Posted by William Charles on September 20, 2017

Published on September 20th, 2017 | by William Charles


Lyft & Budweiser Partner To Give Free Round Trip Rides Every Weekend

Lyft & Budweiser have partnered for the second year in a row to reduce drunk driving as part of Budweiser’s “Give a Damn. Don’t Drive Drunk” campaign. They will be giving out a total of 150,000 round trip rides away during weekends and holidays through the end of the year. The rides will be available in the following states:

  • New York, Colorado, Illinois, Florida, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Texas, Georgia, and Washington, D.C

The offers will be post on Budweiser’s  Facebook or Instagram page each Thursday at 2 PM ET. You’ll receive a $20 ride credit (two $10 one-way rides). The credits can be redeemed for rides taken between 5 PM and 5 AM local time that Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night. I’ll make sure to post when the codes go live whenever possible. I absolutely love this campaign, drink driving has the potential to do so much damage and it’s good to see Budweiser putting in the time and money to try and prevent it.

Hat tip to Danny Deal Guru

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One time I was in a bar in Chicago and got a free bud light from some hot girl working for budweiser. I like that marketing scheme better

A free ride (not lyft) from the hot girl would have been even better.

Interesting the geographic area. Got free rides the last 2 weekends from this promo. Columbus, OH

They should offer this to Las Vegas residents as well. I’ve never seen so many roadside billboards for DUI lawyers than in Las Vegas.

I lived in that drunk driving hell hole for just over one year. Small miracle that I made it out alive.

I’m guessing all of these cities on the list probably have large numbers of drunk driving arrests as well. But Las Vegas… I’d be surprised if it isn’t the (per capita) drunk driving capital of the United States.

Great Corporate Responsibility offer from Anheuser-Busch, and I’m sure Lyft drivers will enjoy the extra patronage.

Promo Code: BUDLYFT17

Thanks for the code. Out of curiosity, where did you find that? I don’t see it on either the instagram or facebook page.

There was an image posted to the Facebook page under “photos” right at 2. They now have also added a post.

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