Posted by William Charles on August 20, 2017

Published on August 20th, 2017 | by William Charles


[Expired] Lowe’s: $25 Off $100 Coupon (Can Be Used Multiple Times)

The Offer

  • Lowe’s is offering $25 off $100 when you use the promotional code 470000000074228. Code might not work in mobile, if that’s the case just delete the last digit and re add it manually.

The Fine Print

  • No idea when this coupon officially ends, but won’t last long
  • Can be used multiple times

Our Verdict

You can try to use a shopping portal to get another 4% cash back (best rates here) but there is no guarantee it’ll work as they exclude coupons not listed on their site (alternatively you can use our Lowe’s link). Should be able to combine it with the 11% rebate if you live in an area that is running as well. There is also an American Express offer for $10 back on $50 spend. If there is any other stacking out there let me know, also let me know any good deals in the comments here.

Filler item suggestions:

61 Responses to [Expired] Lowe’s: $25 Off $100 Coupon (Can Be Used Multiple Times)

  1. Abey says:

    It works but not for gift cards.
    I cant find anything i want from lowes for 25% off
    I keep browsing. Maybe i will settle for bounty.

    • NinjaX says:

      unless ur household everyday essentials are marked up by 25% @lowes vs target or walmart or whatever, then you are always in the green just buying it even if you dont need it now. i guess you could argue opportunity cost of earning interest on $75 vs locking up your cash into a disposable item @lowes not being used immediately…

      • NinjaX says:

        actually the markup calculation should be higher than 25% from MSRP of $75 @ 33% markup which adds up to $100 at lowes.

  2. NinjaX says:

    this should be a valuable lesson for anyone not ready for the holidays coming up very soon. get your excel sheet shopping lists ready with items already ON DECK for purchase. already researched. no more additional shopping. price points determined. when deals comes out like this, you just hit the damn BUY button.

    • NinjaX says:

      curious how bad this will get raped…

      • Susan says:

        ??? What kind of a vulgar, vicious, pointless, mean-spirited, provocative comment is this? Realize you’re a regular poster here, but I happen to live in Charlottesville — and I’ve had quite enough of all such bile.

        (your previous comment about having shopping lists on deck, ready to go when the great deals like this come along — that’s just fine and helpful. The addendum, just hurts.)

        • Susan says:

          ah, but I get it, you think this is a playground for talking “shit”…. for bad-mouthing anybody and everybody who doesn’t follow you. (just like those bad boys who carried their torches down the lawn at UVA) Clean this up doc.

        • Winston says:

          I’m convinced Susan is a troll. There is no way that someone can really be that sensitive and stretch so far to connect a comment about a deal to Charlottesville.

        • Dee says:

          As a woman, I have to agree with Susan. The reference to the use of the word raped, is excessively violent. I know the word can be substituted with something like killed, which is equally violent, but is an excepted analogy by most.

          • lingua says:


            Ok so I agree the Charlottesville reference was a bit much, but as an avid follower of DoC, it caught my attention a while ago that ninjax’s posts are consistently filled with vulgarities and offensive content both in tone and content.

            Considering, I believe, that one has to have a good degree of intelligence to churn, I’d like to think we as a community are capable of avoiding posting like a bunch of disrespectful troglodytes.

          • Anony Mouse says:

            I’m a woman and I disagree with both of you. The use of the word was in the context of a deal for Lowe’s. I don’t see how you could reasonably identify any violent or nefarious intent in NinjaX’s comment. With your oversensitivity here, you two are showing that you equate online deal discussions with *actual rape*. Rape victims know that there is no equating the two. Don’t lessen what they’ve been through by making that unfair comparison. Unbelievable!

          • Mark O says:

            Well if she would have stopped with saying I don’t appreciate that language that would be one thing – but to bring up Nazis into this context and conversation makes her point lose all credit to me.

        • Anony Mouse says:

          Susan, please chill out. NinjaX was talking about a deal, not a human being. You’ve taken their comment completely out of context (and out of proportion!). That you live in Charlottesville is irrelevant to a discussion about Lowe’s coupon codes.

      • Probably best to use a different word than that in future as it’s understandably sensitive for some people, I know that in the context you were using it it wasn’t meant to offend.

