymore, so valuation of KC is pretty YMMV.

  7. good post….honestly, this ones for the churner/SD’er who has no two girls to chase around the house, no yard work, and no parents who need to be driven to their doct appt. …..which is why i cant do it. hehe

    • anthonyjh21 says:

      Lol you’re describing me. Two girls (under 2 years old), house and a yard to mow. Definitely have to pick deals wisely because we always underestimate how long it’ll take.

  8. Dan says:

    Relate: you can currently get a beuty item AND $10 Macy’s Money for only $5 +tax when you select “no hurry shipping”.

    You may also redeem plenti points for this…

  9. Doctor of Rebates says:

    This is going to be a bit long….but here’s a write up on how this worked for me + some tips.

    If you really, really like rebate deals…google “kohls rebates”. You’ll find a link to all of their current rebate forms. There are 25 different products that I purchased over the past few days in various quantities. Total of 111 items, with rebates varying from $10-12 each.

    This is a rough estimate:
    $2440.89 for 111 products
    -$366.13 (15% off code)
    -$207.47 (10% Ebates portal, calculated after discounts are applied)
    -$615 (Kohls Cash (approximately))
    -$103.74 (5% Yes 2 You Rewards, issued as Kohl’s Cash)
    -$103.74 (~5% Credit Card cash back on Discover/Ink)
    +$186.73 tax
    +$1330 (approx rebate)
    =$98.46 profit, plus re-sale profits

    *make sure you use the 15% code (SAVING15) on eBate’s site, as they may not honor the portal cash back if you use a code that isn’t listed on their site
    *separate things into multiple transactions. I never bought more than 4 of the same product at a time (On the last rebate, their threshold seemed to be 5 of the same product in one order -> order cancellation)
    *I started receiving things today. Kohl’s shipped most of them individually, instead of grouping multiple items into one box. Several arrived damaged…(this is to be expected with Kohl’s…they ship fragile items in poly bags all the time)
    *You can submit everything in one envelope and they will send you one card (I got a $288 rebate last time). Organize it nicely for them and take pictures of everything, all of the upc’s, forms, case they make a mistake or lose it.
    *You may need to use filler items (Bath Towels are 2.99), as Kohl’s cash is earned for every $50 spent.
    *you would obviously need a way to liquidate Kohl’s cash (such as buying an item with KC and flipping at cost)
    *if you have a Chase Ink, you can buy Kohls gift cards at Office Depot/Staples for 5% UR.
    *Kohl’s GC on the MPX app does NOT code as 5x for Discover. (YMMV-some had success with smaller denominations)

    I’ll end up doing okay on this, as I wanted a couple of the products for myself, and I’ll be able to get ~$5 each for most of the other stuff, then will donate the rest. I had a lot of kohl’s gift cards that I needed to use up anyways. Last time the rebate card was a Visa Debit card, so should be easy to liquidate. I wouldn’t recommend scaling it this much, but either way, you’ll need to be meticulous about making sure each step works the way you’re expecting it too (double check rebate amount, make sure portal bonus posts, etc).

  10. IOException says:

    Man, this one is really getting a lot of attention. I fail to see the value; there are so many moving parts at play:

    1) Most importantly, the rebate might not come through. And then what?
    2) You need to manage a bunch of packages, then cut off 40 UPC codes to affix to the rebate, then what to do with all the appliances? Okay, say you haul all that shit to goodwill. You get to take a ~$190 deduction (28% estimate).
    3) The ROI comes in the form of Kohl’s cash and Y2Y rewards. If you weren’t going to buy at least $50 in stuff from Kohl’s, you’ve actually spent money.
    4) If something goes wrong with order fulfillment (lost, broken, etc.), more time wasted. And… you need to sort it out before the postmark deadline.

    So you deal with all this BS and hope that Kohl’s doesn’t shut you down. You only get value from this if you were already going to buy ~$200 in stuff from Kohls and donate this stuff. So total value is ~$300. How much is your time (and patience) worth? You’re going to spend at least 3-4 hours. I’ll do the bank and CC stuff all day long. This piddly shit tho, it isn’t worth my time (and probably isn’t worth yours).

  11. M. Smith says:

    Too bad the reviews for the hand mixer are so bad. I would have bought just that as we need a new one for the very rare times we make cake.

  12. Jake From Statefarm says:

    Assuming you live a in somewhat heavily populated city or town, you should have no problem selling the items in sets of 8 for $50-75 a set on craigslist or Facebook yard sale pages and people will drive to you to pick them up. When this deal was run in October I maxed out the number of sets I could buy while still qualifying for the rebates and all the items were sold within hours of listing them and I could have sold double or triple the number of sets I had.

    IMO, it’s not a large amount of time and effort needed to capitalize on this deal. I cut off all the UPCs, filled out the rebate form, and sent it to Kohl’s in under an hour. Rebate tracked on the Kohl’s site in under a week and I got the PIN enable VGC about 3 weeks later.

  13. Andy says:

    My experience from the last one was not bad but not worth doing again. Bought 35 appliances and sold each for $8-$12 each, mainly at a garage sale. The rebate was a hassle because they lost some of the UPC barcodes and it took photographic evidence and 3 or 4 chats and emails to get them credited. But I did recently get my $420 gift card. Overall, I probably made $50-$100 profit, plus Kohls cash and some points. But not as many as expected because the GC did not code as 5x with Freedom through MPX. Won’t be doing again in the near future.

  14. EZPZ says:

    I have a friend who is employed by Kohls. She mentioned that a certain group of people do these deals every time for the rebates. Returning all the merchandise for a refund but keeping the upc of each item. Customer service will not even bat an eye. Excellent return policy that is abused daily. Now is that crazy or what? Yeah turning kohls cash into cold hard cash is yet another avenue. Or better yet using a coupon and returning and keeping the coupon as a credit to payment method somewhat similar to J.C. Penney. So many flaws…

  15. daxihe says:

    Warning: Kohl’s cancelled my order placed using Kohl’s Cash earned from the previous similar deal without reissuing Kohl’s Cash. When I call them they claim the purchase of multiple same items is considered resale and those Kohl’s Cash is forfeited.

  16. Adam says:

    DoC – thanks a ton for posts like these. and huge shoutouts to the helpful folks in the comments. too bad it was so short/limited term. I just happened to read this post now & looks like deal expired yest. oh well, still something to keep a lookout for in the future. love this site for its attention to detail!

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