[Expired] Kroger: 4x Fuel Points On Gift Cards, Includes Fixed Visa/MC (Expires 4/15)

Deal has expired, view more Kroger deals by clicking here.

The Offer

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Check your Kroger coupons for the following offers:

  • Save a digital coupon to get 4x fuel points on Visa and Mastercard $100, $50, or $25 fixed-value gift cards. (Does not work on variable-load Visa/MC gift cards.)
  • Save a digital coupon to get 4x fuel points on third party gift cards. (Should work on all third-party gift cards.)

You should see these coupons for all Kroger-family brands. Typically, gift cards earn 2x, and occasionally they’ll put out offers like these to bump it up to 4x.

Our Verdict

Use a credit card which earns a bonus at grocery stores or use Discover or Dividend this quarter for 5% for the next two days. Don’t go to Kroger just for this deal please, but if you’re stocking up on essentials then buying these at the same time is OK. Not sure how useful the fuel discounts will practically be for most people.

Hat tip to GC Galore

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FYI, if you have more than one shopping trip to make between now and April 15, this coupon can be used multiple times.


Fuel points are a little less valuable if we’re driving as little as we’re supposed to be right now. Kroger should extend (or even eliminate) point expiration for now.


I agree with the points extension to help those affected. I will say, however, that for many people, myself included, it’s business as usual as we’re prohibited from teleworking so I can’t really agree with the fuel points being less valuable.