    • Miro says:

      Be carefull with this coupon. People are getting perma banned from lowes. Its not worth it over $5 when you can use the $20 off $100.

      • Frito Pendejo says:

        You have examples of people being banned from lowes? Never heard this

        • Miro says:

          Yes, its called error 237. If you are ever banned, you will get that error code when you place order online.

          Also, the $25 coupon is meant for paint and paint supplies, but it works on everything.

          • NinjaX says:

            but i dont understand why this code would perma ban you and not the other code exploits. i consider the 20/100 worse since its been out for awhile.

            any details you can share about what purchase level causes ban? or how/when people find out? wondering about the thresholds.

  3. Frito Pendejo says:

    I just got some power tools I needed. Thanks DOC!

  4. Frito Pendejo says:

    It occurs to me that you can do order online and do in-store pickup, getting goods immediately instead of taking risk of orders being cancelled. Lowe’s opens around 6am.

    • NinjaX says:

      orders can be cancelled at any time but yes, you should be picking that shit up ASAP to prevent lowes having time to think about what just happened.

  5. CJester says:

    The code is not working for me. You plug it in the promo code box, correct? When I do the apply button won’t light up. 470000000074228

  6. trudy says:

    Worked for me, furnace filters, a specialty oven light bulb and a saw blade for chain saw. And paid with gift cards that we had gotten with AMEX promo. PU in two hours so we shall see…

  7. kenneth johnson says:

    Where is the link for the coupon

  8. Mark O says:

    Any reason this couldn’t be stacked with the 11% rebate?

  9. Alex says:

    Bought salt for my water softner…crap load of it!

  10. Corridor says:

    Thank you Doc!!!! 3 orders of rubber mulch! Good call on the pencil filler.

  11. Bob says:

    Nice call Doc!

    I did 2 x $100 for some furnace filters, water softener salt and a bunch of TP…all things needed over time and much cheaper than WM. I also used two $100 gift cards I got from SVM last year (10% off) to score an additional discount.

  12. Jason Scott says:

    Worked for paint.

    Tip: Don’t be in private mode on your phone.

  13. Fred says:

    Bought $100 worth of furnace filters going through Topcashback for hopefully an additional 3% and $3 on a cash bonus they have for spending just $10 this weekend, hasn’t shown up in my account yet though know it can take some time to get there. Will update if it goes through.

    Also note that the 10% military discount that Lowe’s offers will not process in addition to this promo code, only one or the other. This code is better to use but would have been nice to get the additional 10%.

    • Fred says:

      Still not showing at Topcashback so had to file a claim for them to look into it so not too confident I’ll see the extra 3% and 3 dollars.

  14. CJ says:

    If you order an item says is available for your store pick-up, but then they cancel it because they don’t actually have it, you still get 25% off the other items, even though your total may now be below $100.

  15. Matt says:

    Thanks Doc, you saved me 125 bucks today with this and now I have nice new new tile for my bathroom. Super rad!

  16. Frito Pendejo says:

    My stuff shipped. Seems like they haven’t flagged it. Nice!

  17. Parkerthon says:

    At any time you can technically get $15 off $50 anytime if you’re willing to buy and use coupons(couple bucks a pop). Stack a coupon, the rebates they run practically monthly, cashback portal, and discounted lowes gift cards and you can get down to 50%+ off even on sale items.

  18. David says:

    Code still works and nice double dip w/ S&S 5X gas points on Lowes GC’s starting 8/25/17.

  19. Parkertho says:

    For those buying a bunch of filters and if you’re buying 3M 800+ filters check this mfg rebate I just randomly found:

    That’s an extra $12 back for me. Pretty sure it will work for purchases from Lowe’s.

  20. David says:

    Chase UR portal tracked for points using the code. The code is still valid as of this post. Using the S&S gas points promo which starts today means this is a triple dip.

  21. m says:

    still working this afternoon 8/28. Thanks! Currently in the middle of an addition to the house so perfect timing. Had to buy stuff anyway and that’s 2 free bags of stucco for me. Yay! Hope it lasts long enough to use it again…

  22. Billy says:

    Deal appears dead now.

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