LAX Approves Uber & Lyft, Cheap/Free Apartment Rentals, Sky Spa, Gifting Free Hotel Nights, Receiving United Compensation & More


  • Korea Gets A First Look At Samsung Pay by PYMNTS. Looks like Samsung Pay already has the upper hand versus Apple Pay, as it’ll work with NFC and old magnetic strip terminals (they’re able to do this after their acquisition of LoopPay). I don’t think a brand specific payment platform is the answer, but hopefully the competition causes the different payment companies to offer some promotions we can profit from.
  • United Airlines Issuing Compensation by Will Run For Miles. If you were impacted by the United groundings, complain and you should receive some sort of compensation. The amount you’ll receive will vary person to person depending on your flight and how much of an issue it was for you, but it’s worth taking five minutes of your time to submit a complaint.
  • How to Give Away Credit Card Annual Free Hotel Nights.. and Earn Status for Other Peoples Stays by View From The Wing. You can decide if this is OK in accordance with your own moral compass, personally I don’t have a problem with but I know some of you will.

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